What are the Common Problems of Students in Senior High School and How to Address Them?

senior high school students

Senior high school is a complicated time for many students. They are on the brink of a new chapter in their lives and they are still learning and growing. While online senior high schools in the Philippines offer the best possible education to students, students inevitably face some challenges as they strive to complete their education.

Let’s talk about the common problems of students in senior high school and how we can address them.

Common Problems of Senior High School Students

Identifying the problems faced by SHS students is the first step toward finding a solution. Let’s delve into what are the struggles of being a senior in high school:

Time Management Issues

Many SHS students struggle to manage their time effectively. Students struggle to focus during their classes and study time due to numerous distractions. They may also procrastinate and end up cramming their assignments late at night.

Time management issues can lead to poor productivity, poor learning outcomes, and feelings of burnout due to disorganization and procrastination.

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Lack of Teacher Support

Often, due to the number of students teachers handle, teachers do not have enough time or resources to offer adequate support to every student. Without adequate support, students may struggle silently and become left behind in class, which can further demotivate them.

Furthermore, the lack of support from teachers may contribute to a student’s feelings of isolation in class. The student may not feel comfortable seeking help from teachers or friends and thus, continue to struggle alone. These struggles may also carry over to their social life – they may feel shame for their academic struggles and withdraw from friends. 

Additional Expenses

For many families, the additional two years of senior high school is simply expensive. Apart from delaying graduation and Filipinos’ entry into the workforce, the additional years of studying also mean additional expenses for families. Instead of seeing their children off to college or work, parents must shoulder their food, transportation, uniform, and school supplies for two more years.

Thus, for many students, the institution of senior high school feels like an additional financial burden to their parents. As a result, they often feel that it’s unnecessary.

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Lack of Motivation

Senior high school students’ common problems are rooted in the combination of personal and systemic issues that come with senior high school. Students who are eager to start working see the additional years as a hindrance to their progress. Consequently, these students may feel demotivated and, thus, not maximize their senior high school education.

Students need to see the value in their education and how it prepares them for their future to help them stay motivated and feel empowered.

Mental Health Problems

Mental health is another problem SHS students struggle with. Studies have noted the increasing risk of SHS students for anxiety, depression, and high rates of stress.

These mental health problems may be caused by the different problems they face in school, like anxiety for struggling to keep up with classes or the pressure of not being able to help their families while still in senior high school.

In turn, these mental health problems adversely affect a student’s academic performance. Unmanaged mental health problems can reduce a person’s energy levels and ability to concentrate, thus leading to lower productivity levels and grades.

How to Address Problems of Senior High School Students

A lot of the problems that SHS students face are complex, but students can still benefit from some support. What can we do to help address these problems that senior high school students commonly face?


Set Realistic Goals

Most students may benefit from having clear goals and expectations. Setting goals is helpful for teenagers in many ways: it helps them focus knowing what is expected of them; it keeps them motivated; it encourages accountability; and achieving those goals helps boost their confidence levels.

It’s important to keep goals realistic for the student’s situation. For example, a student who is struggling with classes will not be motivated by a goal that involves becoming a top 10 student; a more realistic goal for them would be to increase their grade point average.

Overall, a goal can serve as a guide for them to stay motivated and see the importance of their SHS education.

Build Organizational Skills

Students regularly juggle assignments, reading materials, reports, quizzes, and exams. Without organizational skills, they may miss assignments or important dates. Not to mention, they may feel overwhelmed.

Teach students how to organize all their tasks and schedules. Teach them how to prioritize important tasks. Remind them to avoid distractions during study time. Encourage them to use a calendar or planner to keep track of important projects and dates.

celebrating accomplishments

Reward or Celebrate Accomplishments

Don’t forget to celebrate your child’s accomplishments, especially when they meet the goals you’ve set. Doing so acknowledges the hard work they have put in, instilling a sense of accomplishment. It also helps foster their confidence, demonstrating that they are capable.  

A simple pat on the back can help a student stay motivated and be encouraged to aim higher.

Set Time for Rest

Senior high school students are under a lot of pressure – often invisible ones. One of the most effective ways to address the problems of senior high school students is to remind them to take time to rest and engage in other activities they enjoy.

Allowing time for recreational activities helps students recharge and be more energized to take on their assignments. It also helps nurture other aspects of their lives. For example, engaging in sports can help them stay physically fit, which also translates to better academic performance.

Parents may set a schedule for when their children can play or do other activities so that their recreational activities don’t spill over to their study time.

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Encourage Socialization

Social interactions are important in a child’s development. By giving them opportunities to socialize with peers, teens get to establish healthy relationships. They establish friends with whom they can spend time with to relax or study.

Peers are an important part of a teenager’s support system, and it can help them avoid feeling isolated and anxious.

Be There for Them

Senior high school students are still young and need their parents’ and teachers’ support. While it’s important to respect a child’s autonomy, it would be beneficial for parents to be present in their child’s day-to-day life, being aware of the challenges they face and their accomplishments.

Teens may not always speak up when they need help, so it’s important to be aware and know when it’s time to help the child.

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Invest in High-Quality Education

The harsh truth is that not all schools are the same. Different schools have unique approaches to education, so it’s important to carefully select where you enroll your child.

A lot of the common problems of senior high school students stem from incompatibility with their school or their strand. Be sure that the school’s approach and curriculum match your child’s needs and goals. Furthermore, make sure that your child chooses the right SHS strand.

Students who want to be job-ready as soon as possible would benefit from a senior high school that focuses on developing practical skills and knowledge to help students be employable upon graduation.

Let’s Support the Next Generation of Professionals

Senior high school is a vital part of students’ development. It’s the last step before students set off for college or work, so it’s important to be aware of the most common problems of students in senior high school and what we can do to help them overcome these.

As one of the schools in the Philippines offering online education, OEd Senior High School recognizes the importance of taking care of every aspect of students’ development, ensuring that they have adequate support for their unique circumstances.

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