Learn more about the ICT strand courses you can enroll in!

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For many students, choosing the right track for their senior high is part of the process to crafting a good career for yourself. In a country rich with opportunity for businesses in information and technology, students enrolled in the ICT strand can look forward to dynamic and illustrious careers among both global and local ventures dabbling in data and tech. If you are an incoming senior high student with an affinity for all things digital, then you’re in luck! We have compiled a list of some of the best possible ICT strand courses you can choose to pursue in college or university that you can choose from. Carve a way to the best ICT strand job for you by picking an ICT course that will hone your skills and set you up for success!

Are Courses Under the ICT Strand Necessary to Work in the Field?

Not necessarily! Like any other SHS strand, ICT is built to equip students with competitive skills and knowledge that will be more than sufficient to find opportunities for employment. However, the courses we will be discussing on this list can lead to more career opportunities with potentially higher compensation. Students who prefer to jump right into the workforce can still rest assured, as the SHS ICT strand falls under the TVL track (Technical-Vocational Livelihood Track), so they can take on specialized professions fresh out of senior high.

One of the best benefits of TVL is how it can provide you with a take on competitive salary levels earlier than fellow senior high graduates, while still leaving room for further education should you choose to pursue it. However, if you do wish to commit yourself to fully specializing in ICT professions then applying for further studies with a degree is the best decision for you. Here are a few of the best ICT courses to consider taking in college to jumpstart your career!

Become a Tech Wiz with Computer Science

Designed to mold digital thinkers and doers into the problem solvers that our world needs in today’s highly technical landscape, a degree in Computer Science equips ICT strand students to excel in fields like cybersecurity, programming, information systems, and many more. Students can opt to specialize in specific aspects of computer science with the right electives in order to gain the necessary skillset to become problem solvers for the field they want most. Expect to craft apps and software that fill an everyday need or build a specialized program or website as an employee in a private company. Graduates of this degree can look forward to in-demand ICT strand jobs and positions as more and more businesses and companies around the world seek the expertise of these digital savants.

Possible Professions: Software Engineers, Lead Programmers, Cybersecurity Officers, Digital Solutions Specialist

Get Artsy with MMA

No, not mixed martial arts. MMA stands for multimedia arts and is usually coupled with Digital Arts in a BA or BFA degree’s curriculum.  This ICT strand course is a great fit for technophile students that consider themselves artistically inclined as well. Whether they enjoy designing computer graphics and illustrations or prefer to produce quality audio visual content such as videos and film, MMA students can look forward to versatile career paths in both freelance and corporate that allow them to express their creativity while practicing their technical expertise.

Possible Professions: Digital Illustrator, Graphic Artist, Advertising Professional, Social Media Marketing Executive, Creatives Executive, Freelance Artist, Film Maker

Move Industries with Information Technology

As one of the world’s leading nations in BPO, the Philippines has a huge demand for professionals that are experts in managing and handling data. Unlike graduates of Computer Science, graduates of Information Technology do not create and program the necessary hardware and software solutions. Rather, professionals versed in this ICT strand course are expected to have a mastery in utilizing these digital solutions in everyday scenarios. Apply your technical know-how by utilizing software for masterful corporate processes and operations, or guide clients through various transactions as a valuable member of a fully remote support center.

Possible Professions: Data Analysts, Financial Analysts, Operations Manager, Customer Engineer, E-Commerce Manager

Bring Images to Life with Animation

Have you always found animated films a magical experience? Do you love the look of art as it comes alive frame by frame? A Fine Arts Degree in Animation may be right up your alley. Create animated films or educational shorts with 2D or 3D illustrations, or work with a colorful team of programmers for a jaw-dropping video game experience. Like MMA, this ICT strand course is designed for more creative ICT SHS students. However, Animation graduates have much more granular specialization in illustrating and animating their creations to entertain and educate, among many other applications!

Possible Professions: 2D Animator, 3D Animator, Video Game Designer, Concept Artist

As the pioneer in online education, we believe that the first step to succeeding in this industry is early exposure to a highly digital environment. One of the benefits of online education is early development of digital competence and expertise. This familiarizes graduates of online instruction with independent operation, learning, and collaboration. Create a solid foundation for the skills needed to succeed in ICT strand jobs early with an online education and hone them further by taking an ICT strand course that fits your interests and professional goals!