Choosing the Hospitality Management Strand for Senior High School

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The marvel of restaurants, hotels, and resorts running seamlessly despite the multitudes of people needing their service is enough to give anyone pause. This level of service and attention to detail can only be achieved with an experienced manager that knows the ins and outs of the industry.

Choosing to enter a career in the evergreen hospitality sector will surely lead you to a fruitful future, but before you become a professional, you must go through the proper training prior to gracing the industry. Therefore, you must prepare for the task by pursuing an SHS strand for hospitality management.

In this blog, we talk about what it’s like to be in the service industry and why it’s a good idea for you to take up a hospitality management strand in SHS to prepare you for the job.

What is Hospitality Management?

The administration of the day-to-day operations of hospitality businesses like hotels, resorts, and restaurants lay in the hands of its hospitality management professionals. Members of this industry are known to possess excellent crisis-management skills and empathy to better anticipate the needs of their guests.

Of course, the training of staff and the creation of a personalized stay for each guest is orchestrated by the business’ general manager. The general manager ensures that the numerous departments of the organization are working smoothly, to facilitate a unique and seamless experience for each guest.

Hospitality management professionals, like general managers, combine their skills in marketing, communications, management, and creativity to make an environment that will make guests feel at home. A career in this industry will guarantee you a dynamic work setting that’s filled with interesting people.

If what we’ve said is exactly what you’re looking for then, a career in hospitality is right for you.

What’s a Good Strand for Hotel and Restaurant Management?

As a hospitality management professional, you’ll be representing your company in various responsibilities. You’ll be tasked to do business presentations on behalf of your organization, charged with keeping an excellent rapport with suppliers and required to interact gracefully with guests.

To better prepare yourself for this lively career, you must choose a hospitality management SHS strand that suits your goals so you can get a head start in excelling in the industry.

We’ve listed down the best strands to help you achieve your goals and why we’ve chosen them below.

The ABM Strand

The Accountancy, Business and Management Strand (ABM) focuses on equipping aspiring hospitality managers with the necessary skills to run a company. This hospitality management strand will train you in basic accounting, financial management, and marketing; all very important skills to have as an aspiring manager.

ABM will also teach you how to manage a business crisis and immerse you in simulations to further polish your business acumen and leadership expertise. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and solidify your management ingenuity through the practical applications of theories.

Choosing the management strand will open numerous opportunities that you can pursue through other ABM college courses. It will also cement your ability to flawlessly lead your company to greater heights.

The GAS Strand

If you’re looking for a more well-rounded approach to your education, the Generalized Academic Strand (GAS) may just be the perfect preparatory strand for hospitality management. GAS will immerse you in a culture of holistic learning that will prepare you for anyone you might encounter on the job.

Some key subjects in this course are disaster preparedness, risk reduction, and organization management, research, and media and information literacy. These three subjects can help you stay on top of calamities that may befall your workplace and aid you in accurately anticipating hospitality trends.

Selecting the GAS strand for your entry into the hospitality management course will give you the competitive edge of being a more well-rounded individual.

The HUMSS Strand

Choosing the Humanities and Social Sciences Strand (HUMSS) will give you an edge when it comes to understanding the psyche of your clients and communicating with everyone you’ll encounter on the job.

The HUMSS strand will train you to effectively communicate your ideas and think critically while exercising sensitivity and empathy in your interactions. Through the constant process of perfecting your articulation skills, you’ll gain more confidence in the practice, leading you to become a much more effective manager.

When it comes to the hospitality industry, it greatly depends on the guest’s perception of its employees. The growth of businesses in this sector relies on the effective handling of its media and communications. Taking this hospitality management strand will give you the knowledge to execute these tasks remarkably.

What Career to Expect from the Hotel and Restaurant Management Strand?

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In an industry that’s estimated to prosper in the coming years, you’ll never be short of opportunities to grow. Your residency in this sector can lead to a multitude of career options.

We’ve listed down some titles you can achieve in the hospitality industry:

General Manager or Hotelier

The General Manager or Hotelier is the person who sets the direction for the establishment. They are the professionals who approve key decisions by different departments to make the business profitable. As leaders of the industry, you can be sure that these people know the ins and outs of their business.

Food and Beverage Director

Food and Beverage Directors set and maintain the standard of excellence for the dining establishments that they take charge of. F&B Directors are also tasked with keeping the organization up to date with food trends and cascading it down to the executive chefs to implement.

Chef de Cuisine or Executive Chef

Chef de Cuisines are the leaders of the kitchen. These professionals interpret the vision of the food and beverage director through the creation of a menu that aligns with it. Their job also includes mentoring team members to be able to perform their jobs, forecasting sales for purchasing purposes, and delegating tasks to team members.


Renowned for their knowledge of the intricacies of wine and their refined palates, sommeliers share the stories of the beverages that they curate for the restaurant. These specialists undergo rigorous amounts of training to be certified in their chosen profession.

Events Manager

Events managers conceptualize, plan, and coordinate functions for parties that need their services. These professionals are the reason for smooth-sailing events. They are known for their superb planning skills and wide network of suppliers.

Head Concierge

Concierges elevate guest visits to a new level by catering to their needs and requests directly. They arrange transportation and activities for clients and are knowledgeable in the local culture to better recommend attractions to visitors.

Tourism Coordinator

Planning specialized tours and ensuring that they go smoothly from the first touchpoint to the last is what these coordinators excel at. Tourism coordinators set the direction for their companies, create travel packages, and market their destination products to potential clients.

Managing Your Future with OEd Senior High School

Pursuing a hospitality management strand in SHS is an investment toward a fruitful future in this dynamic industry. There are several paths your career can take after pursuing this strand, all of them leading you to become an expert in your chosen field.

A career in this sector will always keep you on your feet with the diversity of people you’ll meet, and the various creative solutions you’ll need to come up with to keep them happy. Skills like sales and marketing, crisis management, and communication will keep you and your establishment at the top of your game.

Choosing an institution that will prepare you to grace this industry is a critical decision. It’s best that you choose from a selection of schools with online courses in the Philippines to keep you on the track of excellence no matter where you are.

Are you ready to be a leader in the hospitality industry? Contact us to learn more about how we can help you get there.