Online Programs for Middle School Students in the Philippines

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Online Programs for Middle School Students in the Philippines

With the recent educational reform that was implemented in the Philippines in SY 2016 – 2017 came the addition of two grade levels – bringing the total number of formal schooling to 12 (not including kindergarten). With the addition of these two new year levels came the restructuring of the Philippine schooling system. Previously, students went from pre-school then to grade school, then high school, before finally entering university. With the new K-12 system, a new division was introduced: middle school.

What is Online Middle School Education?

Middle school, both online and traditional, is formed by grades 7 to 10. It is a transitional period between elementary school and high school, and serves as an adjustment period for students. In some schools, it is called junior high school.

How Can Online Middle School Prepare Students for High School?

Middle schoolers can expect an increase in homework, group work, and projects as compared to their elementary days. This spike in school requirements is to prepare them for the workload that awaits them in high school. Above all, online middle school aims to equip students with valuable skills including independence and responsibility, which they will be needing both in high school and for their days beyond it.

What Will Students Acquire After Completing Online Middle School Education?

OEd’s online middle school education is dedicated to molding students who are capable and academically prepared to face the challenges of online high school. At the end of the four years of online learning, they are expected to have knowledge and understanding of different subject matters which they can demonstrate eloquently both through writing and speaking, the ability to think critically and to use technology appropriately. These critical thinking skills can best be seen in problem solving, reasoning, communicating, and making decisions in real life. Online middle school students are also expected to have acquired good values, include a deeper sense of love and concern not only for themselves but for their community, country, and for God as well.

Students will also acquire a set of application skills, which include the ability to understand and apply scientific literacy in making judgments and decisions.

Lastly, graduates of online middle school should demonstrate a set of independence skills. They are expected to transfer their learning to real-life situations, be able to promote good health habits and be aware about the importance of safety and the prevention of danger in all circumstances. They are also expected to promote different cultures, have a deeper respect for their own cultural identity, and participate in lifelong fitness, health, and wellness by maintaining a balanced diet and active lifestyle throughout their life. Arguably, this set of skills may be the most important of them all because these are skills the students can take with them well into adulthood.

The Online Middle School Curriculum

  • The online middle school curriculum of OEd follows the curriculum mandated by DepEd Philippines. It offers core subjects including:

    • English
    • Filipino
    • Math
    • Science
    • Araling Panlipunan
    • EsP (Values Education)
    • MAPEH
    • EPP/TLE

    OEd also offers additional subjects such as:

    • Computer Science
    • Foreign Language/Elective

    All in all, students are expected to complete 6.75 hours of lessons a day.


Why OED Senior High School Is One of The Top Online Middle Schools in The Philippines

OEd Senior High School is the first in the Philippines to offer a fully integrated online middle school program. It upholds OEd’s vision and mission as it responds to the cultural shift to a digitized age, hence its keen commitment to producing students who know who to use technology proficiently and appropriately. OEd Senior High School is dedicated to molding students who are globally competent, and compete with graduates from all across the world.

OEd invests in the latest technology in its online portals, as well as employing the respected thought leaders in their fields to teach its students. Despite being an online middle school, we offer constant support, listening to and diligently answering each of our students queries as thoroughly as possible.

Rest assured, despite sparing no expense in creating the best possible learning environment for our online middle school students, our tuition fee comes at a reasonable price, as we do not include overhead costs and miscellaneous fees in your child’s fee. Further proof of how we are making quality education more accessible to Filipinos everywhere.

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