Broaden Your Horizons with the GAS Strand

GAS female student

Are you still wondering what you want to take? The General Academic Strand (GAS) is perfect for senior high students who are still undecided on their track, or have a unique, and different career path in mind. Read on to find out all about GAS strand!

What is GAS Strand?

The GAS academic track is uniquely designed to give students the freedom to figure out where their passion lies, allowing them to explore their future careers. This academic strand provides students with the opportunity to curate their own electives based on the future specializations they want to prepare for.

What subjects can I expect from the GAS Academic Track?

Selecting GAS provides SHS students with the option to take subjects from other strands. Some of these subjects are from tracks such as HUMS, STEM, and ABM, providing SHS students plenty of opportunities to discern which path they would like to pursue in the future.


Do you fancy yourself as a budding artist? Or maybe a future best-selling author? Are you considering a career in creatives further down the line? Humanities will be the perfect subject to expose yourself to this career path. Subjects such as Philosophy and 21st Century Literature will expose you to different ideologies while Media and Information Literacy and Contemporary Philippine Art can open your eyes to the dynamic media and visual trends.

Social Science

Looking to learn more about other cultures and societies? Disciplines and ideas in the social sciences, and understanding culture, society, and politics may enlighten you on societal systems and cultural differences that make our world diverse and colourful.

Applied Economics

Interested in brushing up on numbers? GAS is equipped with Statistics and Probability, General Mathematics, and Applied Economics. Whether you wish to pursue a job relating to market analysis, accounting or business-related courses in the future, these subjects are sure to come in handy!

Organization and Management

Do you consider yourself business-minded? Are you looking forward to the corporate grind? Then you’re sure to enjoy subjects like Organization and Management, as well as Entrepreneurship, which are both set to imbue you with the skills necessary to conquer the corporate jungle or start a venture of your own.

Disaster Preparedness

Think of yourself as a girl scout or boy scout? Embracing the subject Disaster Preparedness and Risk Management will teach you the basics of keeping a cool head in times of emergency. Whether you plan to be a medical professional, or perhaps a supervisor for major projects, it’s best to be able to deal with matters urgently and calmly.


The subjects above are only half the story, as the best part of being a GAS student is tailoring your electives to what you want to pursue after Senior High!

What courses can I take if I choose the GAS academic strand?

Creative courses in Arts, Media, Design, technical courses like Physical Education and Management, and pre-med and pre-law courses are all available for you to take, which is an awesome advantage that taking the GAS strand gives you.

What are the possible jobs for GAS strand students?

Because of its flexibility, there are plenty of jobs available for any GAS strand graduate. The following are only some of the possible occupations available for you to take if you pursue this track:

  • Specialized Professions (Lawyers, Doctors, and Psychologists)
  • Creatives (Directors, Writers, and Designers)
  • Corporate Positions (Managers, Businessmen, and Entrepreneurs)

See more of the possible jobs you can look forward to here.

Are you still unsure about what course to take? Did any of these subjects interest you? Or do you like the idea of taking charge of your subjects? Your future as a GAS Strand Senior Highschool student can start today!