What is the Best Graphic Design Strand in Senior High School?

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Are you considering a career in graphic design after you graduate? If so, it’s best to start preparing for your career with the right strand for graphic design in senior high school.

Choosing the right track in senior high school can help set you up for success. Each curriculum for the different tracks hones unique skills to prepare students for specific careers. If you’re planning to pursue graphic design, choosing the right SHS strand can help you launch a successful career.

In this article, we’ll discuss what graphic design is, career opportunities in this field, and what SHS strand is best for graphic design.

What is Graphic Design?

To make sure that you know what you’re getting into, let’s talk about what graphic design is and the potential careers available in this field.

Graphic design involves the creation of visual content to communicate ideas and messages. Graphic designers use visual and textual elements to create appealing designs that convey the message of a product or brand.

Graphic designers often work on logos, product labels, posters, book covers, and infographics, as well as website layouts, mobile apps, and software interfaces. Companies often hire graphic designers for commercial purposes, to allow them to grab the consumer’s attention and communicate their message effectively.

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What Skills Do You Need for Graphic Design?

Graphic design requires both soft skills and technical skills. Here are the skills you’ll need to get ahead as a graphic designer:

  • Creativity
  • Design principles
  • Typography
  • Creative Software Apps
  • Coding
  • UX or UI Design
  • Branding
  • Communication

What are Career Opportunities for Graphic Designers?

Graphic design offers a variety of job opportunities that you’ll find in different fields. Here are some careers you may pursue:

  • Graphic Designer: creates designs for posters, infographics, logos, etc.
  • User Experience Designer: designs websites or apps with a focus on making them easy to use.
  • User Interface Designer: designs the interface of websites and apps to make it visually appealing and easy to navigate.
  • Production Artist: creates, edits, and reviews graphics and layouts for print, video, etc.
  • Multimedia Artist: creates designs and effects for digital media using graphics technology.
  • Product Developer: designs products to ensure functionality and appeal to customers.
  • Art Director: plans the overall visual design for magazines, product packaging, etc.
  • Creative Director: plans and executes a vision for projects or campaigns.

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What SHS Strand is Graphic Design?

Online senior high school in the Philippines offers five strands for students to choose from based on their desired future careers. The strands are:

  • STEM Strand: The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics strand is ideal for careers in the fields of math and sciences.
  • ABM Strand: The Accountancy, Business, and Management strand is ideal for those interested in business-related professions.
  • HUMSS Strand: The Humanities and Social Sciences strand is recommended for those who want a career in the arts, psychology, social sciences, or law.
  • GAS Track: The General Academic Strand is perfect for those who want to keep their options open before deciding on their major for college.
  • TVL-ICT Strand: The Technical-Vocational-Livelihood track is the best choice for those who want to work immediately after senior high school. Graduates from this strand will be given government certifications that will allow them to work.

The strands don’t limit the course or career you can take after SHS. However, students are advised to choose carefully because the right strand will help them prepare for their field’s required studies or training.

Now, what strand is graphic design? We know that graphic design requires both creativity and computer skills. The strands that can prepare you best to become a graphic designer are TVL-ICT and GAS tracks.

Technical Vocational Livelihood – Information and Communication Technology (TVL-ICT)

The TVL-ICT strand focuses on teaching senior high school students the concepts and skills relevant to information technology. What makes this strand different from the others is that the TVL-ICT strand prepares students to enter technical or IT-related professions immediately after graduating from senior high school.

Students under this strand learn about technology and how to solve software- or hardware-related problems. They acquire practical skills and knowledge through experience that can enable them to work as professionals and qualify for TESDA certifications — Certificate of Competency (COC) and National Certifications (NC).

The TVL strand is a great option for future graphic designers because it can build students’ understanding of technology. They can learn about software, hardware, web design, programming, and media information literacy. This strand helps build technical know-how that makes learning graphic design or animation easier to master.

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What Classes Can You Expect in the TVL-ICT Strand?

While the TVL-ICT strand focuses on preparing students for the professional world, OEd Senior High School’s curriculum offers a balance between practical skills and soft skills to develop students’ personality and communication skills. These are some of the classes offered under the TVL-ICT strand:

  • Written and oral communication
  • Culture, Society, and Politics
  • Earth and Life Science
  • Philosophy
  • Mathematics
  • Empowerment Technologies
  • Literature
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Media and Information Literacy
  • Programming
  • Entrepreneurship

General Academic Strand (GAS)

The GAS track offers a holistic education that makes it more versatile than the other strands. This strand covers Humanities, Social Sciences, management, and technology. However, students have the option to take specialized electives based on their interests.

Given its holistic approach, the GAS is a great graphic design strand. It can prepare students for a career in graphic design. Students interested in graphic design may include programming and marketing electives, which would be useful in the field.

Moreover, one of the differences between online school vs traditional school is that students have control over their pacing and schedule. At OEd Senior High School, students have plenty of opportunities to practice elements of graphic design, such as exploring different art styles.

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What Classes Can You Expect in the GAS Track?

The General Academic Strand covers classes from STEM, ABS, and HUMSS. Here are some classes you can expect if you choose GAS:

  • Culture, Society, and Politics
  • General Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Mathematics
  • Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction
  • Media and Information Literacy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Contemporary Arts

What is the Right Track for Me?

Both TVL-ICT and GAS tracks are great options for those who want to become a graphic designer. Both of these strands offer holistic and practical knowledge and skills that will prepare students for the field of graphic design.

The “best” choice, thus, depends on the individual and their plans.

On the one hand, a student who wishes to be more equipped for the technical aspects of graphic design, specifically programming, web design, and UI or UX design, may be more compatible with the TVL-ICT strand. Of course, this strand is the top choice for individuals who plan on jumping into a graphic design job right after SHS.

On the other hand, a student who wishes to study a graphic design course in college may opt for GAS. The GAS strand can be geared to equip students with skills that are relevant to various graphic design jobs. For example, students may include classes in business as well if they intend to work in the marketing field. 

So, in choosing the strand for a graphic designer career, it is always best to reflect on your interests and plans. Familiarize yourself with the requirements of your chosen career path and choose the strand that best fits those needs.

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Design Your Future with OEd

Now that you know what strand is best for graphic design, you can make an informed decision on which strand to take for SHS. Both TVL-ICT and GAS can equip you with useful skills and knowledge to help you become a professional graphic designer.

OEd Senior High School offers high-quality online schooling in the Philippines that caters to the broad interests of Filipino students. Our team of teachers is here to help the new generation of Filipinos attain academic and professional excellence no matter what field they choose.

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