What Should I Choose as an Education Strand in Senior High School?

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Teaching is indeed a noble vocation. Teachers shape the minds of new generations, and with that, the country’s future. With such a big responsibility, future teachers need good education, passion, dedication, and patience – which they can develop with the right education strand in SHS.

As a teacher, you need to have substantial knowledge of the subject you will teach. In addition, your college and postgraduate education will arm you with teaching strategies. These will enable you to craft a curriculum that is appropriate for the subject matter and your students, meets educational standards, and helps you teach effectively.

Students called to the teaching profession can start preparing as early as senior high school. Upon graduating high school, students may choose between the STEM, ABM, HUMSS, and GAS strands.

So, in this article, we will discuss the best senior high school strand that will equip you for a future of learning and teaching.

What is the Education Strand if I Want to Become a Teacher?

Teachers are often the ones who introduce children to the world, thus, greatly influencing how people think and act. They don’t just teach the ABCs and 123s, but also impart important moral values and critical thinking. So, it is just right that prospective teachers should also embody these competencies themselves.

A student’s future success as a teacher can be rooted in their education—particularly, their senior high school strand. So, what strand is education? Here are the two strands that are most suitable for education courses:

General Academic Strand (GAS)

The General Academic Strand exposes students to generalized areas of study. GAS subjects will give you a taste of the other three academic strands—STEM, HUMSS, and ABM.

Core subjects in the GAS include:

  • Physical Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • General Mathematics
  • Communication
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Organization and Management
  • Practical Research
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Applied Economics

With this strand, students get a more holistic education, which would be beneficial for teachers. While teachers usually focus on a specific subject, they will be able to perform their roles better with vast knowledge of different fields. They can stimulate their students’ curiosity when they can answer questions, even those that are only related to their specialization.

Critical thinking and research skills are both crucial in the field of education. Teachers cannot merely repeat what is written in textbooks. Rather, they should challenge their students to think and reason, instead of simply memorizing what others have said.

The GAS curriculum also hones communication skills which educators cannot do without. Teachers spend the majority of their days speaking in front of their class, with colleagues, and parents. So, they should be able to communicate clearly and professionally.

Subsequently, education professionals will likely engage in data organization and research. Education students will likely conduct numerous research, so foundational research skills will be beneficial. In this career, these information-gathering skills will be useful when organizing data about their students, as well as when proposing new projects to their school.

Ultimately, this strand will be most suitable for students who wish to specialize in early childhood education or elementary education. Students who plan on teaching STEM classes at any level may also choose this strand for education.

Humanities and Social Sciences Strand

The HUMSS strand explores different perspectives on understanding the human psyche. This academic strand focuses on subjects central to liberal arts courses, which prioritize critical thinking skills, reasoning, and creativity. These are the core subjects in the HUMSS:

  • Communication
  • Media and Information Literacy
  • Earth and Life Science
  • Philosophy
  • Creative Writing
  • Practical Research
  • Social Sciences
  • Politics and Governance

While one may think that this strand’s sole focus is on literature and social sciences, HUMSS exposes students to different subject areas. HUMSS offers a holistic education, which is why it’s a logical choice for an education degree.

Furthermore, HUMSS balances objective knowledge with open-mindedness, critical thinking, and creativity. Major subjects in HUMSS encourage students to be open to different perspectives and experiences to enrich their understanding of people and the world.

Likewise, students are encouraged to think for themselves—to question everything that they read or hear. Along with this, senior high school students are taught practical research skills.

In cultivating these skills, students simultaneously develop curiosity, inquisitiveness, and resilience. These are characteristics that would be useful in their future studies and careers as teachers, enabling them to face various challenges while learning, and later on, teaching in the classroom.

HUMSS is a versatile academic track that is suitable for a wide array of college courses, including Psychology, Mass Communication, Journalism, Political Science, Social Science, and, of course, Education.

As an education senior high school strand, this is an excellent track for those interested in elementary education, and secondary education, as well as those who plan to specialize in English, Filipino, Social Studies, or Values Education.

Becoming a Teacher in the Philippines

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Why do students who plan to study education need extensive preparation starting in senior high school? This is because students of education need to learn a lot of information about different subject areas and different teaching strategies.

Most educational institutions require students to choose a specialization—early childhood, elementary, secondary education, or special education. The specialization will determine the learning strategies they will learn throughout college.

After getting their diploma, Education graduates are also required to pass the Licensing Examination for Teachers (LET) before they can teach. Once they pass the LET, they can teach anywhere in the Philippines.

Future Employment Opportunities for Education Graduates

Education graduates who have passed the LET may teach in private or public schools, in either kindergarten, elementary, high school, or senior high school, depending on their specialization.  

Education graduates may also teach in colleges. However, most colleges and universities require some level of postgraduate education from their professors and assistant professors.

Another employment opportunity is a private tutor wherein you focus on addressing the learning needs of one student. Tutors may be hired to supplement a child’s classroom education or as a homeschool teacher.

These are the employment opportunities within the education sector. Individuals who pursue further education may find more opportunities beyond teaching in the classroom, such as instructional coordinators.

Finally, because education equips students with adaptable skills, these may be transferrable to other professions as well. Education graduates may also find jobs as a writer, financial advisor, or real estate agent, to name a few.

There are plenty of employment opportunities in the Philippines for education graduates. They can work in various educational institutions and different fields if they wish.

Start Your Journey in Education in Senior High School with OEd

Both the General Academic Strand and the Humanities and Social Sciences Strand are excellent choices for those who are interested in pursuing a degree in education. These academic strands will arm students with knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in college, while their senior high education will complement their college education, too, to allow graduates to be great teachers.

OEd provides senior high school online education in the Philippines. We believe in the importance of holistic education in the formation of well-rounded individuals, especially for future educators who can carry on these standards.

Teachers play a big role in shaping the minds of the next generation – so, set yourself up for success with the education strand in senior high.

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