Here’s Why Choosing HUMSS Strand is For You!

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The HUMSS strand is a promising track choice for incoming senior high school students with a desire to pursue careers in social studies, creatives, and many more. However, most incoming senior high students actually come into their SHS distance learning experience not knowing what course to pick. In this article, we go over why choosing the HUMSS strand is an advantageous choice to make. If you are heading into senior high school are not sure what strand to get, here are a few reasons why incoming SHS students must choose HUMSS!

What is HUMSS?

HUMSS stands for Humanities & Social Sciences—a popular track among hopeful artists and students that are hoping to pursue careers in social studies, and literature among many others. HUMSS is all about educating students on the foundations of the human behavior and how they have come to influence different societal phenomenon such as arts, culture, religion, literature, and even the politics of their era.

HUMSS is meant to be the doorway to a bright future ahead with plenty of options for its graduates to figure out the lives they truly want. If you are a senior high school student that is decided on HUMSS or is considering taking it, below are some our top reasons why you should choose HUMSS as your SHS track.

Flexible Applications

Because of the versatility that HUMSS courses can offer after you finish senior high school, graduates can look forward to having several options about how they move forward with their future. From the type of HUMSS courses they pursue after graduating senior high, to the kind of internships they want to apply to in order to gain workplace experience and decide on the career they want, one reason why the HUMSS strand is a popular pick is because it can be a springboard to very distinct specializations while offering you a chance to discern if they are right for you.

Core HUMSS subjects such as Philosophy and Social Sciences make for great foundations to a pre-law degree in college. On the other hand, learning about Art & Art History in combination with Mathematics can set you up for a degree in courses like Architecture or Interior Design. The list of options is endless so if you want a track that keeps your choices open, the freedom to choose is an excellent reason to pick HUMSS.

Multiple Job Opportunities

Bouncing off of the flexible applications benefit that HUMSS affords its students, the access to a wide job market alone is a great reason why choosing HUMSS as a strand is a smart move. Whether you go the creative or sociological route of your HUMSS strand education, you have plenty of possible HUMSS strand jobs to choose from when applying for employment. Because many positions utilize the skills and knowledge that senior high students enrolled in HUMSS have, it is significantly easier to get hired compared to strands that are far more focused and technical.

If you want to secure your chances of quickly getting hired amid other applicants, then you can count on your HUMSS education to help pave the way to a successful job application.

Chances for Connecting with People

Among the different strands offered by SHS distance learning as well as any other senior high program, it is HUMSS that is the most people-centric in nature. HUMSS directly deals with studying the human body and its interactions with the world around us, as well as how we as people interact with each other to form societal relationships and manifest sociological phenomenon. Because of this, jobs that deal in HUMSS are often very interpersonal in nature—requiring plenty of empathy, extraversion, and reflection on the different aspects of human culture that occur around us.

If you love the idea of working with people or studying cultural and sociological phenomenon to determine valuable findings, then this chance is a great reason why should choose HUMSS over other options.

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Level Up Your Confidence

Not all HUMSS students come into the course with a penchant for extroversion and communication. Some come into the course in order to learn more about how society and man co-exist and interact within our natural world. More introverted students that prefer the company of books and research papers may benefit from the exposure and chances for communication that being in HUMSS can teach them. While there is no need for introverted students to suddenly become extroverts overnight, the chance to find your stride when it comes to communicating confidently is a great reason for you to pick HUMSS in the first place.

Communicating with others is not the only source of confidence you can build at HUMSS. With the strand being a logic and critical thinking-heavy choice, students enrolled in it will be forced to take their time when thinking critically and logically. By using logic and reasoning to deduce their theories and decide on arguments, building valuable skills in public speaking and presentation are also important whenever you try to build your case for class tasks.

Build Understanding & Maturity

An underrated benefit of choosing the HUMSS strand is how it builds your understanding and empathy as a person. By learning more about the different schools of thought, as well as sociological phenomenon and cultures from all over the world, students within the strand can develop a deeper understanding and a wider world view that takes the motivations and background of others into account.

This benefit goes beyond the obvious rewards it will yield within classroom and workplace settings. Rather, the increased understanding and maturity can also manifest in your personal life and relationships. Practice kindness and keep a cool head by always thinking of where the other person is coming from.

Get Into the Habit of Seeing the Big Picture

By choosing the HUMSS strand, you sign yourself up for an educational experience that encourages you to face truths and take the bigger picture into consideration— even if at times, this truth can be uncomfortable. If you are an incoming SHS student, the opportunity to build a habit of seeing things from the bigger picture can help you make sounder decisions later on into your tertiary education and eventually, in your career and personal life.

This habit of being able to evaluate a situation by considering all sides is a useful one to build because of how it prepares you for valuable skills such as financial planning, project management, and even policy-making should politics be among your interests. It is also a perfectly valid reason for incoming senior high students to choose HUMSS over other strands.

Weigh these Reasons Carefully Before Making a Choice

Deciding on a senior high school track to follow is a difficult task, and is one that you should not take lightly. Review these six reasons to choose HUMSS carefully and weigh how much you value each and every one of them. If you value four or more of these reasons, then we recommend that you seriously consider choosing HUMSS as your track in order to fulfill your goals and maximize your personal growth.

We hope that by presenting these six reasons to you, you can make a more informed decision that will have you following an educational and professional career path that is to your liking. Choose the HUMSS strand today and access opportunities that suit your goals and meet your needs based on the reasons above!