Online Education Kahit Saan, Kahit Kailan!

OEd SHS by AMA University has created a premium online K to 12 education system in the Philippines. Kasama ang OEd, mas madali mo nang mababantayan ang education ng children mo to ensure their bright future. Start your children on the right path with OEd SHS!


Study anywhere and anytime through online distance learning in the Philippines! From enrolment to examination to getting your grades, everything is digital.

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Online senior high school equips you with job-ready skills so you can work right after graduation.



With specialized strands and tracks, students will have the knowledge to start a successful business once they get their diploma.



Students will learn the special concepts and knowledge they need to stand out during their college applications.


Online Senior High School

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Online Junior High School

Make your future a bright one with OEd Junior High School! Learn more about our junior high program here.

Online Basic Education

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OEd is one of the premier learning platforms in the Philippines offering online education. With our institution, you can choose among the different SHS strands offered in the K to 12 curriculum.

Academic Tracks

Make your future a bright one with OEd Junior High School!

Ever-adapting, OEd makes sure to grow with the times to cater to your children’s needs that’s why when the new K to 12 system was introduced, we launched OEd Junior High School. OEd, formerly AMA University Online, offers a flexible education program with schedules that can be tailored to your child’s unique needs.

Make your future a bright one with OEd Junior High School!

Guide your child from the beginning of their educational journey with OEd Basic Education!

OEd is honored to be a part of your child’s K to 12 online education journey. Formerly known as AMA University Online Education, OEd is proud to now offer Basic Education for Grades 3 to 10 through online schooling in the Philippines.





OEd is one of the first learning platforms in the Philippines to offer an online K to 12 education. Formerly known as AMA University Online Education, it upholds the vision and mission of its institution as it responds to the cultural shift to a digitized age, opening its doors for anyone from the Philippines and abroad, who are willing to learn and advance their knowledge in a wide variety of courses.

The diploma you earn through OEd is official and granted by AMA University. On top of that, the tuition we offer is reasonable.

OEd, formerly AMA University Online Education, is a Department of Education recognized and accredited institution. OEd provides flexible education for senior high school in the Philippines, and we are now proud to offer a full junior high school and basic education program.

We don’t follow the traditional academic calendar. Students can start anytime and finish anytime within the 140 days duration per semester. If a student is not able to finish within the given period, they may avail of our extension program.

Yes, of course! Students will have teachers who may answer concerns, but they can only be reached through OEd’s ticketing system, “Post a Student Concern”, which can only be found in the LMS. The response will usually take 24 to 48 hours.

Just like our other classes, Physical Education is delivered through video lectures. You need to fill out a waiver assuring us you can do the exercises. Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) need to sign the waiver and submit a copy of their PWD ID as proof.


Yes. For quizzes, it depends on the subject and the type of quiz. For final exams, the average time limit is two hours.

Yes. Graduates of SHS Online will join the graduation ceremony of the SHS campus based traditional students.

Step 1. REGISTER: Go to and fill up the registration form

Step 2. ASSESSMENT: Evaluation of documents within 24 hours

Step 3. PAYMENT: Through BDO, Metrobank (over-the-counter/online), GCash, and Paypal validation of payment within 24 hours and access to subjects follows

Learn more about our requirements for senior high school enrollment.

Tuition fee per sem is P16,500. AMA OEd does not charge any miscellaneous fees.

Students will receive the same lessons that are taught in classrooms, except they won’t have to go to a physical campus. Everything — class videos, assignments, and quizzes — is accomplished in our Learning Management System (LMS), a portal where students can access lessons and answer activities. Students can access their LMS account and attend classes during non-traditional hours. Plus, they can learn at their own pace.

Yes, it does! OEd is part of AMA University, which means we’re an accredited institution. Once a student has passed all the requirements for our senior high school program, AMA University will grant you a diploma. In fact, students can graduate with the rest of the students from AMA University; we’ll forward the details once they qualify for graduation.

Yes, they may. Our online program doesn’t follow a traditional academic calendar. Our school year is divided into two terms, running for 20 weeks or equivalent to 140 days. They can start their online schooling anytime within this period. If they complete all requirements earlier than 140 days, and it’s been 70 days since their subjects have been activated, they may enroll for the next term. But their report card will only be released after the 140-day residency.

Since all schoolwork is accomplished and turned in online, it’s unlikely for your child to meet their classmates in person. They can, however, still easily discuss their ideas with their fellow learners on the discussion boards. Moreover, if they secure the approval of an OEd Coordinator, they may post posters, broadsheets, survey sheets, and other learning tools on the board. LMS enables a rich interaction between its students!

All assignments are submitted on the LMS portal. Each student has an account and dashboard, where they can access class modules, video lessons, and homework.

At the bottom of the lessons or chapter quizzes, there are links that lead you to submission portals. Meanwhile, quizzes and exams are time-bound. The duration for quizzes depends on the lesson, while final exams run for a maximum of two hours.

Adding a subject is not applicable for any of our programs. Students must take a full load, depending on the subjects that they should take per semester/term.

Dropping a subject is also not applicable for Basic Ed, JHS, or SHS. DepEd policies state that academic bodies should not fail or drop a student. Instead, we are to help them pass by giving remedial lessons.

The student will be issued a drop mark in his report card when he requests to transfer to another school.

Yes, there is! OEd offers payment terms in 2 (payable after 48 days), 3 (payable after 30 days), 4 (payable after 20 days), or 6 (payable after 15 days) terms.

Because we want our programs to be accessible to everybody, we do not mandate the type or model of equipment or require a minimum internet speed. We believe na with OEd, puwede ka na mag-aral kahit saan, kahit kalian as long as you have a stable internet connection and a mobile device, whether that’s a smart phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

Just like our other classes, Physical Education is delivered through video lectures. Students need to fill out a waiver assuring us they can do the exercises. Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) need to sign the waiver and submit a copy of their PWD ID as proof.