This Gas Strand Job List Can Help You Plan Ahead!

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Whether you start offline or online learning for senior high, it is no secret that your career should start to be a top of mind. While your focus should always be towards your education, considering the future job opportunities for a GAS strand graduate can help you focus better on your academic performance while laying the foundation for a fruitful career. Knowing the future jobs GAS strand students can look forward to can provide a sense of comfort, direction, and stability as you navigate GAS in senior high.

If you are a student that is taking the GAS strand but are unaware of the possible jobs that the GAS strand holds, then this article is the perfect read for you. We compiled a short but comprehensive list of the most promising and in-demand GAS strand job opportunities you can choose to pursue after senior high or even after further studies. Read up on your future jobs from our list below and take your pick for your future job!

What is GAS?

For those of you who don’ know what GAS is, GAS is known as the General Academic Strand. This strand is typically taken by students that wish to pursue careers and courses in more academic yet well-rounded paths like research, communication, and computer literacy. The GAS strand is an extremely versatile track choice for students, especially those that have yet to decide on a career path that they want.

Students that still have not decided on a course or career to take on after finishing their senior high education can take comfort in knowing that the GAS strand will give them some breathing room to decide, while still preparing them with relevant skills to most courses relevant to the online job market.

What are the Jobs You Can Take After GAS?

1. University Professor

Unsurprisingly, one of the best applications of the General Academic Strand is the pursuit of a job in the academe. Should becoming a university professor be a career that sparks your interest, then taking GAS in your senior high school will equip you with the communication skills you need for providing smooth instruction to collegiate-level students. While most colleges require that professors take postgraduate studies in their field of expertise, some schools also allow professors to teach while simultaneously taking up their postgrad.

Being a university professor is a promising GAS strand job opportunity, with plenty of potential both in premiere universities here and overseas. Countries with lower English literacy rates have a high demand for professors that can teach advanced subject matter in flawless English—a skill that Filipinos are known to possess. If you wish to learn an area of expertise but still have a passion for teaching it, then perhaps being a university professor is a General Academic Strand job fit for you!

Average Salary in the Philippines: PHP 53,500 / month

2. Primary or Elementary Teacher

Do you think you might find it hard to teach adolescents, but still passionate about becoming an educator? Whether you don’t like the idea of teaching teenagers or are simply fonder of kids, then perhaps pursuing a career as a kindergarten or elementary teacher is a future job in the GAS strand that is worthy of your consideration. Shaping the minds of the youth is a big responsibility to have, but knowing that you have a direct impact on the formation of the nation’s next generation is also a rewarding notion. Unlike a university professor position, primary or elementary teachers need not have a postgrad in their field of expertise. Instead, GAS graduates that wish to pursue this path can opt to take a Bachelor in Secondary Education (BSED) or a Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED).

Similar to the opportunities available to a university professor, elementary or primary school teachers can choose to practice in the Philippines or abroad. There is plenty of demand for English-speaking teachers in countries like Japan and Korea. As a matter of fact, Korean hagwons or private educational institutions that specialize in instilling excellence in English among young students are willing to pay for English language teachers with their month’s salary as well as free apartment rent and allowances. If you want to teach kids, or explore opportunities abroad like the hagwon to gain experience as an educator, then this GAS strand job opportunity is a great pick for you.

Average Salary in the Philippines: PHP 29,800 / month

3. Corporate Communications Manager

One GAS strand job opportunity that many graduates of the strand opt to take is the corporate path. Many students that graduate the GAS strand move on to specialize in degrees like English, Communications, Public Relations, or even Management and apply the versatility of their course to lead fulfilling and lucrative jobs in the corporate world. Many GAS strand jobs hinge on effective communication and an innate skill and passion for research—both of which are a big plus for anyone looking to take on a role within a company’s Corporate Communications department.

Corporate Communications associates can steadily work their way up to the role of manager within their respective local enterprise or multinational companies. Once they assume the role of manager, they can expect to handle regional and international communications with business partners and regional offices from all over the globe. Having excellent command over English and the local language of your place of work is a must for effective communication among your department and other employees within the company, so be sure to brush up on the local language if you want to pursue this GAS strand career overseas!

Average Salary in the Philippines: PHP 58,028 / month

4. Research Director

A pillar of the GAS Strand track is how students are trained to be comprehensive researchers— a skill that almost every industry needs in order to progress. From BPOs to healthcare, and even the food and hospitality industry, progress cannot be made without a good research head spearheading efforts to study trends, preferences, and public sentiment among many others. This is usually where a professional researcher would start to form their career.

As you climb up the ladder to eventually become a research director, your duties will also change. Research directors are the overseers of their company’s R&D (Research & Development) divisions. This can come in the form of developing new recipes based on public preferences, or determining which TV shows are rating well among viewers. Research Directors are in charge of reviewing methodologies and ensuring that the gathering and analysis of data is accurate, ethical, and purposeful. The applications of research are endless, and GAS strand job opportunities that stem from the infinite applications are plentiful both locally and internationally.

If you are someone who loves to dive deep into a topic and are determined to make sense of data to create new solutions, technologies, and developments, then this is a future job in the GAS strand that you might want to consider.

Average Salary in the Philippines: PHP 163,772 / month

While these four jobs are just the very tip of the iceberg that is the General Academic Strand job opportunities, they are certainly examples of just how unique and fulfilling your future can be after taking up the GAS strand during your senior high school. If any of these jobs sound interesting to you, or you are interested in areas related to the jobs above, then you may want to consider taking up the GAS strand as your track of choice in senior high! Get in touch with us today and inquire about enrolling in our GAS strand program!