Pick the right strand for your SHS journey!

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Selecting your strand in senior high is one of the biggest choices you will make at the start of your career. As early as senior high school, choosing a track can set the course of your future. But what if you feel like you chose wrong? Choosing the wrong track in senior high school is a challenging situation to be in, but there are ways to prepare yourself ahead of time to keep this from happening. If you are still unsure about your track, keep reading for some useful tips that will help you pick the right one for you!

1. Start with what you love

Go over your own hobbies and passions. What do you like to do in your spare time? What are you most passionate about? Getting to know yourself more is a good way to start when picking out your strand. In doing so, you can avoid losing the fire that you will need to pursue your track as you go through senior high. Creative students that are fond of drawing and crafts may want to consider tracks like HUMSS or Arts and Design. Fond of videogames or handy with tech? TVL may be a great choice! Are you a fan of medical dramas or maybe you are passionate about learning first aid in case of emergencies? STEM might be perfect for you!

2. Play to your strengths

An SHS strand mismatch can also happen if you are having difficulty with your courses. It can be discouraging if you feel like you are underperforming in something you chose as a first step towards your career, so when in doubt it may be best to play to your strengths. Go over which subjects you have done well in and go from there! Did you enjoy studying film, literature, and communicating your ideas in English class? HUMSS may be an option worth exploring! If you enjoyed lab experiments and exploring theories in Science class, then STEM may be your calling. If you want a strand that you can excel in, your favorite subjects in school are an excellent guide!

3. Go over your goals

Whether you have an idea of which track you want to take or not, surely you have a career that you have always wanted to explore. Whether the job you are eyeing is a childhood dream or one you recently discovered, assessing the skills needed to turn that dream into a reality can very well give you direction. Avoid a strand mismatch in senior high school by choosing a track that can equip you with the skills necessary for your dream job and set yourself up for success in your field.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Even with all these tips in mind, you may still have difficulty on deciding a track you want to stick with. When in doubt, ask! Don’t be afraid to consult your peers, parents, and teachers regarding your options, as they may have an idea on what track suits you. Your teachers especially have watched you grow as a student, so they may be able to provide some insight into which subjects may suit you best. Keep an open mind and remember that no matter what anyone says, ultimately the decision is yours.

5. Be realistic

Taking other things into consideration like budget and schedule flexibility are important factors to consider when choosing your track as well. A track like STEM may cost the same as other strands, but once you enter college, you would have to account for various requirements needed in technical courses—like engineering and medicine. Some of these courses require further studies, which is an additional expense that should still be considered. Keep these factors in mind when choosing a strand that can guide you on your career path.

REMEMBER: The choice you make now will lead you to a career path that will shape your future. That’s the importance of choosing the right strand in senior high school. With AMA online education for senior high, you can exercise independence and time management with a blended learning system that allows you to further your studies online and even on the go. Make choices that let you live life the way you want it!