AMAOEd’s Online Senior High: The Difference

female student looking at her notes in her laptop

AMA Online Education (AMAOEd) is unlike any other high school out there. Apart from the fact that the classes are conducted online, AMAOEd is committed to providing its students with education that exceeds the standards set by most schools in the Philippines.

Here’s how AMAOEd sets itself apart.

Push Towards Self-Discipline

At AMAOEd, we believe in teaching our students to be self-disciplined when it comes to their studies.

While traditional high schools have teachers that mentor students in a face-to-face scenario, AMA OED has online mentors that answer your questions via e-mail. While traditional schools have a fixed student-to-teacher ratio, AMAOEd’s ratio of teachers attending to students is distributed across the number of subjects they are handling. Instead of the student relying on the teacher to push them to stick to a schedule or to focus on their studies, AMAOEd believes in teaching students how to be self-reliant when it comes to studying their lessons.

Students are therefore asked to rely not on their mentors to push them to finish their coursework but to rely on their own resourcefulness, comprehension, and preparedness for our unique platform of learning.

Because Virtual Classes are only scheduled for selected subjects, and programs (Non-ICT Programs are considered Blended), they may or may not be held and are a prerogative of AMAOEd.

Not to worry, though. Students can still get in touch with their mentors using AMAOEd’s ticketing system, “Post a Student Concern”, which can only be found in the LMS.

Individualized Learning

The problem that most students encounter with the traditional junior and senior high school set-up is that it follows a one-size-fits-all approach, which is clearly not the case with any of the students. Some students are innately fast learners, while others need more time to process and digest certain topics or subjects. With AMAOEd’s Online Senior High, students get to dictate how much time they spend on a certain subject or topic. If they find a particular topic to be challenging, they can take as much time as they need going through it and re-watching the virtual classes (something that traditional senior high schools cannot offer) until they understand and feel comfortable with the topic. On the other hand, if there’s a topic they find easy to grasp and master, they can breeze through it so that their time can better be spent on more important matters.

This does not only apply to classes but to quizzes and exams as well! AMAOEd gives student’s full authority on their time and allows its students to take quizzes and exams once they feel they have fully grasped the concepts and are comfortable with doing so (provided it falls within the 98-day duration set per subject/trimester)

With AMAOEd’s Online Senior High, students get to build a learning experience that makes sense to them and that can benefit them the most.

AMA Online Education is committed to giving Filipino students a world-class education no matter where they are in the world, at any time. The great thing about our online senior high school is that you can study anytime in the comfort of your own home, at your favorite coffee shop, or at any location with a stable internet connection. We both offer online middle school and senior high. It also gives you direct access to some of the country’s best educators who are eager to impart their knowledge and respond to your questions through our specially-design forums. Reach your full potential today and make the switch from a traditional senior high school to AMA Online Education. Best of all, you can enroll and start any time you want! Learn more about requirements for senior high school.