Differences Between Online Vs Traditional Learning

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Differences Between Online Vs Traditional Learning

Choosing between online and traditional learning can be tough. There are a lot of factors to choose from such as your learning style, location, and current access to technology. Usually, what comes to mind when we think about online education for senior high students is the most obvious difference: learning through a computer versus in a classroom set-up. However, there are so many more difference that could affect the student’s success in senior high school.

With the rise in popularity of online learning, the biggest concern most people have is: is online learning as effective if not more effective than traditional learning? Does it give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in life?

It’s understandable for you to have these concerns but not to worry, because the short answer is: YES, it is! Online learning is becoming exceedingly popular because of its convenience and because it gives students the same skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the professional world. On top of this, online learning offers far less distractions than traditional learning. Students don’t have to worry about learning in a competitive environment, dealing with peer pressure or bullying, or get distracted by their friends. What makes online learning so conducive to learning is that students can create their own ideal environment to achieve their best grades yet.

Learning Styles

Online learning is better suited for students with an innate independent learning style. Online students are expected to practice self-discipline and to be able to schedule their own classes and daily routines. While traditional learning gives students multiple teachers (and to a certain extent, even peers) who constantly remind you of your homework, quizzes, and exams that need to be accomplished, with online learning, you won’t have anyone doing that for you online. You’ll soon learn that if you slack off, you’ll quickly be left behind.

The setting

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This is the most obvious difference. In a traditional senior high school, students are assigned a classroom and stay there for the remainder of the school year. They are expected to arrive at a specific time every morning and are dismissed usually by mid-afternoon. Classes are held in these classrooms and are conducted by teachers, each with an assigned subject of expertise. Some schools offer after-class activities such as sports clubs, theater, arts club, debate, etc.

Online classes happen anytime, anywhere! As long as you have stable internet connection, you can start your classes whenever you please. Online classes don’t follow regular school hours, giving students more freedom to schedule their day as they please. Online classes are similar to traditional classes, however, in that they both have teachers who conduct online classes (via streaming) over subjects of his or her expertise.


Online senior high school generally comes out to be much cheaper than traditional senior high school. This is because you won’t have to pay for expenses such as clinic fees, laboratory fees, miscellaneous fees, and other overhead charges. You also won’t need to pay for books, uniforms, baon, and commuting fare or gas going to school!


In a traditional school setting, the pace is pre-determined usually by the teacher or the school months in advance through a lesson plan. What’s difficult about this is that assumes that all students learn at the same pace. Online learning provides students with much more flexibility in this regard. Online senior high school let’s students go through the material on their own time, at whatever time of the day they choose, and they can also decide how quickly or slowly they go through it. This allows them to absorb more difficult topics more thoroughly and to breeze through course material they find easy. Because of this, there really isn’t a set number of days as to how long a school year will last in an online senior high school. While we do have140-days in one semester, how quickly you go through the material in one semester is entirely up to you.


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Online learning requires a certain degree of self-discipline not seen in traditional learning. If students want to succeed in their studies, they’ll need to take the time to not only schedule their classes but to do the required course work as well without having their teachers and even peers constantly doting on them. It’s easy to slack off or to put off your lessons for another day, but doing so has dire consequences, as students will quickly realize. Missed lessons will quickly add up, making it difficult to catch up. While there isn’t a fixed calendar when it comes to lessons, there is one when it comes to quizzes and exams, making catching up not only difficult but extremely risky especially when quizzes or midterms are right around the corner. Students will quickly learn that the creating a schedule, and sticking to it, is the best way to go about online learning.


A lot of students are faced with the dilemma of sacrificing their schooling for a job. Most students of online learning have other commitments, such as an online job, part-time job, or helping out with the family business, which makes traditional schooling difficult. With online learning, students have the flexibility to juggle having a career and school because they aren’t restricted to the typical 7am-3pm schedule most schools have. They can easily fit in their lessons whenever they are available: this could be early in the morning, late at night, or any time in between.

Health Safety

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, safety is the primary concern for many parents. Schools are, sadly, a breeding ground for germs because of the proximity of the students between each other. Social distancing is very difficult to follow and if the classroom is air conditioned, the virus is suspended in the air, making it easier to be transmitted from one person to another. With online learning, parents don’t have to worry about their children catching COVID-19, and a result, the rest of the family catching it as well. Students don’t need to sacrifice their studies just to stay safe as well. They can continue their studies from the safety of their own homes.

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