What are the subjects in the HUMSS strand that you need to prepare for?

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Considering a future in HUMSS for senior high? A crowd favorite among artsy students that are coming into their senior high journey, learning all about HUMSS is a must if they want to be sure that this is the path they want to take. Many budding creatives choose to explore HUMSS subjects in senior high to prepare for their future HUMSS courses, while others opt to learn the subjects under the HUMSS strand before venturing out to gain workplace experience on the job.

Regardless of which path you want to choose for your future, this article is the perfect read for getting to know your senior high school subjects in the HUMSS strand!

What is the HUMSS (Humanities & Social Sciences) Strand?

A common pick by aspiring artists and social studies enthusiasts, this strand is all about teaching its students the foundations of the human behavior and how it influences different culminations of belief such as fine arts, culture, religion, literature, and even politics. Career paths after finishing your subjects in the HUMSS strand are much more flexible and less constricting than highly technical courses such as ABM, STEM, and many more.

Graduates of the ABM strand may opt to pursue richly diverse careers as artistic professionals. From becoming designers to painters, and even writers and advertisers—there is no shortage of creative applications that you can explore after graduating senior high school.

On the other end of the spectrum are career paths that lean more towards the sociological aspect of the HUMSS strand subjects. Some applications for this can be philosophical or sociological knowledge that you can apply to your pre-law in college, as well as a profession in journalism or social work.

Regardless of which you are more inclined to, you can count on your early preparation for your HUMSS subjects to impress your peers and future professors!

How Many Subjects are There in HUMSS?

Generally, the number of core subjects in HUMSS curriculums is seven. This number can also change depending on the unique curriculum and specializations available to you at your chosen learning institution. Typically, this information is available on your school’s website especially for K-12 online education.

These subjects are the foundation for a basic understanding of HUMSS as a whole, and can be supplemented with certain elections to build a student’s desired specialization for their future career.

What are the Subjects of the HUMSS Strand?

In order to form the minds, values, and world views during online learning for SHS students under HUMSS, a well-rounded curriculum is necessary. This is because most of the opportunities HUMSS students can enjoy after college require open-mindedness, knowledge in culture and art, and an awareness of society’s ways. Below is a list of HUMSS strand subject lists that you commonly need to take to finish senior high school.

Oral and Written Communication

Part of being able to exercise your expertise during your HUMSS subjects is being able to communicate your ideas properly. Being fluent and articulate in both written and spoken communication is a must. Miscommunication can lead to consequences such as offending clients and even people from other cultures and ethnicities. This subject group includes knowing how to interpret literature and understand language in such a way that it can be used as a communication tool.

Social Sciences

Learning how society works boils down to different belief systems, sociological developments, and cultures that have evolved over time. Social Sciences is a subject within the HUMSS strand that helps you know how different groups of people tick. Apply this to your studies and research when trying to know more about certain societies and how they react to certain stimuli.

Art & Art History

They say that art is a reflection of the times. By learning more about the different forms and eras of art and the corresponding history surrounding the piece in this HUMSS subject, you can learn more about significant historical events and societal norms during the time periods where these pieces were made and how they have come to shape modern society.


Aristotle once said that philosophy is the science of the truth. This SHS HUMSS subject teaches senior high students about the different schools of thought and how they govern the human psyche and decision-making. Philosophy is not just about abstractions, but also how they affect societal thinking.

From different philosophical traditions like aesthetics, ethics, theoretical psychology among many others, philosophy has since progressed and developed into more modern schools of thought such as Marxism, Confucianism, and Kantian ideologies. These philosophies have shaped governments and nations because of widespread belief and how they have been applied to societies on a wider scale.


Mathematics have long been the building blocks for the progress of men. From how man first started building and trading, to how it has shaped the manner in which the passage of time and significant events have been recorded. This subject under the HUMSS strand will give you a better understanding of how man started its practices of modern-day trade, business, and earning—giving you a glimpse into our beginnings as a civilization.

Natural Sciences

One reality of how we have grown as a society is how we are also a product of how we have evolved in response to the natural world around us. Natural Sciences is a HUMMS subject in senior high that tackles the forces of the natural world, as well as the various relationships between its biological inhabitants and non-biological elements.

What is the Value of Knowing the Subjects in the HUMSS Strand Early?

Make a Good Impression

Whenever you enter a new environment, taking the time to do your research beforehand can set you up for success and recognition. In the case of knowing your HUMSS subjects early, having the stock knowledge from brushing up on topics in advance can make you a fast favorite for recitation—even online.

Discern Your Specialization Early On

By doing your research on the subjects under HUMSS strand ahead of time, you can get a feel for the specialization you want. Having this clarity makes it easier for you to pick electives that can help you build a skillset that fits the niche of the careers you may want to pursue, and makes it easier to and keep an eye out for jobs that you would like to learn more about as you make your way towards your future.

Decide on Your Further Education

By learning the HUMSS subjects in senior high early, you can keep an eye out for the core subjects that naturally pique your interest. In doing so, you make it easier for you to rule out the courses that you don’t see yourself taking after finishing senior high school while narrowing down the list of the subjects that you do have an interest in pursuing as a degree.

Give the Subjects in HUMSS Strand a Chance to Form Your Future

Remember that your HUMSS subjects under senior high are not there to create a crystal-clear road map for what your life will be like from now on. Instead, treat them as a guide for navigating your choices in further education, career, and future work opportunities.

If you are still unsure about the direction you want for your education, take time to read this list again and review the subjects we have listed to see if the HUMSS track is something you see for your future!