What is the Best Pilot Strand in Senior High?


The dream of becoming a pilot is a dream many individuals share, some even originating from when they were children. Now you’re approaching the time of your life when you can finally make your dreams a reality.

The first step in fulfilling this dream is by choosing a pilot strand in Senior High that can help you achieve your goals.

In this article, we’ve listed down some of the best SHS strands for pilots, your career options, and the courses you’ll need to take to become one. Keep reading to map out your future in becoming the captain of an aircraft.

Preparing to Get Your Wings

The path to gaining your wings will require you to go through flying school to get the necessary licenses to operate an aircraft. While you do not need to earn a bachelor’s degree to become a pilot, commercial airlines will require one from you. However, you can always opt to be a non-airline pilot with the license you obtain.

We’ve listed down the licenses issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) that you can attain and the jobs available to you after completing the pilot SHS strand.

Student Pilot Authorization (SPA)

This permit will be granted to you if you’re aged at least 16 years old so that you may learn how to operate an aircraft. Only after completing the required 40 to 50 hours of flight time will you be allowed to apply for the private pilot license.

Private Plane Pilot License (PPL)

The private plane pilot license will give you the privilege of flying a plane for leisure, and even volunteering your services to various charitable organizations. However, you will not be allowed to work for hire.

To be eligible for this permit, you should have passed the PPL course and you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • At least 17 years old
  • High School Diploma
  • Class 2 Medical Certificate
  • Flight Logbook with at least 40 hours recorded
  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance
  • National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) Radio Telephony License
  • Passed Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines-Air Traffic Organization (CAAP-ATO) Knowledge Exam
  • Passed ATO Practical Flight Test and Oral Examination (Check Ride)

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Acquiring the CPL will allow you to captain an aircraft and get compensated for it. You will need to present your PPL, as well as complete ground school to gain the knowledge you need to ace the required exams before you can qualify for this license.

Here are the requirements you’ll need to fulfill before you can achieve this license:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Flight Logbook with at least 150 hours recorded and at least one 540km flight.
  • English Language Proficiency Test Level 4
  • Passed the ATO Knowledge Test
  • Passed the Check Ride
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Instrument Rating

Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

The ATPL is the highest license any pilot can acquire. This will allow you to take command of your own flight crew for a commercial airline. This coveted license will need you to present your CPL and additional requirements.

Here are the conditions you’ll need to meet before you’re issued this license:

  • Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Flight Logbook with at least 1,500 hours recorded
  • Certificate of Completion of ATPL Ground Course
  • Passed the ATO Knowledge Test
  • Passed the Check Ride

Best Bachelor’s Degrees for Pilots

pilot strand

A bachelor’s degree is required by commercial airline companies for those seeking employment with them. While you don’t necessarily need to have a bachelor’s degree related to aviation, it’s best to take a course related to your trade to gain a competitive edge amongst your peers in flying school.

We’ve listed down some degrees you can take that’ll help your résumé stand out from the rest:

  • Aviation
  • Aeronautics
  • Aviation Management
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Physics

Choosing any of these bachelor’s degrees can be advantageous for your flying career as it shows your employers that you’re well-versed in the industry. It also allows you to further understand your chosen profession and find better ways to optimize your day-to-day operations.

You can prepare for any of these degrees by selecting the best pilot strand in SHS to set the foundations for your future.

Senior High Strands for Aspiring Pilots

There are several senior high strands you can choose from, but not all of them will be as effective in preparing you for your career in the aviation sector. We’ve narrowed down the best pilot Senior High strands below to help you make a better-informed choice for your future:

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Strand (STEM)

The STEM strand is one of the best options for your future occupation as it will provide you with a good foundation in geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and physics. These types of math will aid you in your daily operations as a pilot.

Pursuing the STEM strand will also come in handy if you decide to pursue a degree in aviation, aeronautics, aircraft maintenance, or physics after senior high. There are also numerous jobs in the STEM strand that will be available to you if you decide to not commit to this pilot SHS strand.

Accountancy, Business and Management Strand (ABM)

While this course may not have all the mathematical subjects you’ll need in preparation for flying school, you get a head start in solidifying your management and communication skills.

Choosing this strand will give you critical insight into the business side of airlines and it will greatly help you in a degree in aviation management should you decide to take it up.

Critical Classes for Pilots

student pilot

While each pilot Senior High strand can lead you to a future in the airline industry, there are specific classes you’ll want to give extra attention to because they can greatly help you on your path.

Physical Education

You probably should have noticed that to get any pilot license, you’ll be asked to present a medical certificate of varying classes. This is because captains need to be in tip-top shape to guarantee the safety and well-being of their staff and passengers.

These rigorous health checks will go through your entire medical history and your current health status.  Being proactive with your health will help solidify your aviation career and your physical education classes can help you in achieving that.


Pre-flight preparation for pilots will involve several computations for the aircraft. The captain must compute the balance, weight, and fuel needs of the aircraft prior to departing. Math is also needed for general navigation, descent planning, and crosswind calculations.

Practicing this discipline as early as possible will help streamline your daily operations once you’re behind the rudder.

English and Writing

To be issued a pilot’s license, you’ll need to pass the Level 4 English Proficiency Exam. Keeping focused in your English and Writing classes will help you ace these exams when the time comes.

Not to mention that once you’re inside the cockpit, you’ll be flying through several countries and communicating with their respective control towers, as well as asking for landing directions. Wielding the English language effortlessly will help you go through these communication lines easily.

Personal Development

Personal Development is a critical class because it will teach you how to present yourself to others, to potential employers, and to your future staff. As a leader, pilots will always need to conduct themselves in a way that will command respect and inspire their team to do their job in a manner befitting of their position.

Charting a Course for Your Future with OEd SHS

It will take a lot of hard work, discipline, and perseverance before you become the captain of an aircraft. The path to becoming a pilot starts when you’re choosing an SHS strand and institution.

OEd Senior High School can help you fulfill your goals of making the skies your office through our promise of quality online learning in the Philippines.

Contact us today and we’ll help you get started on gaining your wings.