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Online Junior High School in the Philippines

The Country’s First Full Online Junior High School

OEd Senior High School is the first university to offer full online junior high school in the Philippines. This not only provides them with better education but helps equip them with skills and knowledge that makes them at par with graduates from schools from around the world.

OEd Senior High School offers a flexible and affordable way to complete your secondary education. Our internet-based alternative to traditional learning offers Filipinos the opportunity to receive quality education while improving their digital skills for career success.

Our JHS program offers subjects mandated by law including English, Mathematics, Science, Araling Panlipunan, Filipino, MAPEH/TLE, Values Education, Christian Living Education, and Computer Education.

Students of our online school are free to access our virtual classes whenever and wherever they want. We make student-teacher consultations and student collaborations easy and convenient using course videos that replicate classroom interactions via a feedback and forum system.

Advantages of Having an Online Junior High School Education

Students who enroll in an online junior high school can enjoy the following benefits:

Self-Paced Learning

Traditional learning assumes that all students learn at the same pace. Building a lesson plan with a singular pace in mind neglects the needs of the rest of the students, and often leads to untapped potential. OEd Senior High understands that this is not the case. Some students are unable to keep up with the learning speed dictated by traditional schools or, conversely, find that the pace set is not challenging enough. As the first junior high school in the Philippines, we make it a point to give our students the freedom to create a learning environment that enables them to succeed academically. With a full online junior high school, students can learn subjects and topics at their own pace. Students have the option to go through a topic they understand easily quickly while spending more time on ones they find more difficult.

Open and Encouraging Classroom Environment

Traditional face-to-face classes are where extroverted students thrive. But what about the shy students who don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of other people? Older schooling methods force introverts to speak up in class, but this method backfires on the teachers, more often than not, and causes the student to retreat further into their “shell.” Students enrolled in a full online junior high school in the Philippines can join in discussions with their fellow online learners and teachers in forums and discussions boards. This type of set-up removes the pressure and helps them express their ideas more freely and without judgment without the pressure of physically speaking up in front of the whole class. Introverted students will be able to shine socially in this type of set-up, as they can talk and interact more actively with their peers in an environment they feel more comfortable with.

Individualized Schedules

Online middle school education allows students to create a schedule that suits them and their individual needs. Although they still have to complete and submit assignments and projects on the due date set by their teachers, they do not follow the traditional academic calendar of junior high schools. They can go online when their schedule suits them and have the option to attend classes during off-hours. This can be early in the morning or late at night, should they choose so.

Online Junior High School Application Requirements

Requirements for Admission for Grade 7 Applicants

  • Successful Online Registration;
  • Grade 6 Card;
  • Certificate of Completion;
  • Certificate of Good Moral;
  • NSO Certified Birth Certificate;
  • Form 137 or the Transcript of Records (School-to-School Transaction)

For Transferees

  • Successful Online Registration;
  • Grade 7 Card;
  • NSO Certified Birth Certificate;

Form 137 or the Transcript of Records (School-to-School Transaction)


Student Applicants (SA) interested in applying for the program should register on this link and fill up the online registration form in the portal. AMA OEd has a single signup and log-in system which connects the email address and password registered to both the Student Information System (SIS) and the Learning Management System (LMS).

After the registration, student applicants need to log-in through portal.amauonline.com using the registered email address and password. SA’s need to choose the program they wish to enroll.


All students are required to pay only on the accredited bank accounts and payment gateways of AMAOEd:

  • DragonPay (Payment Partners: Online Banking, ATM Banking, ECPay, Bayad Center, Mall Billing Centers)
  • CreditCard (Visa/Mastercard)
  • PayPal
  • Over-the-Counter Bank Transactions

Furthermore, to avoid fraud and verify successful transactions, proof of payment will be defined as follows:

  • Online banking: Screengrab of Transaction Confirmation and transaction receipt email from the bank;
  • DragonPay: Confirmation Receipt;

Please ensure also that important details such as the following are clear and is present on the document that they’ll be sending:

  • Date
  • Name
  • Reference Number (if applicable)
  • Amount – if abroad, make sure that both amounts (Peso and Foreign Currency Value) reflects on the document.

Payment slips and other requirements mentioned above must be verified by the Billings and Collections before activation.

As the first full online junior high school in the Philippines, OEd understands the responsibility it has to mold responsible Filipino citizens of tomorrow.

After successfully completing the online junior high school program, OEd Junior High School Grade 7 to 10 completers will acquire the following intended learning outcomes which are divided into different skills.

These are:



Ability to communicate one’s thoughts and ideas for self-expression using the mother tongue or the student’s first language.

Ability to demonstrate knowledge and skills in listening and communicating, discussing familiar topics, use of basic vocabulary, read and write coherent and meaningful text, and appreciate one’s culture.


Ability to appropriately use technology – in problem solving, critical thinking, reasoning, communicating, establishing connections, creating presentations, and making decisions in life.


Ability to display positive attitudes, respect, genuine concern for one’s self and others, behave appropriately regarding what the situation and place dictates, manifest a love of God, country, and countrymen.


Ability to demonstrate scientific understanding in making judgments and decisions.


Ability to apply what has been learned to real-life situations.

Ability to promote healthy habits and have awareness about the importance of safety and the prevention of danger at home, in school, and in other public areas.

Ability to demonstrate one’s involvement in different cultural activities to exemplify an understanding and appreciation of one’s cultural identity as well as an expanded view of the world.

Ability to create lifelong fitness, health, and wellness habits by choosing age-appropriate activities at various stages in life.

Grade 7

Start your child’s Junior High School education with lessons on Philippine history, literature, and studies.


Grade 8

A deeper dive into Asian history, literature, and culture.

online junior high

Grade 9

Expand your child’s worldview with world history, classic literature, and more.

student learning online

Grade 10

Prepare your child for the final step before Senior High School.

Frequently Asked Questions

The evaluation of credentials both Grade 6 completers and Grade 7 Transferees shall still undergo assessment of records. The evaluation may take 24 to 48 school hours from Mondays to Fridays. All submissions during Saturdays and Sundays will be attended within the following week according to how they are queued.

Since our online JHS program doesn’t follow a traditional academic calendar, you can apply at any time! Our school year is divided into two terms, running for 20 weeks or equivalent to 140 days. You can start your online schooling anytime within this period. If you complete all requirements earlier than 140 days, and it’s been 70 days since your subjects have been activated, you may enroll for the next term. But your report card will only be released after the 140-day residency.

Online junior high school provides virtual courses that cover core subjects and allow your child to learn at his/her own pace. Students are free to access their virtual classes anytime and anywhere they want. It provides learners with the opportunity to become increasingly independent with their studies and start taking more responsibility for their learning.

Online junior high school students in the Philippines see their own potential while working with highly qualified subject area teachers. Student collaborations and student-teacher consultations are easy with course videos that resemble classroom interactions via a feedback and forum system.

Junior high is a significant period for learning. It’s the best chance to get young adults on the right path toward success in academics and career. From developing study habits and good work ethics to making decisions about their future after high school – what a student does during their time in junior high can change so much for their future.

To best equip your child and ensure they have an enriching time during their full online junior high school experience, we recommend this list of essential devices:

  • PC/Laptop/Tablet
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Earphones
  • Stable internet connection

If your child’s laptop already has a built-in microphone and webcam, they are good to go.

To ensure the safety of our online junior high school students, we make it a point to keep anything that impedes the privacy of our students behind a wall. We keep all meeting IDs, virtual conferencing links, and passwords private to keep unwanted visitors out of video meetings with students. Lastly, we use school-provided email addresses for communication.

Online Study is unlike traditional schools in terms of instructor supervision. Students will have access to mentors through virtual classes and the posting of student concerns through the ticketing system. For mentor consultation, create a ticket at academic.amauonline.com.

Our online junior high school program in the Philippines offers subjects mandated by law including English, Science, Mathematics, Filipino, Araling Panlipunan, Christian Living Education, MAPEH/TLE, Values Education, and Computer Education.

The full online junior high school offered by AMA Online covers Grade 7 up to grade 10 (total of 4 years).

Grade 7    ₱34,550
Grade 8     ₱36,550
Grade 9    ₱38,550
Grade 10   ₱40,550

Step 1. REGISTRATION: Register at oed.com.ph. Fill up the registration form. Make sure all personal information and details are correct before you submit the form.

Step 2. ASSESSMENT: We will evaluate your documents within 24 hours.

Step 3.Once an account has been evaluated, the student may proceed to the payment page, where one can choose preferred payment terms and channels. After selecting the preferred payment option, you can proceed with the payment process. For further assistance on payment, please get in touch with the OEd buddy.

Yes, your child can enroll and start online junior high school at OEd SHS anytime.

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