Services Offered

Student Support

If you need assistance and follow-up you may directly coordinate with our student support unit. They are the front line of support to answer questions, respond to complaints and provides you with helpful information. You can reach them through 8737 5579, 0926 641 3247 and 0998 188 4257.

Technical Support

If your concerns pertains to log in, access to modules, lockdown browser and reluctant to technology our friendly technical team will be more than glad to assist you. 

Online Mentors

Mentors in traditional schooling are called teachers. They are someone who had the experience, expertise and skills towards your enrolled subjects. If you have concerns you may reached them through post a student concern and may pass through with the ticketing system, first in first to be assisted. Expect a respond within 24 hours.

Virtual Class

Virtual class is referred to as classroom discussion using your digital gadgets empowered by the internet. Teaching activities and lessons are presented through online at a given specific date and time. Mentors will send email and inform students of the schedule for the virtual class. Through this you will have the chance to interact with your mentor and co e-learners. If in any case that you missed the class, no worries since everything is recorded. You may view it on your most convenient place and time.

Flexible Payment Scheme

We aim to give you more multiple options in paying out your tuition fees. AMAOED would want to make everything flexible and convenient. You may have the option to pay it in full cash or avail our installment program of 2 Payments (every 48 days), 3 payments (every 30 days), 4 Payments (every 24 days) and 6 Payments (every 15 days).

Student’s ID

Students are not required to have their own Students ID, this is optional. You may avail and request it through our student support if you need one, and it cost P 500.