Discover the ABM strand benefits that you NEED to know!

ABM male student

As one of the most popular education programs in senior high, the ABM strand may seem like an easy pick for the average senior high student. But make no mistake — the Accountancy and Business Management strand is one that requires plenty of time, hard work, and commitment to sustain. However, it is also one that rewards students who put in the effort. In this short article, we go over the benefits of choosing the ABM strand for your senior high education, as well as the advantages that choosing the ABM strand can give you once you step into the employment landscape after senior high or college.

Peerless Versatility in the Workplace

Some students that are considering ABM ultimately back out of it because of the notion that it is solely an accountancy strand. The false notion that students will be limited to becoming accountants after graduation is one that might stop you from enjoying the advantages of taking the ABM strand such as employment opportunities that this versatile strand can prepare you in the future. The ABM strand equips its students with both hard and soft skills, such as the sharpness and confidence needed to work with numbers and the glib personality to work with clients and business partners from all walks of life. The valuable life skills that you will pick up are some of the essential benefits that choosing the ABM strand can give you. Cherish your learnings from ABM because they can apply to any work environment or career path of your choosing.

A Proving Ground for Your Confidence

While there are people who happen to be natural extroverts, not all of us are born with a silver tongue and a naturally confident personality. An ABM strand benefit that many introverts appreciate is the fact that they can build their confidence and skill in speechcraft through the lessons and activities in their track. This is because one of the pillars that the AMB strand focuses on is honing the communication skills of their graduates. This is a much-needed ability when it comes to managing businesses and dealing with both clients and partners. Introverted senior high students can take this benefit one step further by opting for an online education for their senior high experience. This is a great alternative to the traditional classroom setting, as it gives SHS students a safe space to explore and improve their communication skills through their learning outputs. Become a virtuoso with your words and boost your confidence by enrolling in the ABM strand.

Get Comfortable with Numbers

Finance plays a big part of the standard ABM education as it is a HUGE part in adulting or any job out there. Staying on top of your finances and learning how money works in businesses and expenses will always be an important life skill. A major benefit of choosing the ABM strand is learning how to get good with numbers even if you do not necessarily like math or plan to work in a math-related field. At the very least, the mathematical knowledge will help you manage your bank account and salary better once you start working. The ABM strand pushes you to rise up to the challenge and learn an important life skill while you are at it.

Improve Your Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

One thing that both business and life have in common is that there is more than one way to solve a problem. An advantage of choosing the ABM strand is how it forces you out of your comfort zone by confronting you with problems that require critical thinking to solve your problems. From business dealings that require intense negotiation to analyzing financial reports with numbers even larger than your bank account, the ABM strand encourages you to keep a cool head while you use logic and reason to make sense of what others cannot, and to reason with even the most impossible people.

Developing Project Planning and Time Management Skills

Since skills that most people only pick up or master are in the workplace, ABM graduates enjoy these advantages early on into their careers. This is because the workload and expected outputs from senior high students enrolled in ABM requires planning and finesse when it comes to laying out their schedules and executing plans and projects. A benefit of choosing the ABM strand is how it teaches students the processes and practices that help turn any project into a reality. Taking your SHS education remotely from a trusted provider like K-12 AMAU online makes this process even easier and more meaningful. By having greater control over your time, you also have a greater responsibility to make good use of it. These skills are not just great for the workplace — it is also a welcome lesson that you will need to realize your life goals in an efficient and sustainable manner.

The benefits of the ABM strand lie beyond just the academic lessons and the grades you can get. They rest on the valuable life skills that you will use in your day-to-day life. Communication, collaboration, and being good with your finances — all of these skills will come useful for any adult hoping to make something of themselves one day. Take hold of your future by choosing the ABM strand for your SHS track!