SHS Strands for College: Which Academic Track Is the Best Computer Programming Strand?

female student taking computer programming

Technological advancements play a crucial role for the development of the future. And with the constant evolution of technology such as cloud and artificial intelligence, both private and public organizations are in need of skilled software developers and programmers. So, if you’re interested in a career in computer programming in the future, your best move is to start as early as your senior high school years and know what strand is for computer programming that will give a better advantage in your career or undergraduate program.

OEd’s Online K to 12 program offers TVL – Information and Communication Technology, or the ICT Strand. Here’s what you need to know about the TVL-ICT Strand and how it’s the best option to equip you for a future in computer programming.

What is the strand for Computer Programming?

Computer programming involves coding how things like software, apps, or artificial intelligence performs. As a computer programmer, you’ll be in charge of coding the foundation and core of digital entities, testing and conducting quality assurance, resolving any issues, and finding ways to improve your code. This is a technical career path that many find rewarding as they create innovative solutions by either creating new software or improving existing programs.

If this sounds like an interesting endeavor, you can get a headstart in your career by choosing the right strand for computer programming, which is the Information and Communication Technology or ICT Strand under the Technical-Vocational Livelihood (TVL) Track. Our tech voc courses are designed for students who want to explore job opportunities right after graduating, though our students under the ICT strand can also explore further education in colleges that offer computer programming degrees, as well as TESDA-backed certifications.

What is the ICT Strand?

Information Communication and Technology or ICT Strand is one of the stands students take when they reach senior high school. ICT strand specifically provides senior high school students with the skills and knowledge necessary for a career in information technolog. Our comprehensive curriculum equips our students with the means to understand the latest innovations and advancements in IT, giving them the relevant skills to meet the modern demands of their future job prospects.

Through our ICT strand, students can navigate the ever-changing digital domains and work in a competitive field as soon as they graduate. Our online learning program in the Philippines provides our students with accessible quality education that can allow them to balance their time, learn at their own pace, and make the most out of their senior high school career.

Following graduation, senior high school students under the ICT strand can explore different areas of opportunities. Some students go on to apply for IT jobs straight out of high school. Others go on to qualify for TESDA-backed certifications to enhance their skills for the competitive job market. And other students seek higher education in colleges and universities that offer computer programming degrees, or the like.

Is Computer Programming and the ICT Strand the right path for me?

The ICT strand’s curriculum ensures that students are fully-equipped to understand the technical nature of information technology immediately after graduation. Our holistic curriculum also includes skills like communication and writing, as well as subjects like art to ensure our students are well-rounded individuals that can pursue a variety of applications and opportunities for their skills. By choosing to specialize in the TVL-ICT strand, our students can get a leg up in their chosen path, whether it’s in local or international employment, certification in vocational schools, or further studies.

Choosing the ICT strand is an ideal opportunity for those who want the versatility of both a vocational and technical education. Some of the questions you can ask yourself to see if ICT is the right strand for you include:

  • Am I interested in seeking employment in the IT field immediately after high school?
  • Do I like the challenge of learning coding languages and how to develop software for a certain industry or niche?
  • Do I feel strongly about a future career in programming, computer engineering, software development, and the like?
  • Am I willing to constantly update my knowledge base to adapt to the ever-evolving nature of technology?
  • Do I want to be a part of an industry responsible for creating the technological advancements of tomorrow?

If these questions have affirmed your interest in software, technology, and computers, then you may be an ideal student for the ICT strand and a future in computer programming.

What can I expect if I take the ICT strand for senior high?

Our holistic ICT curriculum consists of a number of core, applied, and specialized subjects designed for a well-rounded education. Our online learning program ensures that our students get a comprehensive education that allows them to learn at their own pace to make the most out of our provided resources. Some of the specialized subjects in the programming strand include:

  • Empowerment Technologies (E-Tech): ICT for Professional Tracks
  • Programming (Java) NC II
  • Programming (Oracle Database) NC III
  • Programming (.Net) NC III
  • Pagsulat sa Filipino sa Piling Larangan (Tech-Voc)
  • Practical Research
  • Inquiries, Investigations and Immersion

Our online education provides the unique advantage of allowing our students to learn at their own pace in the comfort of their homes for many of their subjects. Our students will learn the latest programming languages that are in-demand in the IT workforce, providing them with a competitive advantage to explore different paths after graduation.

What are my future employment opportunities after ICT and Computer Programming?

One of the key benefits of the TVL track is being workforce-ready immediately after graduation. ICT students have the option of finding local or international employment after senior high school, having been equipped with relevant skills and knowledge from the latest and most in-demand software programming languages.

Alternatively, ICT students can also seek certification or further studies. One option is for students to seek out TESDA-backed certifications such as the Certificate of Competency (COC) and National Certifications (NC). This can give them a competitive edge in the job market when applying for positions in the IT industry. Students in the programming strand can also apply to colleges and universities that offer degree programs within the computer science, information technology, software engineering, and animation fields.

Because of the versatile and in-demand nature of information technology, many of our students find lucrative and successful careers in both the private and public sector. Some of the positions our ICT students have include:

  • Computer programmers
  • Web developers
  • Software developers
  • Computer engineers
  • Multimedia artists
  • Animators
  • Graphic designers
  • Web designers
  • Online sales agents
  • Radio technicians
  • Tech specialists
  • IT sales representatives
  • BPO officers

The ICT strand specializes in the technical aspects of computers, software, and information technology. However, our well-rounded curriculum provides our senior high students with general skills and creative outlets to explore the different applications of information and communications technology. This take on quality education provides them with a holistic experience that can expand their opportunities to different fields and industries.

Develop Your Future Opportunities with OEd Senior High School

These are just some of the opportunities and paths that can open to you under our ICT strand. Whether you pursue the strand for computer programming or any other career or education specialization, you can be ready for a competitive and successful future with an education that gives you everything you need to start a fulfilling career.

At OEd Senior High School, our ICT strand develops our students’ potential and makes them professionally ready for the technical and dynamic world of technology. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our TVL-ICT track offerings and enroll.

This is just a glimpse of the possible opportunities that could await you should you decide to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Our Senior High School STEM strand is the best first step towards a successful and fulfilling career towards building innovative solutions in the future. And at OEd Senior High School, we’re here to help you assess your best move forward and provide you with the education that can put you ahead of the curve.