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Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM Strand)​

Many Senior High School students are part-time workers or help out with the family business, as such, you may find it difficult to attend a traditional school with a strict schedule. Because of this, many students have had to face the tough decision of choosing between work or school, often having to sacrifice their schooling to help out with the families expenses.

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    The Objectives of the ABM Strand

    The ABM strand curriculum was constructed to shape senior high school students that want to forge their own paths in the areas of accountancy, business, and entrepreneurship. Students enrolled in ABM for Senior High can expect to:

    • Gain valuable skills expected of their field, such as basic accounting, financial management, and commerce
    • Exude confidence in the accomplishment of their projects and assignments in their ABM strand courses, which they can carry over once they dive into their future careers
    • Engage in business simulation and be exposed to the different types of decisions business managers face regularly.

    It is our goal to challenge our students through their ABM strand courses to be articulate, have strong analytical skills and build teamwork to become successful business managers or owners in the future. Witness the rise of pioneers and industry movers, at OEd.

    Advantages of the ABM Strand

    The ABM strand equips senior high school students with the necessary skills and knowledge from the converging subject matter of Accounting, Business, and Management to maximize their business-mindedness and set them up for success. Enrolling in the ABM Strand yields the following benefits:

    • Builds up the confidence of senior high school students when communicating their ideas, allowing them to have more faith in their concepts and ingenuity during their projects in their ABM courses
    • Instills values of honesty and good business practice that are necessary for a field that deals with finances and business relations, while adopting a mindset that actively seeks solutions for any crisis that comes their way
    • Hones their math skills for quick and transparent computations that will allow them to make sound business decisions and perform accounting duties with attention to detail and accuracy down the line when entering their careers

    ABM Strand Courses

    Many of our senior high school graduates go on to pursue further studies with relevant ABM courses in college. Our program has a selection of expertly crafted ABM strand courses built to establish our students’ skills and knowledge to create foundation that shape them into world-class professionals. Take a look at some of the college courses under ABM strand and all the opportunities that await our students after graduation:

    • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy – If you have an eye for accuracy and are interested in a future of a business’ finances in check, then BS Accountancy might be perfect for you! ABM students who go on to take Accountancy in college aren’t just limited to careers in accounting and bookkeeping. This degree program can also be the key to fulfilling careers in finance, such as budget analysts, internal auditors, and even chief financial officers.
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Do you see yourself making waves in an industry and climbing the corporate ladder? This course will equip you with the business sense and corporate know-how that you need to become a savvy professional in your workplace. If you see yourself having jobs such as manager, administrator, market data analyst, statistician, or even becoming a business owner yourself, you may want to consider Business Administration for your college program!
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    Possible Career Paths with ABM Strand

    Students enrolled in the ABM strand in senior high school can lead successful and highly competitive careers in the following professions:

    • Entrepreneurs
    • Advertising Professionals
    • Marketing or Sales Representatives
    • Accountants
    • Account Managers
    • Bank Tellers
    • Restaurateurs
    • Corporate Managers
    • Retail Managers
    • Financial Advisers
    • Economists

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