Ever wondered why so many parents swear by virtual learning? Find out below!

mom guiding her child in virtual learning

Home schooling and online learning have been around for much longer than people think. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents have opted for an online education for their children. The idea may be unconventional especially for parents that want their child to experience a traditional school setting during their formative years. However, online learning for elementary students does not have to be a skeptical concept! Here are 5 reasons why you should consider virtual learning for your child.

1. You can be their parent, teacher, and friend

Have you ever wanted to be more involved in your child’s learning experience? Enrolling your child in an online educational program for their elementary years provides a structured education with a set curriculum—while allowing you to take a more active role in fostering their learning. A child’s formative years are also their most sensitive, so having you by their side to supplement the structured learning with your support and love can build invaluable trust for your parent-child relationship and prevent issues later on.

2. Rigid vs Structured Learning

Traditional schooling may fall into the trap of being too rigid—developing resistance rather than growth. Distance learning programs for elementary students can encourage independence in their academic pursuits, by allowing students to study structured curriculums in a pace and learning style most suited for them. Education is not a case of ‘one size fits all’. The possibilities that a rigid and traditional schooling set up may sometimes lead you to miss out on opportunities.

3. More Quality Time

One of the many trade-offs that a traditional learning set up entails is the inflexibility of time. Fixed schedules for classes, transportation time, and dismissal schedules can often take away from potential quality time between the family by leaving your children too busy or too tired. With online learning, not only can you have more freedom with your time, but you can also turn study time into quality time with your kids! Take charge of your time and create meaningful memories that both you and your kids will cherish!

4. Lessened Distractions

Some parents worry that online learning can encourage lazy behavior and create distractions for their child’s schooling. For some kids, the routine schedules of traditional schooling can feel repetitive. In a set up like this, distractions are not only a common occurrence, but a welcome break. Online learning can help prevent this from happening by giving you more freedom on your child’s schedule. Flexible schedules allow you to implement break times for your child to eat a snack or use their gadgets in between schoolwork and subjects. These breaks can keep them motivated, while allowing you to mitigate distractions outside their learning.

5. Better Growth

A common fear among parents considering online learning is that their child will not be well-adjusted for the ‘real world’-beyond the four walls of your home. But what online learning allows you to teach your child is that the real world starts here and now. Online classes for elementary students teach your child valuable life skills like independence, time management, and problem-solving at a very early age. With your hands-on approach as a parent, and the added advantage of most online learning set-ups being a one-on-one dynamic, you and your child’s online teacher can be partners in their education. Correct mistakes early and foster self-confidence by praising their good work. One day, your child will be ready to face the ‘real world’, with life skills that you took hand in teaching him.

When choosing your online learning partner, remember that your child deserves no less than the best. Secure quality elementary online education in the Philippines by choosing the country’s pioneer in online basic education and distance learning!