Here’s Why Choosing HUMSS Strand is For You!

The HUMSS strand is a promising track choice for incoming senior high school students with a desire to pursue careers in social studies, creatives, and …

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female humss student

What are the subjects in the HUMSS strand that you need to prepare for?

Considering a future in HUMSS for senior high? A crowd favorite among artsy students that are coming into their senior high journey, learning all about …

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female senior high school student studying accountancy

ABM Strand Subjects – What are They?

Thinking of taking ABM in Senior High? As one of the most popular strands in SHS for its promising career opportunities, getting to know the …

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male senior high school student coding on his laptop

The Computer Science Strand Will Prepare You for a Tech-Rich Career!

Among the many courses in college under TVL, taking on a BS Computer Science course after senior high is one of the best decisions that …

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young male student writing a marketing content in his laptop

A possible career in HUMMS awaits you!

Every student coming into senior high knows that selecting your strand is one of life’s earliest big decisions. The strand you choose can easily affect …

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female TVL student fixing the plating of a dish

Discover the possible jobs for TVL students to plan your future!

Stepping into senior high is one of the most nerve-wracking decisions for any student. After all, your track determines plenty of your life’s next steps. …

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