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Overview of the HUMSS Strand

The HUMSS strand in senior high school is designed to effectively prepare students who seek to pursue a college degree in liberal education. HUMSS courses cover a variety of subjects, looking at the world and its people from various points of view. The learning activities are directed towards the development of critical thinking.

HUMSS also focuses on developing your oral communication, media and information, and will hone your skills in reading and writing to a professional level. Because the HUMSS strand is intended for those who wish to explore careers in social sciences, this strand will involve a lot of research and presentation, making it a good preparation for their future careers as journalists, lawyers, teachers, politicians, writers, and psychologists.

The Objectives of the HUMSS Strand

The HUMSS strand curriculum was developed to equip senior high school students looking to pursue more sociological and artistic careers in their future with the necessary skills and confidence. Students enrolled in HUMSS strand courses can expect to:

  • Acquire the appropriate mindset and theorems for understanding the psyche and behavior of people across different backgrounds
  • Build their confidence in articulating their various ideas and expressing themselves through both written and spoken language in both scholarly and secular work
  • Provide them with the means to gaining the necessary rapport with their future patients, clients, audiences, and other stakeholders depending on their profession of choice.

At OEd, we wish to equip our students to communicate articulately, think critically, and exercise sensitivity and empathy in their professional endeavors.

Advantages of the HUMSS Strand

The HUMSS strand shapes senior high school students with the necessary skills and knowledge from the converging subject matter of Psychology, Sociology, and Communication to develop an open mindset and a good understanding of the sociological and cultural nuances of the world around them, and how these shape and mold society’s ideas and sentiments in media, art, and many more manifestations. The senior high school HUMSS strand equips students with the following benefits:

  • Instills values of empathy and understanding, which are necessary for establishing the rapport required to pursue the professions available to HUMSS strand graduates.
  • Promotes a sense of confidence in voicing out one’s opinions and ideas in an articulate and concise manner through the various projects and tasks in the different HUMSS courses.
  • Opens up a world of job opportunities because of the HUMSS strand’s many applications in scientific, artistic, legislative, and corporate careers.
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Possible College Courses for HUMSS

The HUMSS strand prepares students for a number of college courses. Here are some of the HUMSS courses in college students can pursue.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Bachelor of Arts in Psychology exposes students to several fields in psychology including abnormal, physiological, and development psychology. AB Psychology requires a lot of research and hands-on activities as training for future careers such as counselors, social workers, and therapists.
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Bachelor of Science in Psychology revolves around human sexuality, gender, child and adult psychology, and personality theory. Unlike the AB Psychology course, the BS Psychology course focuses more on biology and chemistry. The BS Psychology course can serve as a pre-medicine course.
  • Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication – The Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication program puts an emphasis on helping others understand valuable information and teaches communication knowledge. This program teaches students to turn detailed data into actionable information.
  • Bachelor of Science in Education Technology – Students of the Bachelor of Science in Education Technology program will learn about general education, interactive media, educational psychology, and transformational learning.

Possible Career Paths with the HUMSS Strand

Students enrolled in the HUMMS strand in senior high school can make meaningful contributions to their workplace and community in the following professions:

  • Psychologists
  • Therapists
  • Doctors
  • Counselors
  • Lawyers
  • Reporters
  • Journalists
  • Writers
  • College Professors
  • Teachers

Humanities and Social Sciences Strand

The HUMMS strand curriculum is equipped to arm students with the necessary skills like communication, writing, and critical thinking needed for their day-to-day operations in careers that rely on rapport and immersion with fellowmen. HUMMS students can expect to take up subjects in Communication and Literature, as well as Physical Sciences and Politics in preparation for careers in either medicine or law. Enroll in the HUMMS strand and equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and mindset to understand the world around you and how you can contribute to it by immersing in its culture and people and tackling society’s problems in your chosen arena.


The HUMMS strand is a multi-faceted option for SHS students that dream of contributing to society by way of literature, communication, medicine, education, or legal practice.

Are you the kind of person who is passionate about causes like art, mental health, social issues, and injustice? Choosing the HUMMS strand for senior high school lets you pave your own path to contributing to your community. Whether you see yourself fighting against injustice as a lawyer or journalist with your words, or you see yourself as a medical professional by serving as a psychologist, there is no shortage of ways you can contribute to society by exploring this course.

HUMSS strand courses prepare students for meaningful careers in public service as lawyers and social workers, but students can also opt for specializations in medicine as psychologists and therapists, or education as special needs educators or professors.

The HUMSS strand opens up doors for professions that require years of further studies, especially for students looking to pursue Law or Medicine. Taking HUMSS as your senior high school strand of choice already grants you some valuable knowledge and know-how that can set you ahead of your peers in terms of skills and confidence.

At OEd, we believe that all students deserve a shot at quality education! We do not require an entrance exam for enrollment, but we do have a list of requirements that must be submitted in order to pursue the HUMSS strand, and other tracks available in our curriculum.

OEd SHS requires successful online registration and important documents from Grade 10 Records. We also require an NSO Birth Certificate, and a Form 137 directly coursed to us by your previous learning institution. Learn more in our SHS Application FAQs page!

The yearly tuition fee for students enrolling in HUMSS for senior high is 32,000 pesos — the same for all our strands here at OEd. Receive quality education, with no miscellaneous fees aside from 1,000 pesos every term. Payment can be settled online over accredited payment channels, or OTC.

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