A Guide to the Senior High School Strand for AB English

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The Bachelor of Arts in English is a college program that develops students’ knowledge of the English language, as well as its theories and applications. Graduates of this course are well-versed in literature, linguistics, and education, and as a result, can work in a variety of careers.

Choose the senior high school strand for AB English that will nurture a young mind’s aptitude and interest in the English Language. Keep reading to learn more about AB English, the best SHS strand for this course, what you can expect from the said strand, and potential career paths.

What is AB English?

The Bachelor of Arts in English is a four-year course that focuses on mastering the English language, as well as its theoretical and practical applications, including literature and writing. Studying AB English involves understanding the comprehensive applications of one of the most spoken languages in the world. Students take courses that tackle linguistics, teaching language, language acquisition, creative writing, professional communication, and language and society.

The AB English program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and competencies to become articulate in English and use it in various industries like education, media, marketing, business, law, and many other industries.

Why Should You Study AB English?

In a highly technical world, there seems to be little value for liberal arts courses like AB English. However, AB English is a great course that would help you acquire useful knowledge and skills. While students of ABE do focus on refining their knowledge of the English language and its pedagogy, such a focus allows them to develop strong writing skills, speaking skills, creativity, and analytical skills.

The skills that students acquire from AB English are versatile and can help them work in a variety of fields or pursue further studies.

English is also an interesting course, especially for students who are already interested in literature and writing. The course exposes students to various literary works written in English. Reading a wide range of texts and analyzing them using literary theories can help broaden their horizon and deepen their creativity.

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What is the SHS Strand for AB English?

Senior high school was established to prepare students for higher education and professional work. Online senior high school in the Philippines provides students with different strands that focus on specific skills and knowledge aligned with their future goals. Students can choose between the following strands:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)
  • Accounting, Business, and Management (ABM)
  • General Academic Strand (GAS)
  • Technical Vocational Livelihood – Information and Communication Technology (TVL-ICT)

Each strand prepares students for specific fields and careers with unique curricula. Choosing the right AB English senior high school strand will help students develop the foundational skills that will help them excel in the course. You can learn more about them in our guide to all strands in senior high.

Students who want to take up a Bachelor of Arts in English are encouraged to choose the Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) strand. This is the strand that is designed specifically for those interested in studying English, literature, as well as other social science courses. AB English is arguably a combination of all these, which is why HUMSS is the perfect SHS strand for it.

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Humanities and Social Sciences Strand

The HUMSS strand is designed for students who are interested in pursuing degrees in the liberal arts. The HUMSS curriculum centers on building knowledge and skills that would be useful in degrees like AB English.

The HUMSS curriculum includes courses in psychology, sociology, history, philosophy, and literature. During senior high school, HUMSS students learn about theories about human behavior, philosophy, and literary criticism. They practice analyzing and applying various theories and frameworks to real-life scenarios and problems. In doing so, they also cultivate an open mind that is capable of empathy, creativity, and critical thinking.

Through exposure to different perspectives and cultures, students of HUMSS develop a grounded but unique perspective of the world around them. Their unique perspective eventually shapes their approach to their professional careers, whether they go on to work as educators, lawyers, journalists, or psychologists.

Research and communication skills are at the heart of the Humanities and Social Sciences strand. HUMSS students engage with various texts and their own writing projects, such as research papers, reports, and creative writing. These writing projects also open opportunities for students to dive into extensive research, explore a wide range of topics, and form logical arguments about topics they’re passionate about. Students graduate proficient in speaking and writing in English.

At the end of their stay in senior high, students of HUMSS come out as well-rounded individuals and academics who can take on challenges and excel in their chosen fields.

What Will I Learn in HUMSS?

What will students learn in the Humanities and Social Sciences that makes it the best AB English SHS strand?

The HUMSS course list includes classes in the following areas:

  • English
  • Literature
  • Social Sciences
  • Research Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Politics and Governance
  • Contemporary Philippine Arts

The curriculum also touches on general mathematics, physical sciences, and entrepreneurship to ensure that students are equipped with foundational knowledge to understand concepts from different fields.

What are Potential AB English Career Paths?

HUMSS is a relatively versatile SHS strand. The curriculum ensures that graduates have the relevant competencies to pursue a variety of career paths. Most students go on to study Humanities or Social Science courses like AB English where their knowledge of language, literature, and human behavior becomes useful.

HUMSS and AB English students may pursue these career paths:

college professor

Teacher or college professor

Graduates of AB English may choose to teach English in primary school, senior high school, or even college. However, they may need to get additional qualifications, such as teaching units, a teaching license, and, for college professors, a postgraduate degree.


Writers may work in different fields. Writers may be employed as technical writers, copywriters, screenwriters, and so on.


Journalists research or investigate current events. They may work for print or broadcast media and choose to specialize in environmental issues, international politics, sports, or lifestyle.

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AB English can also serve as a great pre-law course. After taking up law and passing the board exams, lawyers may practice corporate law, criminal law, property law, and so on.

Editorial Assistant

Editorial assistants provide administrative assistance to publication editors. They regularly engage in creative and clerical tasks.


Marketers formulate and execute strategies to increase their organization’s sales. They may also help develop ideas for campaigns to promote products.

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HUMSS and AB English: Is This the Right Choice for Me?

Your choice of senior high school strand and college will inevitably impact the trajectory of your professional life. How do you know that you’re making the right choice?

As humans, we’re constantly evolving in both small and major ways. So, there’s no guarantee that your mind will not change about wanting to pursue AB English. However, you can minimize the chances of that happening by reflecting on these things before stepping into senior high:

  • Where do your interests and passions lie? Do you spend a lot of time reading and/or writing, and can you see yourself engaging in those activities or sharing that passion with others?
  • What are you good at? If you find yourself excelling in English and literature, you may enjoy and have more opportunities to improve your competencies in HUMSS and AB English.
  • What do you see yourself doing in the future? Consider your goals and whether the HUMSS path will help you get there.

HUMSS, as the strand in SHS for an AB English career path, prepares students for the challenges of learning, applying, and teaching a language like English. However, it also shapes resilient and adaptable students who can take on any career they desire.

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Did your love for language, literature, and/or teaching encourage you to pursue AB English? If so, then the best senior high school strand for AB English – the Humanities and Social Sciences strand – would help you gain the skills you need to excel in this field.

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