hospitality management

Choosing the Hospitality Management Strand for Senior High School

The marvel of restaurants, hotels, and resorts running seamlessly despite the multitudes of people needing their service is enough to give anyone pause. This level …

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pilot shs strand

What is the Best Pilot Strand in Senior High?

The dream of becoming a pilot is a dream many individuals share, some even originating from when they were children. Now you’re approaching the time …

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young software engineer

Is there a Software Engineering Senior High School Strand?

“Who created your favorite video game?” – this might be a question that has crossed your thoughts at least once, as you wonder if video …

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young programmer

Is There a Software Development Senior High School Strand?

As you enter the concluding years of your teenage life, choosing a career is bound to cross your mind; and in case the question, “What …

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young computer programmer

SHS Strands for College: Which Academic Track Is the Best Computer Programming Strand?

Technological advancements play a crucial role for the development of the future. And with the constant evolution of technology such as cloud and artificial intelligence, …

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young mechanical engineer

SHS Strands for College: Which Academic Track Is the Best Mechanical Engineering Strand?

Interested in a career that involves a wide scope for industrial design, development, manufacturing, and operations of mechanical technology? Then, one of your best educational …

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