business students

Why Students Choose the ABM Strand

“Why choose the ABM strand?” you ask yourself, thinking about the reasons that made you enroll in the Accountancy, Business, and Management strand. Do you …

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young business student

The Business Management Strand: What You Need to Know

The strand for business management can effectively configure the necessary mindset that any young budding business professional should have. In this blog, discover how the …

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SHS student studying to be a lawyer

Which Lawyer Strand in SHS is Best?

With national elections having just concluded, the youth of today have taken an interest in the practice of law. Becoming a lawyer is one of …

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GAS student

This Gas Strand Job List Can Help You Plan Ahead!

Whether you start offline or online learning for senior high, it is no secret that your career should start to be a top of mind. …

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Literature student

Here’s Why Choosing HUMSS Strand is For You!

The HUMSS strand is a promising track choice for incoming senior high school students with a desire to pursue careers in social studies, creatives, and …

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female humss student

What are the subjects in the HUMSS strand that you need to prepare for?

Considering a future in HUMSS for senior high? A crowd favorite among artsy students that are coming into their senior high journey, learning all about …

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