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Many Senior High School students are part-time workers or help out with the family business, as such, you may find it difficult to attend a traditional school with a strict schedule. Because of this, many students have had to face the tough decision of choosing between work or school, often having to sacrifice their schooling to help out with the families expenses.

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OEd Senior High School, formerly AMA Online Education, is the first in the Philippines to offer a full Online Senior High School program. Thanks to OEd SHS, you can now study anywhere, anytime! Everything you’ll need is online – from the online classes you’ll be attending, to the quizzes and exams you’ll be taking, and the grades you’ll be receiving. Despite not having any face-to-face interactions with your instructions, our distance learning program gives prime importance to fostering a respectful and collaborative relationship between students and teachers. This is why we’ve set up a unique feedback and forum system where students and teachers can freely exchange ideas and questions without any pressure or fear of judgment.

Online Sr. High School Academic Tracks

Accountancy, Business and Management

Suited for students who are keen on taking business and management degrees.

Humanities and
Social Studies

Designed to prepare students who are interested in a liberal arts degree.
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Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Ideal for students looking to pursue degrees focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics.

General Academic

The GAS track is for those more inclined for general areas of study rather than specialized fields.
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