This ABM strand jobs list can help you plan your future!

senior high female student

Coming into senior high, every student is faced with a big decision. As early as your senior high school online application, you are somehow expected to have a decision about what you want to pursue. It can feel scary knowing that whatever strand you choose can make a big impact on your future. From your education to your career, your strand plays a large part in dictating what life has in store. But some students are just born driven. ABM strand jobs are made for the go-getters and the hard hitters. Their determination, grit, and an innate business savviness make them a perfect fit for the job opportunities under the ABM strand. If you are an incoming senior high school student that is curious about what lies in store for you after graduation, then this article is for you!

We compiled an ABM strand job list with some of the most in-demand positions that you can find in the industry. Our ABM strand courses prepare students to be top-notch professionals that fit various corporate and organizational settings. Read on and explore the possible jobs for ABM strand graduates to see if this is the strand for you!

1. Accountant

The journey to being a licensed CPA may be a long one, but it is well worth it due to the stability and compensation that accountancy graduates experience. As one of the most popular jobs under the ABM strand, many students come into senior high with a mindset to proudly hold the title of a CPA. Accountants hold the duty of keeping tabs on finances and taxes and may even hold the authority to perform audits and a financial performance analysis in order to measure the success and stability of a company. Because of their specialized skill set and their confidence in working with large numbers and records, accountants have plenty of flexibility in terms of practicing their profession. Some CPAs can opt to practice in corporate environments while others prefer to service private individuals that simply seek to keep their assets and taxations in check. While this ABM strand job requires further studies in the form of a bachelor’s degree in accountancy to qualify for the licensure exam, it is well worth it due to the high-demand and compensation that accountants experience.

Average Salary:  ₱ 301,045 / year

2. Project Managers

Some students come into the ABM strand not necessarily knowing what they want, but certainly knowing who they want to be. Equipped with a variety of skills, project managers are one of the possible jobs under the ABM strand. These professionals are gifted with both the mathematical and people skills necessary to launch large-scale projects and client engagements. Tasked with managing teams, deadlines, outputs, and budgets, PMs are expected to always stay on task and on top of their deliverables. Holding a position as a project manager requires a balanced skillset of both budgeting and auditing, while carrying oneself with confidence and ease when coordinating with clients and their team. This job is a perfect match for extroverted ABM strand graduates that love being around people just as much as they love planning and tracking the specifics of their project. If you are a hopeful ABM student that wants to work with both people and numbers while exercising their creativity, then this is an excellent job opportunity from the ABM strand.

Average Salary:  ₱ 943,496 / year

3. Marketing Executive

Another ABM strand job that allows you to fuse your love for creativity and business is a career in marketing. Marketing professionals can hold a number of duties depending on the workplace. However, the fundamentals required of you stay the same no matter what company you work for. Marketing professionals are required to have the business savvy to know what goes through the mind of a customer and balancing this with the company’s goals. Similar to project managers, marketing executives and professionals spend plenty of time planning sales activations and promotions that increase brand awareness and embody company values. A position in marketing is never boring and is definitely one of the more exciting and fun jobs possible under the AMB strand.

Average Salary:  ₱ 322,693 / year

4. Entrepreneur

While most students come into ABM for job opportunities after schooling, there are those that have long decided on being their own boss. Whether it be their job right out of senior high, or they work their way up to building the capital, being an entrepreneur is one such possible ABM job that requires determination, grit, and patience like no other. Students looking to jump into entrepreneurship have to be ready to pitch their business idea, and they must have both the heart and the determination to work on it until it is refined and ready for selling. Whether it be a novelty item, a daily commodity, or even a culinary treat, entrepreneurs take pride in their business, and must be ready to analyze the numbers and the people required to get operations up and running.

Average Salary: It depends

Unlike the past jobs, entrepreneurship is your own venture. Your monthly salary is entirely based on your efforts and is directly impacted by your sales and expenses. This job is not for the faint of heart but can be a dream come true — for the right person with the right mindset. Whatever profession stuck out to you from this ABM job list, you can set yourself up to succeed by giving yourself every edge possible. Enroll in the ABM strand for SHS and prepare yourself for a fruitful career ahead!