Discover the possible jobs for TVL students to plan your future!

woman fixing the plating of a dish

Stepping into senior high is one of the most nerve-wracking decisions for any student. After all, your track determines plenty of your life’s next steps. From the college courses you will take to the kind of jobs you can pursue; your choice of track can shape the course of your future. However, there are some students who come into AMA online education senior high and other senior high programs already knowing a bit about the path they want to carve out for themselves. TVL strand courses are known for how early they can prepare students for the workplace, but not all TVL students know of the possible jobs that lie ahead.

One of the best benefits of the TVL track is the diversity in job opportunities for TVL students. In this short article, we go over some of the most promising and most common TVL strand jobs that graduates of the track can opt to apply for after senior high school or after further studies in college. If you are an incoming or current TVL student, read on and find the perfect TVL strand job for you!

Are TVL Strand Courses Necessary for the Jobs in this Article?

Yes and no! Some of the TVL strand job opportunities we will be listing do not necessarily need further education to gain access to them. True to the nature of the TVL strand, some of the jobs on this list can immediately be pursued fresh out of senior high. If you want immediate independence and workplace experience, then you can still spot a job option or two out of our guide that you can pursue without fear of its long-term detriment to a fruitful career.

However, some of the possible jobs for TVL students on this list will entail the completion of a TVL strand course in college and more. There are those that might require additional board exams and continuous certification renewal from the PRC, so this may be something to consider for your career selection. Below are five job opportunities for TVL students that are worth exploring after finishing senior high school!

Create Game-Changing Computer Programs as a Programmer

Many businesses and industries all over the world rely on the careful construction of computer programs by professional programmers. From programs that automate simple tasks, programmers are capable of cutting operations and man hours required to perform them significantly by creating advanced computer programs. These programs allow our day-to-day gadgets to get the job done for both work and leisure. Programming professionally is a TVL strand job that is perfect for students that want to work fresh out of senior high to gain experience.

Choose This If: You have always loved how code can turn numbers and text into fully functioning programs and websites. Programming is also a great fit for people that love the flow of logical thinking when solving problems. Programmers in the field can choose between private practice within their company or employer of choice, while others prefer the freedom that freelance programming can afford their lifestyle.

Lockdown Computer Networks as a Cybersecurity Specialist

In this day and age, some of the scariest attacks don’t come in the form of physical harm. Cybersecurity specialists are one of the most lucrative and well-compensated job opportunities for TVL students. Professionals working in cybersecurity are in charge of keeping their network safe from hacker attacks, data breaches, and even content moderation depending on the platform you are in charge of. This TVL strand job is definitely one with a high level of responsibility and accountability, but a competitive salary and the degree of trust you get in return is a big part of why this profession is popular among graduates of the track.

Choose This If: You have always recognized the value of securing your data and see the importance of exercising the same amount of caution towards your workplace assets. This job opportunity for TVL students does not necessarily need a degree, but it does require extreme attention to detail and resilience especially when dealing with content moderation and malware.

Quench Your Wanderlust as a Seaman (or Woman!)

Do you love to travel? Or perhaps you feel at home in the open sea? Many Filipinos and Filipinas have stayed faithful to our roots as the Pearl of the Orient by chasing professions that keep them close to the sea. Seafarers that man ships of both cargos and cruises are a common aspiration for many Filipinos. From engineering to navigation, and even culinary services aboard a ferry—there is no shortage of things to do aboard a boat in the open sea. Sail the world in style and see where life takes you by taking on this TVL strand job opportunity.

Choose This If: You love traveling and have a soft spot for the water. While others fear the deep blue, you embrace it and sail aboard your ship with confidence as you work on your day-to-day duties! Bear in mind however that a seaman or seawoman requires some further education. A degree from a Maritime university program is necessary for you to become a seaman, so you may need to wait a bit longer before heading out into the open sea.

Entice Diners as a Professional Chef or Food Stylist

Capturing food in films or photos is a delicate art. But even more delicate is getting the said food to look perfect. Whether you play a bigger part in the creation process of exquisite meals as a chef that balances style and flavor or you place the finishing touches on a dish for a creative shoot as a food stylist, both are possible jobs for TVL students that are passionate about food and making it look good for diners and creatives alike. Exercise ingenuity in recipes and plating or create snap-worthy flat lays that will look great in social media feeds, menus, magazines, and many more.

Choose This If: You have always found food to be mesmerizing. From getting the flavors of a dish right to making sure it looks good for your social media followers, this TVL strand job opportunity does not need a college degree to land a job in an elite kitchen or a photography or food magazine team.

We hope that these five TVL strand jobs opened your eyes to the possibilities that you can enjoy after finishing your TVL program in senior high. This strand can open up many career paths for the students that are brave enough to take the leap, so enroll in a TVL program for senior high if you haven’t already!