Online Elementary Education Program

Basic Education Online in the Philippines

OEd is renowned for being one of the first in the country to see the need to shift to a digital era. To address this growing need, OEd created an online learning platform which made premium education more accessible to Filipino far and wide.

Now, OEd is expanding its curriculum. We’re proud to introduce to you OEd Basic Education.

OEd Basic Education is OEd’s online elementary education program. Available for students from Grade 3 to Grade 6, it promises to give students a strong foundation to help ensure a successful academic journey.

Our online elementary education follows the Department of Education’s curriculum in the Philippines while merging OEd’s thrust to mold students who are adept at using technology, so that we can foster graduates who are globally competitive and ready to take on any job in the world.

girl taking basic education online
girl taking basic education online

Curriculum of Online Basic Education in the Philippine

A child’s first years in life are integral as they form the building blocks of their education. This is why the curriculum we’ve developed for our basic education program ensures integrated and seamless learning, as prescribed by the Department of Education.

Integrated and seamless learning, also known as spiral progression, is rooted in the idea that the subjects are taught from the simplest concepts then slowly get more complicated grade after grade in a spiral progression. This way, students can build from what they have learned from the previous years, deepening the knowledge they already have.

As early as grade school, students learn basic theories and concepts in subjects such as Biology, Geometry, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Algebra. Once a mastery of the age-appropriate knowledge and skills have been acquired, they can then proceed to the next level until they eventually attain their online elementary education degree.

For instance, students in Grade 3 are taught about the characteristics of living things. In Grade 4, they move on to the human organs. In Grade 5, they learn all about the growth and development of the human body. And finally, in Grade 6, they learn about the different systems in our body. This method is also used in other learning areas such as Math, History, and Language.

Our Online Elementary Education Program

OEd takes pride in creating the next generation of Filipinos who are academically prepared, morally upright, and socially responsible citizens of the community.

After completing the online basic education program, Grades 3 to 6 graduates in the Philippines will acquire the following learning outcomes which are divided into three different skills.

  1. Knowledge Skills, and Values

    These learning outcomes are meant to test the knowledge and understanding of concepts they’ve learned, as well as their critical thinking.
  2. Application Skills

    Students are expected to demonstrate scientific literacy in their judgement and decision making.
  3. Degree of Independence Skills

    Graduates in the Philippines should be able to apply themselves in real-life situations, using the good habits they’ve built through our online elementary education program.

Why Parents Should Choose OEd SHS

OEd SHS is one of the first learning platforms in the Philippines to offer an online basic education program.

  • We’ve spent years researching, developing, and polishing our online system to ensure your child has a smooth and seamless online learning experience.

Our online elementary education program is fully flexible, allowing you and your child to come up with a schedule that works best to ensure your child’s educational success.

Give Your Child a Good Start in Life. Enroll Them in OEd Basic Education Today!


OEd is a Department of Education recognized and accredited institution. OEd offers a flexible senior high school program in the Philippines, and we are now proud to offer a flexible elementary education program as well.

On average, our online basic education program has almost the same number of hours as any other school in the Philippines. Students spend roughly 7 hours online each day, but because we offer a fully flexible online elementary education program, parents and students can discuss how they want to divide the time.

As mentioned above, students are expected to attend roughly 7 hours-worth of classes a day, sometimes less. This translates to around 35 hours a week.

You can track your child’s progress through the Learning Management System (LMS).

Because everything will be done online, it is unlikely for the students to ever get to interact with each other face-to-face. Instead of a traditional in-person classroom interaction, students can easily discuss their ideas with their fellow learners on the discussion boards. Moreover, if they secure the approval of an OEd Coordinator, they may post posters, broadsheets, survey sheets, and other learning tools on the board. LMS enables a rich interaction between its students!

Grade 3-4   ₱44,550
Grade 5-6  ₱49,550

Just like any traditional school in the Philippines, OEd’s basic elementary education program also follows its own rules and code of conduct to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the students and its faculty.

  • Successful Online Registration;
  • Report Card from the prior year;
  • Certificate of Good Moral;
  • NSO Certified Birth Certificate;
  • Form 137 or the Transcript of Records (School-to-School Transaction)

Step 1. REGISTER: and fill up the registration form

Step 2. ASSESSMENT: Evaluation of documents within 24 hours.

Step 3. Once an account has been evaluated, the student may proceed to the payment page, where one can choose preferred payment terms and channels. After selecting the preferred payment option, you can proceed with the payment process. For further assistance on payment, please get in touch with the OEd buddy.