AMA University Online Education or AMA Online Education is the online learning platform of AMA University–– a Deped recognized and accredited institution. AMA University is the granting institution of AMAOED SHS.

We don’t follow the traditional academic calendar. You can start anytime and finish anytime within the 140 days duration per term. If you were not able to finish within the given period you may avail our extension program.

Yes, teachers who may answer concerns can only be reached through AMAOEd’s ticketing system, “Helpdesk Centers”, which can only be found in the LMS. The response will usually take 24 to 48 hours.

Physical Education is delivered through video lectures. You need to fill out a waiver assuring us you can do the exercises. Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) need to sign the waiver and submit a copy of their PWD ID as proof.

If you are now done with your currently enrolled subjects, you may now request for your grade slip through POST A STUDENT CONCERN in your LMS. Kindly create a ticket and make sure to categorize it as a Student Services – Grade Slip Request. Please follow the format when requesting your grade slip.
Student Number:
List of Subjects:
Once you have it, your new subjects will be loaded in your portal and that is the time you can proceed on your next term enrollment.

Kindly give your ticket number to assign OEd buddy after submitting a request for follow up

Yes. For quizzes, it depends on the subject and the type of quiz. For final exams, the average time limit is two hours.
Yes. Graduates of SHS Online will join the graduation ceremony of the SHS campus based traditional students.

Step 1. REGISTER:  oed.com.ph and fill up the registration form

Step 2. ASSESSMENT: Evaluation of documents within 24 hours

Step 3. PAYMENT: Through BDO, Metrobank (over-the-counter/online), GCash, Paypal validation of payment within 24 hours and access to subjects follows

Tuition fee per sem is P16,500. No miscellaneous Fees

Enrollment is anytime.

Form 137- Refers to the student’s Transcript of Records. This could be records from Grades 1-6, Grades 7-10, or Grades 11-12, and so on. Typically, Form 137 is a school-to-school transaction. Upon request, your original school will be the one mailing or sending your records to the school you’re transferring or applying to.

Form 138 – Refers to the student’s report card for a certain year e.g. Grade 6. This will only show the grades from the four different grading periods within that year. This is often given directly to the parents at the end of each school year.

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