General Admissions for Online Elementary to Senior High

Setting a Strong Foundation of Learning with OEd

OEd, formerly AMA University Online Education, is committed to laying a solid educational foundation for students. Our current online education learning program caters to students from Grades 3 to 12, nurturing their minds with each step of their journey.

As a purely online school, our K-12 online school enrollment process will be 100% online as well. This will include our elementary education online applications, and our online junior high as well as senior high admissions.

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  1. Student Applicants (SA) of our K-12 online school enrollment should register and fill out the online registration form in our portal here.
  2. Once you’ve registered, you will be asked to verify your mobile number and email address.
  3. After you’ve been verified, complete all required fields.


  1. To begin the evaluation process, select the program you wish to enroll in.
  2. Upload your documents. For initial evaluation, students need to submit scanned copy (PDF, DOC, JPEG, PNG format with no greater than 5MB file size) of the following requirements:

    Applicants of both Grade 10 completers and Grade 11 Transferees still need to go through an evaluation process and assessment of records. The evaluation can take anywhere between 24 to 48 school hours from Monday to Friday to complete. All submissions done on Saturdays and Sundays shall be attended to within the following week according to how they are queued.
  3. Confirm the evaluation results of your elementary, junior, or senior high school online education admission and choose the subjects and track (if applying for online Senior High School admission) you wish to take.


  1. Pay the corresponding tuition fee in full or via installment. No miscellaneous fees are added apart from the P1,000.00 admission fee every term. The students may choose to pay upfront and will be charged an admission fee only once or may also pay in payment terms (please contact [email protected] for details).

    All students are required to pay only to the accredited bank accounts and payment gateways of OEd:

    • DragonPay (payment partners: online banking, atm banking, ecpay, bayad center, mall billing centers)
    • Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard)
    • PayPal
    • Over-the-Counter Bank Transactions
    • Bank Deposit
  2. Send your proof of payment of any of the following:

    • Over-the-counter Bank Deposit: Deposit slip
    • Online banking: Screengrab of Transaction Confirmation and transaction receipt email from the bank
    • Remittance Center: Remittance slip and proof of deposit from the remittance center
    • DragonPay: Confirmation receipt
    • Online Remittance (e.g. TNG in Hong Kong): Screengrab of transaction confirmation and transaction receipt email from the bank

    Please ensure also that important details such as the following are clear and are present on the document that you’ll be sending:

    • Date
    • Name
    • Reference Number (if applicable)
    • Amount – if abroad, make sure that both amounts (Peso and Foreign Currency Value) are reflected on the document.
  3. Start your lessons within 24 to 48 hours after confirmation of your payment.

Requirements for Elementary Students

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Requirements for Senior High School Students

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