Learn about Accountancy in the ABM Strand!

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For many Filipino students, a job as an accountant is a life-long dream in the making. While some students aim for the profession because of its prestige, opportunities, and competitive compensation, there are those who genuinely find joy in balancing books and managing finances on a day-to-day basis. In the past, many students that aspired to be accountants simply went after it due to their skill in numbers. But with changes in the educational system, a mere love for math is not enough. With the introduction to K-12, Online Education (OEd), among other schools, have shifted their curriculum in recent years to equip senior high students with different strands according to their desired career path and interests. If you are an aspiring accountant navigating the process of E-Learning for senior high school, then you are in luck! We will answer some of the most common questions about the Accountancy strand!

What Strand is Accountancy?

The accountancy strand is actually under a broader senior high strand called ABM, or the Accountancy and Business Management Strand. This strand is meant to prepare senior high school students for AMB strand jobs that they can choose to pursue after college should they desire to pursue a higher education. Students in this track typically go on to secure ABM strand courses because of the highly technical nature of their professions. SHS students that aspire to eventually become accountants usually start their journey by enrolling in the accountancy and business management strand to get a head start in their preparations.

What Can I Expect from the ABM Strand?

The Accountancy and Business Management strand comprises many subjects that are geared towards boosting your financial literacy, honing your skill with numbers, and building a strong foundation in your business management know-how. Whether you choose to pursue a profession as an accountant or not, students in this course are also expected to have a good understanding of entrepreneurship and human resource management from their courses. These give them a better idea of how money works within small to medium enterprises as well as large-scale corporations. Finally, ABM strand graduates are also trained to build their competencies in information technology due to the highly digital nature of the platforms that many businesses operate on. This curriculum makes ABM an excellent choice of strand for accountancy students.

What are the Subjects I Will Be Taking Under the Accountancy Strand?

The strand for accountancy will educate you in general subjects like science, math, physical education, and English for a baseline education that can hone you into a globally competitive individual. After creating a good foundation, your subject matter will shift towards subjects that teach more specialized skills required of your profession. These include but are not limited to E-Technologies, fundamental accounting theories and principles, business finance, economics, and lastly, ethics. Accountants in the Philippines adhere to a strict Code of Ethics, as regulated by the Professional Regulation Commission. Because of their duty to honestly manage finances in both public and private spheres, value formation and ethical knowledge are an integral part of an aspiring accountant’s education.

Can I Work as an Accountant Right After Taking the Accountancy Strand?

The short answer? No, you cannot. However, nothing is stopping you from interning at accountancy firms as you complete your studies. By interning for accountancy firms and other corporate entities that require the services of accounting professionals, you can better prepare yourself for the occupation. One of the major steps required to become an accountant is to pass the annual CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Licensure Examination. Only once you have successfully passed this test can you begin practicing and applying for work as a licensed accountant in your industry of choice. Thankfully, enrolling in the best strand for accountants will help in this early preparation.

Is Being an Accountant My Only Career Choice After Taking the Accountancy Strand?

Definitely not! The ABM strand is known for being a versatile choice for many students. Graduates of this course can choose to become successful members of many private corporations both inside and outside the country. Others may choose to carve a path of their own, by using the skills in entrepreneurship that they learned from their courses fresh out of senior high school. Whether you choose to stay on your path as an accountant or explore other professions made available to you by your strand of choice, you have plenty of work opportunities to look forward to. Browse this ABM strand job list to get to know your possible professions, or tough it out and pass your CPA licensure exam.

Whatever your decision may be, the Accountancy and Business Management Strand is definitely a door to many rewarding opportunities. If you are determined to chase the dream of being an accountant, then we wish you the best of luck. Set yourself up for success in both your CPA licensure exam and your future career as an accountant by enrolling in the best strand for accountancy!