What is the Strand for Biology in Senior High School?

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Biology is considered one of the most important branches of science as it studies living organisms. As a potential field of study, it is essential in all discussions about life. So, if you’ve been thinking of a future in biology as a high school student, you may be wondering, “How can I pursue this as a career?” and “What strand in SHS is biology in?”

Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss the perfect SHS strand to take for an aspiring biologist, what you, as a student, can expect from the strand, and what career opportunities await after college.

Choosing a strand to take in Senior High School can be quite difficult if you’re unsure of what each track offers. This is why we will break it down for you so that you have an idea of how to pursue your studies in biology.

But, before we jump into the perfect strand for biology, let’s first discuss what biologists are and what they do.

What are Biologists?

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Biologists are scientists who study living organisms, their structure, functions, behavior, and interactions within their environments. They investigate life in all its diverse forms ranging from microorganisms to complex ecosystems. Their goal is to unravel the fundamental principles that govern life on Earth.

There are different branches of Biology you can study and choose as your specialty:

  • Molecular Biology: As a molecular biologist, you will study the complex biochemical processes that happen within the cells. You will be unraveling the intricate interactions of the DNA, RNA, proteins, and other molecules that form the building blocks of life.
  • Genetics: When you’re a geneticist, you explore the inheritance and variation of traits in organisms. You will investigate the structure and function of genes, and how they contribute to the development, health, and evolution of living organisms.
  • Ecology: As an ecologist, you will examine the relationships between organisms and their environment. You will study ecosystems, populations, and communities to understand how organisms interact with each other and their surroundings, and how these interactions shape the balance of nature.
  • Microbiology: When you’re a microbiologist, you will investigate microscopic organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protists. You will explore their physiology, genetics, and ecological roles, as well as their impact on human health and the environment.
  • Evolutionary Biology: If you choose to be an evolutionary biologist, you will study the processes and patterns of evolution, tracing the history of life and understanding how species arise, adapt, and diversify over time.

Either way, being a biologist can be a fulfilling career as you dedicate your life to the study of the living things that make the earth. Your future contributions can be revolutionary and greatly impact the development of the environment and mankind.

Choosing the Biology Strand in Senior High School

When jumpstarting your career in biology, you need to know which is the biologist senior high school strand. And as you may know, there are five SHS academic strands available for you to choose from:

  • STEM Strand: The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics strand is ideal for careers in math and the sciences.
  • ABM Strand: The Accountancy, Business, and Management strand is perfect for those who want to pursue business-related professions.
  • HUMSS Strand: The Humanities and Social Sciences strand is recommended for careers in psychology or law.
  • GAS Track: The General Academic Strand is for those who want to keep their options open before deciding which major to take in their collegiate-level studies.
  • TVL Strand: The Technical-Vocational-Livelihood track is ideal for those who want to work immediately after senior high school. Graduates from this strand will be given government certifications that will allow them to work.

With the various strands listed, their differences can be found in the distinctive curriculums they offer. Each track has specialties that make them suitable for different career paths. This is because the classes per strand offer more specific topics that are related to the career types being pursued.

For example, the ABM strand is perfect for business majors because their curriculum offers more classes related to starting and running a business. They have introductory classes about business planning, financial management, organization management, marketing, and other business classes.

The same goes for the other strands offered, except for the GAS track, as it’s a combination of classes offered from the other tracks. And given the definitions of the various strands, the identifiable biologist SHS strand is the STEM track.

With the STEM strand, you are taught various math and science classes that will serve as introductory classes to prepare you for college. Some of the subjects offered are:

  • Earth Science
  • General Mathematics
  • Pre- and Basic Calculus
  • Chemistry 1 and 2
  • Biology 1 and 2
  • Physics 1 and 2

Most of the classes that will be taught are perfect for professions where extensive knowledge of math and science is needed. With the STEM track, you will have an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the sciences and gain hands-on experience through laboratory work.

This is why you should choose the STEM strand for a career in biology. With this track, you are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed as you move on with your studies.

STEM and Biology: Is This the Right Path for Me?

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Choosing the course you will follow for future success has always been a difficult decision to make. And if you’re still finalizing your choice about taking the STEM strand and biology, you can ask yourself these questions to help you arrive at a decision:

  • Are you fully committed to a life filled with math, science, and computation analyses?
  • Are you willing to continue learning even after graduation?
  • Are you ready to devote your career to research?
  • Do you want to be part of a team that goes on fieldwork in various areas related to your research?
  • Are you willing to learn about the different kinds of living organisms?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then you are undoubtedly ready to begin your journey in becoming a biologist through the STEM strand.

What Career Opportunities Can I Expect After Taking the Biologist Senior High School Strand?

Deciding to take on the biologist strand in senior high school will open you to various job opportunities after graduating from tertiary-level studies. And while there are a lot of different jobs in the STEM strand, here are some biology-related occupations you can go into:

  • Medical and Health Sciences: As a graduate of biology, you can choose to go into the medical field and continue your education to become either a doctor, nurse, medical technologist, or medical researcher.

With a solid foundation in the principles of biology, you can continue your education and specialize in areas like genetics, immunology, and pharmacology.

  • Environmental Sciences: After graduation, you can also work in the environmental sciences and pursue a career as an environmental scientist, ecologist, conservation biologist, or a wildlife biologist.

With your understanding of ecosystems, you can work to address environmental issues and promote sustainable practices.

  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries: As a biology graduate, you can also explore opportunities in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. You can work as a research scientist, lab technician, or quality control specialist. You can even participate in the development of new drugs and medical treatments.
  • Education: If your passion is in teaching, you can also go into a career in education as a biology teacher or professor in educational institutions. You can also work in training and education programs for government agencies or private companies.

Overall, as long as you want to study anything and everything about living organisms, you can definitely go into the different branches of biology as your profession. Regardless of which path you take, studying biology will still lead you to a life of continuous learning and discoveries.

Taking the Biologist Strand with OEd Senior High School

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Learning about what strand to take for biology is a piece of information that can truly help you finalize your decision on which route to take for SHS.

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