ABM Strand Subjects – What are They?

female student studying accountancy

Thinking of taking ABM in Senior High? As one of the most popular strands in SHS for its promising career opportunities, getting to know the subjects under the ABM strand is a good place to start if you wish to distinguish yourself from your peers and excel in your studies very early on. If you are an incoming senior high student that is considering or has decided on taking ABM, then this article is the perfect read for you. Discover the ABM strand subjects in senior high school that you need to know to gain a competitive edge!

What is the ABM (Accountancy, Business, and Management) Strand?

Also known as the Accountancy strand or the Business and Management strand, ABM is the go-to strand for business-minded students that see themselves as future entrepreneurs, managers, business strategists, and accountants among many other possible careers.

Many students in senior high school are looking to excel in their time as ABM students because of the ABM strand benefits they can experience in both college and the workplace. Because of this, getting an early understanding of the different ABM strand subjects is a strategic move that will show your foresight and preparedness as a student. Students that graduate from the ABM strand go on to enroll in prestigious degrees such as Accountancy, Management, Finance, and Entrepreneurship among many others.

Impress both peers and instructors with your early initiative by learning more about your senior high school ABM strand subjects from this article!

What are the Subjects of the ABM Strand?

To complement the prestigious careers that students of the strand come to lead after finishing college, the following are the general types of subjects that you can come to expect when you enroll in the Accounting, Business, and Management Strand in senior high school.

Oral and Written Communication

Whether you are transacting as an accountant or dealing in business transactions as a manager or business owner, being fluent and articulate in both written and spoken communication is a must. Miscommunication can lead to lasting and expensive errors during accounting reports and transactions, so students must be equipped to express themselves in either English or Filipino clearly and concisely.


Accountancy may be at the core of an accountant’s daily work, but managers and business owners also need to know their numbers when trying to turn a profit while staying on top of their taxes. Accountancy is a good example an ABM strand subject that has multiple applications no matter what specialization you go on to choose. With the right discipline and eye for detail, you will be balancing books in no time.

Business Mathematics

The numbers never lie especially when it comes to business. When dealing with things like finances, capital, and profit, being able to perform mathematical equations that help you make better business decisions is a must.


Raising awareness about your company, product, or service is an important aspect of running any business. Through the marketing subject, ABM strand students can learn precisely that. Get to know the different marketing principles and tactics that you can use to boost ales and raise the performance of your business.


Just as the value of money is not static, so too are factors such as supply, demand, inflation, and many more. This subject under the ABM strand is technically considered a discipline of social science, and helps you get a grasp on how individuals, businesses, and nations interact within the relationship of producers, distributors, and consumers.

Organization and Management

Organizing is more than just keeping a space neat and tidy. Using the skill of organization to better handle business functions and resources through efficient categorization and allocation is what the subject of organization and management is all about. This ABM strand subject is what nurtures the skills that are at the core of all manager and entrepreneurial hopefuls entering into the program.

What is the Value of Knowing the Subjects in the ABM Strand Early?

Make a Good Impression

Like any educational endeavor, it pays to do your research and do a little studying ahead of time. While there is no expectation for you to master these subjects in the ABM strand even before you enroll in senior high school, having some stock knowledge from advance study can certainly be helpful for impressing your instructors during recitation in your first few days.

Turn Topics into Reviews

Did you take a shine to a particular subject during your advance study? It may pay to choose a few subjects that catch your interest and stick to learning a little bit about them before senior high starts. This way, these topics will feel familiar once they come up in class discussion. It is easier to grasp topics that you are already familiar with, so you can ace tests and quizzes about it when they come up at a later date!

Specialize in Something

Is being a Jack of all Trades not your style? If you prefer to be a Master of One, then take the chance to own it. Read up on the subject matter you wish to specialize in later on in your career. While nothing is set in stone, distinguishing yourself as a gifted student in that specific field may be a good move that encourages your classmates to trust you while earning the respect of your teachers. This respect can pave the way for future mentorship and employment opportunities once you have decided on the career you want to pursue.

Plan Your Future Education

Discerning the subjects that naturally pique your interest may prove useful even before you step into the working world. During your stay in senior high as an ABM student, you may want to pay close attention to which classes you enjoy most so you can enroll in a related course for university. Not only does it give you more direction about your future profession, but it also gives you a chance to canvass schools early to check if they have the bachelor’s degree that you want.

Students that enjoy Accountancy will logically follow through by enrolling in an Accountancy course. On the other hand, students that enjoyed their management subjects may go into a Business Administration course with a major in either Marketing Management or Human Resource Management depending on their interests.

It’s never too early to plan ahead!

Let the Subjects in the ABM Strand Hone You for the Future

Your senior high school ABM strand subjects are there to prepare you for a more manageable university education as well as a fruitful and fulfilling career lurking just around the corner. Because of the weight that this chapter of your life holds, it would be a shame to not make the most of it.

If you are not sure about the direction you want for your future, take your time to consider the subjects from this list that pique your attention most. Don’t be in a rush and allow your senior high school education to point you in the right direction for a fulfilling professional life.

Though the Accountancy, Business and Management strand will undoubtedly be difficult at times, nothing worth having ever comes easy. We hope however that this article will help make the journey slightly easier for you as you navigate your way towards your future education and career!