Explore the different jobs for SHS graduates!

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When the K-12 initiative was integrated into the educational system in the Philippines, it was a welcome breakthrough that many students appreciated. One of the main advantages of the senior high program is that it opens up new doors to employment opportunities for its graduates as soon as they finish their secondary schooling. Geared towards preparing students for the real world by equipping them with the necessary skills for their desired field, senior high tracks bring students one step closer to finding fulfilling jobs in their industry of choice.

Are there really job opportunities for senior high graduates that don’t proceed to college?

Of course! Job hiring for SHS graduates is an achievable and rewarding process. Immersing oneself in their chosen field early provides graduates with a competitive edge by way of real-world experience working in jobs of their choice. Whether or not a senior high graduate decides to pursue a bachelor’s degree after graduating from the K-12 program, they bring with them a young and fresh attitude. This makes for a formidable combo when coupled with the wealth of wisdom, street smarts, and actual know-how from the daily grind.

Whether you jump into a job right away or decide to take your studies one step further, start honing valuable skills like time and resource management even before you graduate by enrolling in an online senior high school.

What jobs can I expect as a senior high graduate?

One of the advantages of online senior high is how it equips students with experience for remote and online work opportunities. Students that decide to jump right into employment after completing their K-12 studies can look into entrepreneurship, part-time work, and freelancing. Depending on your chosen strand, here are a few of the most common freelancing jobs you can consider:


  • Run your own SME from home by creating innovative products, trendy fashion pieces, or delectable snacks and pastries. Depending on the track you finished, you can exercise your skills and knowledge through product development and business operations, even on a small scale.


  • Put your mettle to the test as a confident marketing professional for competitive industries like real estate and financial services. Effective communication skills are one of the core proficiencies that senior high graduates use in any job. Hone and maximize those skills by understanding your market and establishing good customer rapport.


  • An excellent choice for GAS and ABM graduates, advertising opportunities can employ a variety of skills gained from senior high, such as advertisement copy writing or product photography and design. Push your creativity to the limits by ideating the best way to communicate what makes a brand or product special to their target audience.


  • Becoming an online tutor or educator is a freelancing choice considered by many Filipinos due to its flexibility and potential. Online tutoring is the perfect option for remote employment opportunities with minimal investment in necessary equipment, such as a good camera, audio setup, and internet connection. Students who see themselves seeking potential employment overseas can brush up on their communication skills by teaching ESL classes to students in other countries.

Do companies hire K-12 graduates full-time?

If freelancing is not your cup of tea, then feel free to explore opportunities in corporate! Job sites like Jobstreet and Indeed have special listings for jobs that accept senior high graduates for full-time positions. Explore opportunities in the following careers:

  • Customer Service Representatives
  • BPO operators
  • Teachers and Tutors
  • Salesclerk
  • Receptionists
  • Sales Associates

Whether you choose to freelance or explore the corporate world fresh out of senior high, remember that what matters more than jumping into those jobs is making sure that you are on the right track. Life isn’t a sprint but a marathon and as long as you end up where you need to be, run at your pace and finish well.