The Computer Science Strand Will Prepare You for a Tech-Rich Career!

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Among the many courses in college under TVL, taking on a BS Computer Science course after senior high is one of the best decisions that you can make for the advancement of your career once you finish your schooling. Graduates of ComSci go on to pursue fulfilling careers with a vast landscape of opportunity here in the Philippines. However, the Computer Science strand is also one of the most lucrative and technical courses out in the market. If you are hoping to pursue Computer Science in college, it is important that you take every advantage you can get. If you want to prepare for the Computer Science strand in SHS but are not sure how, then this is the perfect read for you!

Read on and find out more about the best strand to take for Computer Science preparation!

What Strand Do I Take for Computer Science?

Computer Science is one of the best and most common examples of an ICT strand course. ICT is a sub strand under the Technical Vocational Livelihood track – a track that is meant to shape senior high school students to be workplace-ready should they choose to begin working immediately after SHS graduation.

TVL is meant to produce job-ready graduates that are equipped with the technical skills and certifications they need, such as the Certificate of Competency, and the National Certification. These documents will come in handy when applying for fulfilling work either locally or abroad. However, nothing is stopping students of the TVL track from pursuing a bachelor’s degree either immediately after senior high school or sometime after gaining workplace experience.

If you plan to finish your collegiate studies first prior to taking on any workplace experience, taking the ICT strand in senior high school is an excellent way to prepare for Computer Science in SHS. 

What is the ICT Strand?

As mentioned earlier, the ICT Strand (also known as the Information and Communications Technology Strand) is a strand under the TVL track. This versatile and tech-forward strand is best suited for students that have an inclination towards technology. Whether they prefer to take the science-leaning route with programming and data solutions or opt to express themselves creatively with graphic and web design, ICT is the best Computer Science strand in SHS for students that want careers in a tech-heavy industry.

Why Should I Prepare for Computer Science in SHS?

Here are a few of the benefits of taking the ICT strand for Computer Science preparation.

Deeper Technical Understanding

Students that enroll in ICT strand for Computer Science knowledge can count on a deeper understanding of the technical equipment, web design and digital illustration skills, and programming languages that will be needed to accomplish both basic and advanced tasks in their future workplace. Most graduates of Computer Science will take on roles that will likely be heavily technical, so getting whatever edge you can is a bonus that you simply can’t miss.

Wider Job Opportunities

With entry-level jobs that pay anywhere between 16,000 and 30,000 pesos per month depending on educational attainment and skill level, the Philippines holds many opportunities for Computer Science graduates that are ripe for the taking. In a 2020 study by Albina and Sumagaysay, researchers found that 78.53% of a graduating batch of ICT and Computer Science graduates successfully found employment, with nearly 70% landing a job that was directly related to their program of study. The Philippines is rife with Computer Science job opportunities given its popularity as a location for BPO and multinational ventures. All these employment possibilities are widely available on top of the day-to-day ICT needs of business all over the country.

Practice for Global and Remote Employment

With global employment, you don’t always need you to venture out of the country. At times, it can even take the form of remote work. Whether you take on the task of remote work from a foreign or local employer, taking on the ICT strand for Computer Science preparation makes you a confident and independent worker.

Should you still be determined to make a name for yourself in the field of Computer Science abroad after graduating ComSci in college, then you can rest easy knowing that ICT can turn you into a globally competent individual that can stand their ground even amidst international colleagues. Join the ranks of a foreign company abroad or start your own venture ala Silicon Valley!

What Subjects Can I Expect from the Computer Science Strand, ICT?

The Information and Communications Technology Strand has an impressive host of subjects to prepare students for Computer Science in college. Students enrolling in Senior High School can expect the following types of subjects in their curriculum.

Oral and Written Communication

Being comfortable around computers isn’t the only thing that students of this track have to be good at. Having the competence to communicate your thoughts and ideas when proposing solutions and troubleshooting devices is essential. Be concise and clear when pitching your ideas so you can impress and convince your clients as well as your teammates from the get-go.

Reading Comprehension

When wondering what strand to take for Computer Science, don’t be surprised if it includes reading comprehension. Much of your work as a Computer Science major in college will rely on accurate reports and intake forms for instructions, so being able to read and understand them accurately is a skill you will need to hone to avoid back and forth exchanges with clients and colleagues.


Coming up with solutions can be likened to creating a hypothesis that has to be tested using the Scientific Method. By the time you finish senior high, you will have had plenty of time to hone your research skills to propose data-driven solutions such as applications and programs that address everyday needs of both users and producers. Learn to back up any and all ideas with a portfolio of related literature detailing relevant statistics and academic resources that give your ideas more credibility and potential.

Media Literacy

Social media platforms have become the world’s primary source of news and arguably, qualitative data. However, knowing the difference between legitimate sources and those in social media as well as having the proper awareness for online decorum and good practice is essential for an employee in a tech-centric position. This course aims to hone you for responsible use of tech in a highly digital world.


Toted as a Computer Science graduate’s bread and butter, programming is one of the most basic skills you will need to learn as you progress through your senior high strand. Learning how to code and write an application and program from start to finish is a necessary endeavor. Fortunately, the sheer amount of programming subjects you will receive will surely leave you with a mastery of programming languages.

Take on ICT as Your Preparation Strand for Computer Science.

Though ICT can be difficult, no other strand can come close in terms of capability to prepare you for your degree in Computer Science. We hope that the information we shared with you today can help you in choosing the best Senior High Education for fulfilling your goals in Computer Science within the academe and even in the workplace landscape!