Pursuing the engineering strand in senior high? Make up your mind with this guide!

student studying engineering

Choosing the right track to take in your senior high can often feel like a daunting task. The engineering track is a popular pick among senior high students under the STEM strand  and TVL Strand for its many benefits and career applications later in one’s professional life. If you have been considering taking the engineering strand in senior high but aren’t sure if you want to take that leap, then this article is perfect for you. Get to know more about this popular student choice and learn what to expect in terms of your education and career options after graduation!

What is the engineering strand?

The engineering strand in senior high falls under the broader set of courses under the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) strand. The engineering strand comprises highly technical subject matter that marries mathematics like precalculus and basic calculus, with an understanding of integral sciences like physics, thermodynamics, gravity, and modern technology. Regardless of what engineering specialization you are eyeing, the engineering track under STEM will cover all your essential bases for technical know-how and tried and tested industry knowledge in preparation for various stem engineering courses that you can pursue come college.

How do I know if engineering is for me?

There are a number of STEM engineering courses you can choose to specialize in after graduating senior high, but if you aren’t fully sold on taking it, here are a few questions you can ask yourself.

  1. Do I enjoy the idea of building various megastructures and guaranteeing their structural integrity and quality with my blueprints?
  2. Does the idea of creating various technological solutions with either machinery or computer hardware or software excite me?
  3. Do you see yourself as an innovator and future problem solver by coming up with innovative solutions for everyday problems?
  4. Are you comfortable around machinery and chemicals, and can you use these to aid you in critical thinking and problem solving?

If any of these sound like something you would be interested in pursuing professionally, then there’s a big chance that you will enjoy picking the engineering track as your senior high venture of choice.

What can I expect if I take the engineering strand in senior high?

Like most tracks under the STEM strand, engineering requires plenty of discipline when it comes to managing your workload and drive for self-study even outside of class hours. Engineering students in SHS are also expected to have excellent geometric and spatial awareness to envision the machinery and structures to guarantee their integrity based on their proposed designs and blueprints.

What are the possible careers for a graduate of the SHS strand for engineering?

A graduate of the engineering strand in senior high can look forward to a future ripe with plenty of employment opportunities that depend on the specialization you see yourself taking on further down the line.

For the technophiles and the gamers

  • Students with these interests can dabble in advanced electronics and explore computer engineering for corporate and enterprise-level ventures for a successful and stable career working. Students can also explore work opportunities as video game engineers by creating groundbreaking gaming software for the latest chart toppers. TVL strand graduates will also have a particularly good edge in these fields.

For the megastructure enthusiast and manic gearheads

  • Students that want to bring those classic notions to life can look forward to illustrious careers as civil, industrial, and mechanical engineers. Be the brains behind the towering structures, bridges, and roads, as well as the transportation that keeps society running!

These are only a few of the possible careers that you can expect to follow, so you can explore many more if you take the engineering strand in senior high. We hope that this quick guide to the engineering track will help you assess your plans in senior high and beyond—even when it comes deciding on your undergraduate degree. Narrow down your choices and pick the best strand for engineering to suit your passion!