Advantages of Enrolling in Online Senior High

male student having online classes

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already heard of online senior high school and are torn about whether or not to abandon the traditional senior high school set-up for its more modern counterpart.

If you’ve taken face-to-face classes all your life, it’s understandable that you’re a little apprehensive and hesitant about switching to an online option, no matter how tech-savvy you are. However, online senior high school presents unique benefits that face-to-face classes do not have.

Here are some advantages to studying online.

  • Costs less

It may come as a surprise to you but online senior high school costs less than traditional senior high schools! With traditional senior high schools, you have to pay for textbooks, baon, commuting fare or gas, lab fees, and overhead fees. With online senior high school, you’re only paying for your actual classes. Because all of the material is online, you don’t have to buy textbooks and instead, just have to download any material you need from the online portal.

  • Easier attendance

No matter where you are, getting to class is easy with online senior high school. All you have to do is switch on your laptop and you’re done! No more falling in line and waiting for the MRT/LRT or braving the Manila traffic, no more cancelled classes due to typhoons or holidays. You can start learning anytime, anywhere! This could be in the comfort of your own home, in your bedroom or living room, or in your favorite coffee shop.

On top of this, online senior high school gives working students the opportunity to continue their education without having to quit their jobs. They can study at a time that fits their schedule and is most agreeable to them.

  • Improves your self-discipline

Online senior high school requires more discipline than a traditional senior high school. With traditional senior high school, you’ll having several teachers doting on you and reminding you to finish your schoolwork and friends to constantly check up on you to see if you’ve done your homework or if you’ve studied for the exams. Laziness will cause you to fall behind on your classes. With online classes, you’re in charge of keeping track of your own lessons and monitoring your own grades. You won’t have teachers reminding you if your grades are slipping or if you need to study more.

Taking online senior high school develops your self-discipline not only in your studies but also in other aspects of your life.

  • Easier access to teachers

A common misconception people have about online senior high school is that they will not get to interact with their teachers because there is no face-to-face meetings. But despite this, students find that they actually have easier access to their teachers. This is because apart from getting to ask their teachers questions during class, students have the option to send in their queries via email to get more in depth and direct answers from their teacher. Teachers can take as much time as they need to respond to your question, making their answer as thorough as possible. This way, you don’t need to compete with your classmates for your teacher’s attention. With the everything going digital, it was about time education went digital as well. While some people are more suited for the traditional set-up of a senior high school, online senior high school undoubtedly offers unique benefits that traditional senior high school does not have. Whether you want the ability to study wherever you are or like the flexibility of being able to control your own schedule, online senior high school is definitely a great option.