HUMSS Strands

Humanities and Social Sciences


The HUMSS strand in senior high school is designed to effectively prepare students who seek to pursue a college degree in liberal education. HUMSS will be about a variety of subjects, looking at the world and its people from various points of view. The learning activities are directed towards the development of critical thinking.

HUMSS focuses on oral communication, media and information, and will hone your skills in reading and writing. Because the HUMSS strand is intended for those who wish to explore careers in social sciences, this strand will involve a lot of research and presentation, making it a good preparation for their future careers as journalists, lawyers, teachers, politicians, writers, and psychologists.

Possible College Courses for HUMSS

The HUMSS strand prepares students for a number of college courses. Here are some of the HUMSS courses in college students can pursue.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Bachelor of Arts in Psychology exposes students to several fields in psychology including abnormal, physiological, and development psychology. AB Psychology requires a lot of research and hands-on activities as training for future careers such as counselors, social workers, and therapists.
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Bachelor of Science in Psychology revolves around human sexuality, gender, child and adult psychology, and personality theory. Unlike the AB Psychology course, the BS Psychology course focuses more on biology and chemistry. The BS Psychology course can serve as a pre-medicine course.
  • Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication – The Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication program puts an emphasis on helping others understand valuable information and teaches communication knowledge. This program teaches students to turn detailed data into actionable information.
  • Bachelor of Science in Education Technology – Students of the Bachelor of Science in Education Technology program will learn about general education, interactive media, educational psychology, and transformational learning.

HUMSS Subjects

Students enrolled in the Humanities and Social Sciences strand will be exposed to a number of different subjects that will challenge their verbal and writing skills. Subjects in HUMSS include politics and governance, various writing classes, and critical thinking workshops.

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