Be the lifeblood of the nation with STEM!

female STEM student

Senior High is a new adventure for any junior high school student. For many high school students, choosing their senior high track is one of the most important decisions they can make, as it can set the course of their life for many years to come.

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) track is a highly technical track that equips students with the skills necessary for pursuing further studies and professions in medicine, engineering, economics, and more. With STEM careers growing by 24%, one of the advantages of STEM strand in senior high school is that graduates can look forward to illustrious careers that directly contribute to building the economy and helping society. If you’re looking to further your studies in college to pursue intense courses and equip yourself with an edge by pursuing licenses to operate, read on and discover why the STEM track may be the one for you!

Why Choose the STEM strand?

1. Set Up for Success

Choosing the STEM track opens the door to many possibilities for successful and fruitful careers especially after pursuing further education. Secure highly respected professions in competitive industries by choosing STEM as your track. Equipped with three strands to choose from, the STEM track presents you with opportunities to specialize in:

• Earth Science

Are you interested in unique earth phenomenon like meteorology, continental drifts, and the evidences of evolution like fossils? Or perhaps you have always dreamed of becoming a scientist? The Earth Science track equips students with skills to understand natural phenomenon, disaster vulnerability, the interpretation of hydrometeorological tools. Open doors for careers in science with Earth Science!

• Pre-Calculus and Basic Calculus

Have you always been a math wiz? Do numbers and equations excite you? Or maybe you see them as the means to computing for solutions, trajectories, and more! With Pre-Calculus, students can be equipped to become great economists, mathematicians, analysts, and engineers, that could solve problems and break boundaries in technology and economics.

• Physics

Curious about how the forces of motion work? The Physics track of the STEM strand will prepare students to understand kinematics, momentum, and impulse, as well as the effects of oscillation, thermodynamics, and gravity. Be one of the great minds behind aerodynamic builds and vehicles as an engineer, scientist, and more!

Regardless of the track you choose among the three, one of the biggest advantages of the STEM strand rests in its capacity to set up students for success by preparing them for some of the most demanding yet fulfilling careers in society.

2. The Lifeblood of the Nation

Typically preparing senior high students for future studies and rigorous examinations to practice their profession, STEM graduates are essential to growing some of the most sought-after and in-demand industries. Graduates of the STEM strand and their various tracks are involved in integral industries that keep the nation going. By undertaking their courses, students acquire unique skill sets that equip them to be the doctors, engineers, economists and scientists of tomorrow.

3. Job Opportunities Nationwide and Abroad

One of the benefits of STEM strand graduates is the diversity in job opportunities. Careers in STEM industries are always in-demand. Whether in the Philippines or abroad, Filipino professionals play an important part in the workforce. Doctors, surgeons, engineers, economists and scientists are only some of the many career paths open to STEM graduates—jobs that allow communities around the world to enjoy safety, health, and quality of life as they know it.

If the STEM strand and its tracks are something you see in your future career, check out our STEM strand courses today!