Is there a Software Engineering Senior High School Strand?

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“Who created your favorite video game?” – this might be a question that has crossed your thoughts at least once, as you wonder if video game developers actually took a software engineering strand in SHS. More or less, they might have approximate knowledge or took foundational courses to perform on the job.

Software engineers are the hidden heroes of our everyday life by making everyday life better from behind the scenes by creating and optimizing systems for our devices.

Engineers create the programs that are used by software developers for coding different websites and apps, and they can also create the Artificial Intelligence that can detect potential hackers for your favorite game.

These highly technical careers are enjoyed by those who love tinkering and solving problems. If this sounds like you, then this just might be the right career for you.

Choosing a senior high school strand for software engineering is the first step to charting your path to become one. Read on to learn more about what strands for software engineering you can take.

What is Software Engineering?

Software engineers create technology that revolutionize the tech world as we know it. Software engineers create, design, and maintain systems that allow different businesses to grow while using engineering principles, which help make businesses incredibly organized and efficient.

You’ve probably heard of Facebook, Google, Instagram, Valorant, DOTA 2, TikTok, and NASA. Some of these names could be your favorite game or a page you frequently use. All of these brands have software engineers embedded in their companies because they need them at the center of their operations:

  • Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram’s engineers monitor data and create new features for these social media brands.
  • Google employs thousands of software engineers to collaborate with their peers to enhance their numerous services.
  • Software engineers for Valorant created Vanguard, an anti-cheating Artificial Intelligence.
  • Meanwhile, DOTA 2’s software engineers just developed an artificial intelligence that can beat its top players with a 98% success rate.
  • And lastly, NASA recruits world-class engineers to improve their products and to bring mankind to new frontiers.

Software engineers are visionaries who push the envelope when it comes to everyday tech development through their foresight and codes.

Is Software Engineering for Me?

Software engineering is by no means easy, as it deals with a lot of technical aspects, but all of these can be learned overtime through the different tasks you’ll perform for others in the digital world. We’ve listed some questions you should ask yourself if you’d like to pursue this career:

  • Can I manage my time wisely?
  • Do I like looking for ways to improve things?
  • Do I have the patience to test something over and over again?
  • Do I like learning new things?
  • Do I like working with new people?
  • Do I like solving problems?
  • Do I like technology?
  • Do I like working remotely?

If you said “yes,” to most of the questions above, then software engineering might just be the right job for you. Technology is dynamic and it calls for adaptive individuals who like change and forging new paths ahead. There are different strands that fit software engineering, because contrary to what people believe, software engineering doesn’t revolve around Math – it revolves around creativity.

This career path needs people who can keep up with change and like learning new things. It’s for those who are called to create and like to look at the bigger picture of things. Software engineering is for those who like to imagine.

What is a Good Strand for Software Engineering?

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Software Engineers are one of the most sought-after people in the digital landscape. These tech-savvy people are well-versed in various programming languages and the specifics behind operating systems that they wield to create and optimize software.

This kind of work stresses the importance of attention to detail, critical thinking, and data analysis. However, engineers also work with a variety of people and clients from different walks of life so excellent communication skills are also needed.

We’ve narrowed down the two best paths you can take in SHS for software engineering: the STEM Strand and the ICT Strand.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Strand

The tech voc courses focus on having you ready for employment right after senior high school. The ICT strand falls under these courses, meaning you’ll get practical application during school, and you can go right in to working as a software developer for different firms.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Strand

This stem courses list is made for students who would like to be exposed to different disciplines. If you choose this track, you’ll be taking up chemistry, biology, and calculus. This strand provides you the knowledge on different bodies of science for a more holistic development. 

A healthy knowledge of calculus, algebra, and statistics will come in handy if you decide to focus on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence research.

Importance of Different Classes

Software Engineers look at the bigger picture and fill in the blanks with programs, but if you don’t know what’s missing, you might not understand what you can do to improve it. This is why the core subjects are important in the software engineering strand, because it exposes you to different bodies of study that will come in handy for your career.

We’ve listed down some classes and the reasons they’re important in your growth:


Entrepreneurship teaches you skills that will be detrimental when you become a software engineer. It teaches you project management skills so you can manage your team’s strategies and execution. It also gives you insight into why certain business decisions are made, and you learn how to work sales and marketing, which is key to making any business profitable.

English and Writing

Contrary to what people believe, software engineers deal with a lot of paperwork and need to communicate with a lot of people. This means that being able to effectively explain your project to your bosses, pitch new ideas to clients, disseminate knowledge to your teammates, document projects flawlessly, and write clear and concise reports are part of the job.

Effective communication is a prized skill that will bring you far in nearly any industry.


The truth is that you won’t need a lot of math in software engineering unless you’re going to specialize in Artificial Intelligence research, but mathematics is still a crucial factor in your career. Mathematics exercises your ability to think critically, solve abstract problems, and conduct data analysis. This subject disciplines your mental aptitude.

What Happens After the Software Engineering Strand in Senior High?

Software Engineering does not require you to take the board exams like other engineering courses, but it takes time and experience to be called a software engineer.

You can practice developing software and hone your knowledge in the different programming languages to help you secure a job right after senior high.

If you feel like you’d like to pursue your studies further, you can take your bachelor’s degree in a course related to Information Technology, Information Systems, or Computer Science.

Preparing for Software Engineering with OEd

The digital world is moving fast and growing quickly, software engineers don’t just follow the trend, they set it. If you feel like the software engineering is for you, then it’s time for you to start on your journey with a school that can present all your possibilities to you – no matter where you are.

OEd SHS is one of the schools with online courses in the Philippines, meaning you’ll be able to go to class as long as you have internet.

If you’re looking for a school that can help you fulfill your software engineering potential despite your location, then don’t hesitate to contact us today.