tourism strand

What is the Best Senior High School Tourism Strand?

If you’re looking to get into the tourism industry, then taking the right SHS strand for tourism can help set the academic glide path for …

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seaman strand

Choosing the Right Senior High School Strand for Seaman  

If you’re considering a career aboard a vessel, taking the marine strand in senior high school may be the best path for you. We understand …

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doctor strand

SHS Strands for College: What Strand Should I Take if I Want to be A Doctor in the Philippines?

Doctors are one of the most important professionals in our society. They are responsible for preventing and treating illnesses, allowing people to live healthier, better, …

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psychology track

SHS Strands for College: What Strand is Best for Psychology?

Are you thinking of becoming a psychologist? If so, you may be wondering what strand is best for psychology. Psychology will allow you to learn …

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dentistry strand

What is the Best SHS Strand for Dentistry?

So, you want to be a dentist? This is a great career choice and there are a few different paths you can take to achieve …

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architecture strand

The Best Architecture Strand in Senior High School to Pursue

The Philippines’ transition to the K to 12 program a few years back has introduced new concepts into the country’s educational system – from the …

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