Be Workplace-Ready with the TVL track!

TVL student

Taking on Senior High is both an exciting and nerve-wracking time for any student. As the next stage of a high school student’s education, this period is also one where they make important decisions that can set the course of their life for many years to come. While some students see themselves in the corporate world or working as doctors or nurses, there are students who have highly-specialized fields or tracks that don’t necessarily fit under the typical ABM and STEM tracks of today. The Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) Track is an option that senior highs school students can choose to prepare for highly-specialized professions that require additional education, or immediate employment post-senior high. Whether you’re looking to jump right into the work force, or you’re looking to further your studies in college equipped with an edge, read on and discover why the TVL track may be the one for you!

The Benefits of the TVL Track

1. Flexibility

Taking the TVL track opens the door to many possibilities for any senior high school student. Equipped with four strands to choose from, the TVL track presents you with opportunities to specialize in:

• Home Economics

Do you see yourself aspiring to be a chef or future hands-on restauranteur? The TVL-HE course offers three specializations to choose from: Bread and Pastry Production, Food and Beverage, and Housekeeping. This is the perfect course for those looking to major in or work in hospitality.

• Information and Communications Technology

The TVL-ICT course is perfect for students looking to hone their skills in technical drafting, programming, and animation. The two main strands available to students are animation and computer programming, which are viable for TESDA certifications. Learn how to write programs, animate characters, and you’ll be well on your way to working magic with your PC!

• Agri-Fishery Arts

Are you a nature lover? Perhaps you grew up with a green thumb? The Agri-Fishery strand is a great option for students looking to care for sprawling lands of bountiful harvest, healthy livestock and fisheries as far as the eye can see! This track is perfect for business-minded students with a passion for nurturing nature and enriching the natural resources around them.

• Industrial Arts

Handy with a toolkit? Or maybe you are fond of cars and inventing projects? The Industrial Arts track is perfect for students looking to work in specialized and highly technical jobs in automotive vehicles, machinery, furniture design, and even construction! This course will equip students with high-value skills that can prepare them for future businesses or even immediate employment after senior high.

Regardless of the track you choose, one of the biggest advantages of the TVL track rests in its capacity as a flexible plan for students, regardless of whether or not they wish to work immediately after graduation or pursue further studies in college to take their potential to new heights.

2. Essential to Society

As bearers of important skills and expertise, TVL students will become the backbone of society, involved in various industries that keep the nation going. The importance of the technical vocation livelihood track rests in the unique skill set that it provides senior high students with an ability to contribute meaningfully to their communities, even as early as senior high school.

3. Boundless Job Opportunities

There is no shortage of potential jobs in technical vocation and livelihood industries. Graduates of the TVL strand can expect opportunities to open up as soon as they set foot in the outside world after finishing their course. With skills that are much sought after in their respective industries, TVL students are sure to be prized employees and business owners, equipped with an edge that sets them apart from the rest. The courses under the TVL strand all prepare students to be the brilliant minds behind demanding industries like Food Production, Restaurant Ownership, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Machinery and Construction!

If the TVL strand and its tracks are something that sparks passion in you, explore our TVL strand courses today!