Online Senior High School in the Philippines

Online Education (OEd) Senior High School

OEd Senior High School, previously AMA Online Education Senior High School, is paving the way for students across the world by offering a premium online senior high school in the Philippines. OEd Senior High School offers a full senior high school online learning program in the Philippines. With this, we aim to not only open doors for Filipinos across the globe by providing them with access to better education, but to also equip them with skills and knowledge to make them globally competitive.

OEd Senior High School offers a flexible and affordable way for Filipinos to complete their secondary education thanks to our e-learning for senior high school program. Our innovative internet-based alternative learning program is a direct call to the digitization we are seeing happening all across the globe. Through this, we aim to provide Filipinos with quality education while improving their digital skills to guarantee their future success.

Senior High student

The OEd Senior High program offers subjects mandated by law including English, Mathematics, Science, Araling Panlipunan, Filipino, MAPEH/TLE, Values Education, Christian Living Education, and Computer Education. We offer accessible online learning in the Philippines for students who want a comprehensive and holistic education before seeking out employment opportunities or applying for higher education.

Our online senior high education also offers select online senior high school tracks such as:

Students at our SHS distance learning program are free to access virtual class and learning modules whenever and wherever they want, at their convenience. Student-teacher collaborations and interactions are encouraged and made easier thanks to our multiple course videos that replicate classroom interactions via a feedback and forum system. Our curriculum makes your senior high school experience convenient, accessible, and self-paced.

Advantages of a Senior High School Online Learning Program

Accessible quality education is always evolving, which is why online distance learning in the Philippines can provide senior high school students with a number of benefits. A few key reasons you should explore and consider an online learning program include:

Self-Paced Learning

Traditional learning assumes that students all learn at the same pace. With our SHS distance learning program, students can set a pace they feel comfortable with. They can breeze through lessons they find easy and take more time for lessons that are more challenging. This removes the inconvenience of learning as a group and ensures that students can absorb the lessons to the best of their abilities so that they can reach their full potential.

Open and Encouraging Classroom Environment

While some students may find it easy and natural to engage with their fellow classmates, others may find it daunting or intimidating. Forcing students to come out of their shell and interact more have been found to have more detrimental effects, causing them to become more aloof. Students who are naturally shier or have difficulties speaking in public may benefit in e-learning for senior high school set-up.

Students enrolled in our online senior high school program can freely join discussions via our forums and discussion boards without fear of being judged for their opinions. This type of set-up is ideal for students who do not feel comfortable with public speaking and removes the pressure about being vocal while still giving them the avenue to voice out their opinions and ideas. This provides introverted students the perfect opportunity to shine socially, as they can talk and interact more actively with their classmates in a more comfortable environment.

Customized Schedules

Being one of the premier online senior high school learning platforms in the Philippines, we understand the reality that some students have more on their plates than just attaining their senior high school diploma. Others have responsibilities like helping out in the family business, running their own micro-enterprise, or even sustaining themselves with a part-time job. Online senior high school allows students to create a schedule that works for them. Students who are running a business or are working part-time no longer have to give up their education just to help their families earn.

Although students are still required to submit their assignments and show up for scheduled quizzes and exams, they do not have a fixed class schedule like most traditional schools do. This gives students the freedom to explore their hobbies, interests, passions, and business ventures while pursuing their education as well.

OEd Senior High School’s Requirements for Online Senior High School

All incoming Grade 11 students are considered applicants, not transferees. This means all applicants need to present their:

  • NSO Birth Certificate
  • Grade 10 Form 138 or School Card
  • Form 137 or Transcript of Records
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Successful Online Registration

Meanwhile, AMA Online Education University accepts transferees for Grade 12. Transferees have to present:

  • NSO Birth Certificate
  • Grade 11 Form 138 or School Card
  • Form 137 or Transcript of Records
  • Successful Online Registration


SHS distance learning is just like regular high school except done 100% online! All of the student’s lessons, quizzes, exams, and even grades will be given over the Internet, so there’s no need for the student to ever set foot on campus.

E-learning for senior high school was developed as a response to the digitization of the world. At OEd, we want our students to be as globally competitive as possible while providing accessible premium senior high school education to Filipinos all over the country, even to those outside the Metro.

Students are free to choose their high school specializations according to their preferences and their strengths. A student’s high school specialization will set the foundation for their college degree and future career in life, so there is a certain importance involved in choosing one. While there is no right or wrong answer, students should choose a specialization they are genuinely interested in and would like to pursue in the future.

The OEd Senior High program offers subjects mandated by law including English, Mathematics, Science, Araling Panlipunan, Filipino, MAPEH/TLE, Values Education, Christian Living Education, and Computer Education.

While the new senior high school program was developed to help students transition from graduation to employee, it does not ensure employment upon graduation. Rest assured, however, that Online Education (OEd) has taken the necessary steps to provide our students with a competitive edge that will enable you to be fit for employment. You will be eligible to apply for courses in TESDA and receive Certificates of Competency (COCs) and National Certificates (NCs).

Senior high school serves as the preparatory stage before college. SHS allows students to choose their preferred strand, each of which has subjects which are unique to the strand. Strands are intended to be the foundation for the undergraduate degree or career path the students will later go on in life.

Grade 11 – ₱26,050  
Grade 12 – ₱26,550

Step 1. REGISTER: and fill up the registration form

Step 2. ASSESSMENT: Evaluation of documents within 24 hours

Step 3. Once an account has been evaluated, the student may proceed to the payment page, where one can choose preferred payment terms and channels. After selecting the preferred payment option, you can proceed with the payment process. For further assistance on payment, please get in touch with the OEd buddy.

OEd SHS does not follow a traditional academic calendar so students can start and finish within the 140-day duration per term. If you were not able to finish within the given period, you may avail our extension program.