Educational Apps for High School

using educational apps for high school

Educational Apps for High School

Online junior and senior high school prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead in college. That being said, you shouldn’t be taking this time lightly! While studying online can be stressful and the pressure may be getting to you, don’t worry! We’ve gathered our favorite online education apps for students that will help make studying and staying more productive easier and more fun for you.

1. Forest

This educational app is a favorite among many students! It’s a free app that’s available on both iOS and Android.

Forest lets you set a gamified timer that blocks you from using your device, allowing you to stay focused on your class or homework. Once the time is over, you’ll be gifted with coins which you can then use to purchase trees for your forest. Beware, though! If you unlock your device before the time is up, you kill your seedling. The people behind Forest have partnered with a tree-planting organization called Trees for the Future, so every virtual coin you spend equates to real-life donations to tree planting endeavors!

2. Evernote

You’ll be taking a lot of notes in your online classes. Keep them organized with the help of Evernote! Available for free download on iOS and Android, Evernote allows you to organize all of your notes into notebooks and entries. It even lets you embed audio recordings into them! On top of this, it lets you sync your notes easily across all your devices, so you can review them quickly whenever you need to.

3. EasyBib

Research papers can be stressful, especially when it comes to compiling all your references. EasyBib helps take the load off your shoulders by scanning your paper for any missing citations and unintentional plagiarism errors. It also helps you format your bibliography according to popular citation formats: MLA, APA, Chicago, and 7000+ other styles. Best of all, it’s free for both Windows and Mac users.

4. Do

Chances are, you have other responsibilities in addition to your schoolwork. To help you keep track of them, you can use to create to-do lists which you can then categorize by time, date, and location. It then sends you reminders for when a task is about to be due, so you’ll have no excuses if you miss a deadline again!

This free app is available to both iOS and Android users.

5. Loop

Building good habits is the foundation to a successful future. Loop can help you with that. Loop is a simple yet effective habit tracker that enables you to set goals and monitor how many days you’ve accomplished them. Things you can include are study days, reading days, playing an instrument, exercising, and so on.

Loop helps you instill the habit of doing a particular thing, which in turn allows you to achieve your long-term goals. It also comes with comprehensive graphs and statistics to show how your habits have improved over time.

This ad-free app is available on Android and iOS.

6. StudyBlue

Collaborative learning can be tough when you’re at home. Not to worry, though, StudyBlue can help make your online distance learning group work easier!

StudyBlue has a crowdsourced study library that boasts numerous resources including flashcards, notes, and study guides. All in all, you can use over 500 million of their collection! What’s more is that you and your friends can also make your own flashcards on your mobile devices or computer and then share it with each other. You can also save and share your notes, track your study progress, and create fun quizzes.

The basic app is free for Apple and Android users.

7. Focus To-Do

Studying productive at home can sometimes be difficult. If you find that your productivity level has been taking a dip recently, or you would like to work on getting more productive, there are helpful apps for online classes that can help you organize your tasks.

Enter Focus To-Do. Focus To-Do allows you to create different lists for every aspect of your life which you can then sync on each of your devices. This helps you plan your day and helps you keep track of your tasks. You can create one list for your classes, one for your homework, one for hobbies, one for chores, etc. There’s also a built-in Pomodoro timer in case you practice this kind of productivity method.

Focus To-Do is free for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Chrome extension.

8. Freedom

When it comes to online senior high school, you’ll need self-discipline in order to succeed. Thankfully, there are apps to make online learning easier, such as Freedom.

Freedom is a timer that you can set on multi-platforms on your devices to help limit your distractions. With Freedom, you can block certain apps and websites from being opened at certain times.

This is especially useful for when you have an important paper due or when you need to study for an upcoming exam. With Freedom, you can block all of your social media apps and websites, games, and even SMS so you don’t get tempted to procrastinate.

Your environment can greatly affect your productivity and your overall success in an online school. Studies have shown that things such as sound and even smell can change the way we process information. The thing is, we can’t always control our surroundings the way we want them to, especially when we live at home with other people. is an online app that helps you fix this. With, you can customize your background music to create the optimum learning environment for you. If you find it relaxes you to study in a café but don’t have the money or time to head to one, simple choose the café track on and it can transport you there. It features background sounds like coffee brewing, ambient talking, and milk foaming in the background. offers you a free trial for both Android and Apple users. If you wish to purchase the app, you need to pay $6.99 a month or $49.99 a year. Combine these educational apps for students with good study habits and you’ve got a recipe for online school success!