The Benefits of Online Education for High School Students

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Importance of Senior High School in the Philippines

Choosing the right high school for your child can be a daunting task as every parent only wants what is best for their child. While private high school has long been considered the standard of quality education in the Philippines, more and more parents have now been leaning towards the multiple benefits of online learning for school students.

Online education for high school students provides numerous advantages for its students by offering a more flexible learning environment that caters to their lifestyle. If you are still on the fence about whether or not online high school is right for your child, read more about its many benefits here.

Top 4 Online Education Benefits

Embrace the future of education through online learning, where convenience meets boundless opportunity. With flexible schedules and high-quality education at your fingertips, discover how online learning can elevate your kid’s academic journey.

1. Students Create Their Own Schedules


One of the greatest difficulties students face in a traditional high school setting is adhering to a schedule that does not necessarily work for them. While some students work best with a fixed schedule, such as waking up early and finishing by mid-afternoon, others are just not programmed this way and find it difficult to focus early in the morning. Or perhaps this kind of 8 – 5 schedule is not suited for students who have to juggle having a part-time job as well. Online high school, comprised of online junior high and online senior high, allows students to create a schedule that works for them and their schedule, allowing them to study at a time that is most suited and beneficial for them.

2. Students Learn at Their Own Pace

The main issue with traditional high school is that it assumes all students learn at the same pace. Numerous studies, and experiences, have shown that this is simply not the case. One of the main online school benefits is that it allows students to learn at a pace that they are comfortable with – one that is neither too fast nor too slow. They can work faster on subjects that they find easy while taking their time on coursework that they find more challenging. Online high school allows students to create the ideal individualized learning environment for each student.

3. No Traditional Academic Year

A typical academic year in the Philippines runs from June to March, with breaks usually occurring in October, December, and then finally in March for the summer. Some students, and families in general, may find this rigid schedule difficult to adhere to, causing the student to miss out on important school days or family time. The good thing about online high school is that you can start it any time you want. At AMA Online, we do not follow a traditional academic calendar. Our school year is divided into two terms, running for 20 weeks or equivalent to 140 days. You can start your online schooling anytime within this period. If you complete all requirements earlier than 140 days, and it’s been 70 days since your subjects have been activated, you may enroll for the next term. But your report card will only be released after the 140-day. residency.

4. Fewer Distractions and Less Wasted Time

Perhaps the biggest benefit of online schools is having fewer distractions. At AMA Online, you will be provided with an online mentor who will serve as your teacher and keep you on track with your studies. Because students are at home, they will have fewer distractions such as bullying, bad influences, and inappropriate behavior. On top of this, because classes are conducted in your own home, your child doesn’t have to waste time stuck in traffic on the way to school, in long morning ceremonies or roll calls.

Online high school is beneficial to students because they are tailor fit to a student and their specific needs. Your child will not be distracted by the behavior of his or her peers, and their learning is hampered by their teacher having to adjust to the other students’ bad behaviors. Let your child reach their full potential by enrolling them in AMA Online today. Visit our senior high school application requirements page.