Get to Know HUMSS Strand

male HUMSS student

For students entering Senior High School, one of the most important decisions they have to make is choosing a track and strand to specialize in. Unlike in the previous high school format, the current K-12 curriculum allows students to specialize in tracks (further broken down into strands) that will guide them and ease them in their college journeys.

One of these tracks is the Humanities and Social Sciences track or HUMSS.

What is HUMSS?

Humanities and Social Sciences is a strand offered to senior high school students under the Academics track. The HUMSS Senior High School strand is designed for students who intend to take up journalism, communication arts, liberal arts, education, and other social-science related courses in college. Because these courses revolve heavily around interacting with other people, the Senior High School HUMSS strand is all about improving students’ reading, writing, and speaking skills.

A common misconception about the Senior High School HUMSS strand is that it is a lot easier than other tracks and strands or that students who take this strand do not need to study as hard as compared to the other strands (especially those in the Academic track). While HUMSS does not involve as much Math and computation as tracks like ABM or STEM, it is by no means “easier.”

HUMSS is heavily-centered on research and will require students to read, write, and present multiple papers throughout senior high school. Students under this strand will be exposed to eye-opening subjects such as world religions, Philippine and world literature, political and community development specialization subjects, and more.

Careers in Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduates of the HUMSS strand can have successful careers as the following:


Because HUMSS is focused on research and writing, many HUMSS graduates are able to use the skills they’ve learned to launch successful writing careers, including ones in many broadsheets and online publications.


As a HUMSS student, you are expected to be adept not just at writing but in speaking as well. This makes HUMSS the perfect foundation for those who want to become great lawyers in the future. Exposure to core subjects like world politics and community development also help students build a strong moral foundation which they will need in their litigation career.


Graduates of the HUMSS strand can also enter the academe as teachers or professors. Some subjects they can teach include literature, philosophy, writing, English, Philippine studies, or guidance counselling.


For the chosen few, HUMSS is a good background for those who seek to enter public office. Years spent learning about public speaking and community development will be essential in your position, no matter how big or small this may be.

Why You Should Choose HUMSS

  1. It is people-centric – HUMSS deals with the scientific study of human society and the society relationship. HUMSS delves into the different interlacing disciplines that study human culture.
  2. You will learn how to communicate effectively – Whether or not you choose to pursue a social science-related degree, you will be able to use the communications skills you’ve honed in HUMSS.
  3. You will be globally-competent – HUMSS will expose you to different ideas and beliefs, both old and new, that have guided and shaped civilizations for thousands of years. You will learn how to use these ideas to create new ones and use them in real-world scenarios.

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