Online Senior High School in the Philippines

Online Education (OEd) Senior High School

OEd Senior High School, previously AMA Online Education Senior High School, is paving the way for students across the world by offering a premium online senior high school in the Philippines. OEd Senior High School is the first university to offer a full online school  for senior high school program in the Philippines. With this, we aim to not only open doors for Filipinos across the globe by providing them with access to better education, but to also equip them with skills and knowledge to make them globally competitive.

OEd Senior High School offers a flexible and affordable way for Filipinos to complete their secondary education thanks to our senior high school online study program. Our innovation internet-based alternative learning program is a direct call to the digitization were seeing happening all across the globe. Through this, we aim to provide Filipinos with quality education while improving their digital skills to guarantee their future success.

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The OEd Senior High program offers subjects mandated by law including English, Mathematics, Science, Araling Panlipunan, Filipino, MAPEH/TLE, Values Education, Christian Living Education, and Computer Education.

It also offers select online senior high school strands such as:

  • Accountancy, Business and Management
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • General Academic Strand

Students of our online senior high school study program are free to access to virtual class and learning modules whenever and wherever they want, at their convenience. Student-teacher collaborations and interactions are encouraged and made easier thanks to our multiple course videos that replicate classroom interactions via a feedback and forum system.

Advantages of Having an Online Secondary Education

Self-Paced Learning

Traditional learning assumes that students all learn at the same pace. With our senior high school online study program, students can set a pace they feel comfortable with. They can breeze through lessons they find easy, or take more time learning ones that are more challenging for them. This ensures that students can absorb the lessons to the best of their abilities so that they can reach their full

Open and Encouraging Classroom Environment

While some students may find it easy and natural to engage with their fellow classmates, others may find it daunting or intimidating. Forcing students to come out of their shell and interact more have been found to have more detrimental effects, causing them to become more aloof. Students who are naturally shier or have difficulties speaking in public may benefit in an online senior high school program. Students enrolled in our online senior high school program can freely join discussion via our forums and discussion boards without fear of being judged for their opinions. This type of set-up is ideal for students who do not feel comfortable with public speaking and removes the pressure about being vocal while still giving them the avenue to voice out their opinions and ideas. This gives introverted students the perfect opportunity to shine socially, as they can talk and interact more actively with their classmates in a more comfortable environment.

Customized Schedules           

Being the premier online senior high school in the Philippines, we understand the reality that some students have more on their plates than just attaining their senior high school diploma. Others have responsibilities like helping out in the family business, running their own micro-enterprise, or even sustaining themselves with a part-time job. Online senior high school allows students to create a schedule that works for them. Students who are running a business or are working part-time no longer have to give up their education just to help their families earn. Although students are still required to submit their assignments and show up for scheduled quizzes and exams, they do not have a fixed 7 am – 3 pm class schedule like most traditional schools do. This gives students the freedom to explore their hobbies, interests, passions, and business ventures while pursuing their education as well.

OEd Senior High School’s Requirements for Online Senior High School

All incoming Grade 11 students are considered applicants, not transferees. This means all applicants need to present their:

    • NSO Birth Certificate
    • Grade 10 Form 138 or School Card
    • Form 137 or Transcript of Records
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character
    • Successful Online Registration

Meanwhile, AMA Online Education University accepts transferees for Grade 12. Transferees have to present:

  • NSO Birth Certificate
  • Grade 11 Form 138 or School Card
  • Form 137 or Transcript of Records
  • Successful Online Registration


AMA University Online Education or AMA Online Education is the online learning platform of AMA University–– a Department of Education recognized and accredited institution. AMA University is the granting institution of AMAOED SHS. AMAOEd is the first full online senior high school in the Philippines.

We don’t follow the traditional academic calendar. You can start anytime and finish anytime within the 140 days duration per semester. If you were not able to finish within the given period, you may avail of our extension program.

Yes, of course! You will have teachers who may answer concerns but they can only be reached through AMAOEd’s ticketing system, “Post a Student Concern”, which can only be found in the LMS. The response will usually take 24 to 48 hours.

How are Physical Education classes held online?

Just like our other classes, Physical Education is delivered through video lectures. You need to fill out a waiver assuring us you can do the exercises. Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) need to sign the waiver and submit a copy of their PWD ID as proof.

Are exams or quizzes held online?


Yes. For quizzes, it depends on the subject and the type of quiz. For final exams, the average time limit is two hours.

Yes. Graduates of SHS Online will join the graduation ceremony of the SHS campus based traditional students.

What is the admission procedure for Senior High School applicants?

Step 1. REGISTER: and fill up the registration form

Step 2. ASSESSMENT: Evaluation of documents within 24 hours

Step 3. PAYMENT: Through BDO, Metrobank (over-the-counter/online), GCash, Paypal validation of payment within 24 hours and access to subjects follow.

Tuition fee per sem is P16,500. AMA OEd does not charge any miscellaneous fees.

You’ll receive the same lessons that are taught in classrooms, except you don’t have to go to a physical AMA campus. Everything — class videos, assignments, and quizzes — is accomplished in our Learning Management System (LMS), a portal where you can access lessons and answer activities. You can access your LMS account and attend classes during non-traditional hours. Plus, you can learn at your own pace.

Yes, it does! AMA University Online Education is part of AMA University, which means we’re an accredited institution. Once you’ve passed all the requirements for our senior high school program, AMA University will grant you a diploma. In fact, you can graduate with the rest of the students from AMA University; we’ll forward the details once you qualify for graduation.

Yes, you may. Our online SHS program doesn’t follow a traditional academic calendar. Our school year is divided into two terms, running for 20 weeks or equivalent to 140 days. You can start your online schooling anytime within this period. If you complete all requirements earlier than 140 days, and it’s been 70 days since your subjects have been activated, you may enroll for the next term. But your report card will only be released after the 140-day residency.

Since all schoolwork is accomplished and turned in online, it’s unlikely you’ll get to meet your classmates in person. You can, however, still easily discuss your ideas with fellow learners on the discussion boards. Moreover, if you secure the approval of an AMAOEd Coordinator, you may post posters, broadsheets, survey sheets, and other learning tools on the board. LMS enables a rich interaction between its students.

All assignments are submitted on the LMS portal. Each student has an account and dashboard, where they can access class modules, video lessons, and homework.

At the bottom of the lessons or chapter quizzes, there are links that lead you to submission portals. Meanwhile, quizzes and exams are time-bound. The duration for quizzes depends on the lesson, while final exams run for a maximum of two hours.

Adding a subject is not applicable for SHS. Students must take a full load, depending on the subjects that they should take per semester/term.

Dropping a subject is also not applicable for SHS. DepEd policies state that academic bodies should not fail or drop a student. Instead, we are to help them pass by giving remedial lessons.

The student will be issued a drop mark in his report card when he requests to transfer to another school.

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