A possible career in HUMMS awaits you!

HUMSS student

Every student coming into senior high knows that selecting your strand is one of life’s earliest big decisions. The strand you choose can easily affect succeeding aspects in your life, such as the jobs you can look forward to, the circles you will get to know, and the quality of life that you can eventually enjoy. Graduates of HUMSS courses are known for being some of the most fun and outspoken people in their respective fields, bringing positivity, vibrance, and personality to the various jobs under the HUMSS strand. If you are a student under the HUMSS strand or are still looking to know all about HUMSS before you make a final decision, then this article is a great read for you. Find out more regarding the possible careers in HUMSS that you can enjoy after graduating senior high!

Are HUMSS Courses Necessary to Find Work in the Field?

Yes and no! While programs like the Kto12 AMA Online Education and other SHS curriculums prepare HUMSS students sufficiently for work fresh out of senior high, some possible jobs for HUMSS students only become accessible after pursuing further studies in the form of a university education and even board or licensure exams. That being said, a bachelor’s degree is not a prerequisite for a successful and fruitful job in the HUMSS strand. Students that dive straight into their chosen field can still find possible careers in HUMSS, earning experience on the job before deciding to work their way up or to further their studies in the future. Read on and find out the possible work for HUMSS students!

Inspire Young Minds as an Educator

HUMSS graduates that like the idea of leaving a legacy by passing a torch may find fulfillment and success in sharing their knowledge with their students. Shape young minds as a primary or middle school teacher or help students transition to the world of the workplace by becoming a professor that hones their craft. Becoming an educator is one of the possible jobs for HUMSS students that love the academic setting. While studying forever is hardly possible, nothing is stopping you from staying in the environment you love by passing on knowledge of your own.

This job under HUMSS strand is also a great option for HUMSS students that wish to explore opportunities abroad. Filipinos are some of the best in the world when it comes to English instruction and many countries that have English as a second or third language are always on the lookout for Filipino educators that can teach fluently with English as the medium of instruction.

Choose This If: You love teaching or mentoring and have the patience to guide students to the right answers. Not all students will be easy to teach, and some will even make your job more challenging than it should be. This job in the HUMSS strand comes with prestige and connections in the academic network, making it easier for you to find HUMSS strand job opportunities as an educator both locally and abroad.

Become a Commercial Wordsmith as a Marketing Writer

In an age where most people do their shopping online, many businesses rely on words to sell their services and products. Marketing writers should have the ability to adapt and adjust their writing based on the brand they are representing at the moment and should have excellent communication skills that transcend words even as users read them onscreen. This is an excellent HUMSS strand job opportunity, since students under HUMSS are molded to be masterful communicators in both written and spoken mediums. On top of this, students can form networks for the brands that they write for and build an impressive reputation for themselves.

Choose This If: You are fond of writing and how it can influence a person’s decisions and conversion to purchase. There is a lot of potential in writing and how it guides customers through the consumer funnel, and this profession presents a possible career in HUMMS that is both fruitful as it is interesting.

Nurture Mental Health as a Psychologist

Mental health is just as important as physical health when it comes to our overall wellbeing. Psychology is all about gaining a better understanding of the human psyche and making sure that any mental health ailments and needs are addressed. Psychologists study how human behavior is affected by one’s environment, past experiences, and upbringing. With the wealth of humanities subjects in the HUMSS curriculum, becoming a psychologist is a possible job for HUMSS students to take and excel in while continuing to make the world a better place.

Choose This If: You have always been a shoulder to cry on and a source of comfort for friends and family seeking advice. Psychology is also a perfect job in the HUMSS strand for students with a strong advocacy for mental health, so they can live out their beliefs in the medical or social field.

Though these three jobs are vastly different from one another, part of the benefit that HUMSS students get to enjoy is the versatility of their course. These three professions are only the tip of the iceberg, and we know that our readers will undoubtedly conquer new frontiers with HUMSS professions all over the world. If you didn’t see a job you liked in the list above, find out more about what job you can get in HUMSS by reaching out to us!