Assess SHS tuition fees better with this quick guide!

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Investing in our education is one of the most rewarding decisions we can make to set ourselves up for success early on in our lives. Pouring in hours of hard work into your studies and committing yourself to do them well is only half of the equation. For many students and parents, finding that perfect balance between quality education and a feasible SHS tuition fee is another part of the equation.

When canvassing senior high tuition fees in the Philippines, make sure to get your senior high requirements in order while researching on the following factors to make the best possible decision.

Job Readiness

One of the major reasons that a K-12 style curriculum was implemented in the Philippines was to produce job-ready graduates that could immediately join the nation’s workforce as competitive professionals. A job-ready senior high graduate is one that learns a balance of the theoretical knowledge and practical applications necessary in their industry of choice. The AMA SHS tuition fee and curriculum provides the opportunity for both theoretical instruction outputs and performance tasks that apply valuable skills that graduates can’t live without in their future careers.

Program Choice

One of a senior high student’s biggest decisions is picking a strand to stick with throughout the last stage of their education prior to either getting a job or moving on to university. Picking the best strand for your future career will give you a better chance at success in your profession. Aspiring engineers, architects, doctors, and scientists will be better off enrolling in a school that offers STEM, while students who want a career in the fine arts and social sciences will find HUMSS a perfect fit. Lastly, students that want to immediately dive into employment after college will find that the TVL track is the perfect answer to their needs.

School Schedule

Spending an SHS tuition fee will be a wasted expense if you can barely stick to the schedule. For any student, sustaining the discipline needed to work the daily grind is a difficult task. There are several ways to prevent burnout from happening due to the schedule, and to streamline the use of your time as a student.

One of the best options to take better control of your schedule is to pursue an online senior high school program. Greater freedom over your time is only one of the major advantages of online senior high. Aside from the fact that you will not need to travel to school and rush to your classes, an online senior high experience also allows you to practice your self-discipline and strategy when it comes to blocking off your time to work. This arrangement also makes the most of your AMA tuition fee due to its self-paced approach, allowing you to explore other applications of your learnings beyond school during your free time, such as freelance jobs and part-time engagements so you can begin building your resume and work portfolio as early as possible.

Now that I know what to look for, how much do I pay?

Senior high tuition fees in the Philippines can widely vary among different schools and across different strands. However, the AMA tuition fee rests at a constant of Php 32,000, regardless of your chosen strand. Aside from a fixed admission fee of a thousand pesos per term, you can receive a quality education that promotes independence and productivity.

Where do I go from here?

If you are decided on pursuing an education with AMA OEd, make sure to get your requirements in order for their submission and review. After you receive word on your acceptance, then you can settle your tuition fee across a variety of payment gateways, including GCash, Dragonpay, Credit Card, and OTC Deposits.

We hope that this guide to evaluating the worth and feasibility of senior high tuition fees in the Philippines will prove useful in your decision-making. Whatever choice you make, we hope for your future success and look forward to being a part of your journey!