The Strand in Senior High School for Real Estate Management

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Year by year, Filipinos buy homes or real estate investments, which is why it’s no surprise that there is a high demand for real estate professionals in the country. There are a lot of career opportunities within the real estate industry with enticing earning potential. But a successful career in real estate requires hard work and a good foundational education.

Your future success starts with choosing the right SHS strand for real estate management. If you’re interested in this path, keep reading to learn what working in real estate is like, the skills you need, career opportunities available, and the best strand for you.

What is Real Estate Management?

The real estate industry is concerned with the development, sale, or purchase of real property, such as land, a house, or other buildings. Real estate is one of the most sought-after investments due to the potential for higher returns on investment.

Real estate management professionals are in the middle of these activities – they may invest in rental properties, buy and sell properties, facilitate lease or sale, help manage multiple rental properties for an investor. Here are the most common jobs you can pursue in the real estate industry:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Brokerage
  • Investor
  • Developer or House Flipper
  • Leasing Agent
  • Property Manager
  • Real Estate Manager
  • Appraiser
  • Title Examiner

Real estate professionals handle various aspects of maintaining, developing, and selling real property. This means that they need a specific set of skills like:

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  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Understanding of architecture
  • Knowledge of real estate law

Regardless of the career path you intend to pursue in real estate, these skills can help you not only fulfill your responsibilities but also succeed in the field. These skills are vital for real estate professionals because you’ll likely need to handle multiple properties and communicate with multiple clients at a time.

Real estate management professionals play an important role in the economy. Real estate professionals are key to maintaining the viability of properties. They take care of maintenance and repairs, ensure that utilities are paid for and functioning, and keep paperwork up to date. All these things are necessary to maintain a property’s value so owners or investors can maximize their profit.

By vetting potential clients and facilitating transactions, real estate professionals also help make sure that rentals and purchases are legitimate and legal. They make sure that properties are sold or rented at a fair price. Thus, real estate professionals protect all parties from fraud. This way, owners and buyers can benefit from the properties they sold or bought.

Often, property owners do not have the time or knowledge to maintain their properties or find buyers or renters. Without real estate professionals, various real properties could deteriorate or be left vacant for a long time and lead to financial loss for the owners. Real estate professionals use their expertise to guarantee that property owners get the most out of their assets.  

What Strand in Senior High School for Real Estate Management?

You can start your journey to becoming a real estate management professional as early as senior high school. Incoming SHS students have a few strands to choose from. These are STEM, ABM, HUMSS, GAS, and TVL.

These strands focus on specific skills and areas of knowledge. They are designed to prepare students for specific educational and career paths, which is why it’s important to read the guide to all strands in senior high before making a decision.

To work in real estate, you’ll need a Bachelor of Science degree in Real Estate Management or a similar course. But before you enter college, you can prepare with the most appropriate strand in SHS:

Accounting, Business, and Management Strand

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The ABM strand is designed to equip students for a future in the world of business. The curriculum for this strand centers on mathematical applications, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, and technology.

When people think about ABM, they often think of courses like Business Administration or Accounting. They often ask, “Is real estate management a career path in ABM strand?” Indeed, it is!

Real estate management is closely related to business and management. Real estate professionals deal with people’s finances and investments. Thus, they need a strong knowledge of market conditions, financial planning, and taxation. They also need the skills that entrepreneurs and finance professionals need to excel in a competitive field like real estate.

Students of the ABM strand are exposed to principles of business and entrepreneurship, accounting, and corporate operations, as well as business ethics and responsibility. With these principles, they also learn practical skills in business, such as data management, cash flow management, strategic planning, negotiation, and leadership.

ABM courses also challenge students to apply the skills and concepts they learned to real-world problems. These competencies are vital in real estate management and would allow SHS students to excel as they learn more technical and complex information or concepts in college.

Entrepreneurship and accounting classes prepare students to handle the financial aspects of real estate management. They should have no problem handling taxation and contracts either since they are exposed to business law and taxation early on.

The skills students learn in the ABM strand can also empower them to work independently as real estate professionals. They can find clients on their own. They can keep their files organized for each client. They can manage their finances to ensure profit. And, as their practice grows, they are also equipped to eventually lead a team.

This SHS strand also hones students’ interpersonal and communication skills, which are at the core of a real estate’s professional life. They regularly speak with potential and existing clients. Real estate professionals need strong interpersonal and communication skills not only to relay information accurately but also to maintain strong relationships with clients. These skills help real estate professionals secure their clients’ trust.

The ABM strand also refines students critical thinking skills, which is important in a field that requires solving various problems for other people. Real estate professionals need to come up with solutions quickly, so they should have the relevant knowledge and analytical abilities to apply the best solutions.

As a real estate management SHS strand, ABM can equip students with the knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in the field. Take the ABM strand if you want to start building on these key skills as early as senior high so you can focus on learning higher level concepts when you enter college.

Is ABM Strand the Right Choice for Me?

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It’s important for students to choose the right strand prior to entering online senior high school in the Philippines. SHS strands are designed to focus on specific subject matters and hone unique skill sets. A student’s choice of SHS strand will, thus, influence their competencies and perspectives.

For students who are interested in fields related to business and finance, such as real estate, it’s important to learn fundamental concepts and skills in this field as early as possible. This way, they know what they’re getting into, they can qualify for the course they want, and are equipped to handle the challenges the course and career comes with.

This is why it’s important to consider one’s desired career path when choosing an SHS strand. The ABM strand does not limit students from taking other courses, but they will be best prepared for real estate management and other business-related courses after graduation.

Secure Your Education with OEd SHS

Real estate management is a great career choice for young people who want a dynamic career. If you’re sure of your career choice, guarantee your success by starting your journey toward real estate management in senior high.

You now know what SHS strand to take for real estate management. The next best thing to do is select an educational institution that can provide what you need. OEd SHS is one of the top schools in the Philippines offering online education, and we are dedicated to providing aspiring real estate managers the finest training to prepare them for college and professional work.

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